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Abundance Breeds Honesty

Jack Murphy Live University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites

When you’re dealing with a woman and faced with the question of whether to be honest or deceptive, ask yourself: what is driving you.

Is the answer ever, “I’m so confident in my life, game and status that I must lie?” 

No, the answer is “I’m afraid she won’t like the answer and I won’t get what I want.”

If you can’t get what you want by being honest, then you must improve your game, fitness, and lifestyle to the point where you can simply make demands.

These aren’t “Do it or Else” demands, these are clear expectations she can elect to abide by… or not.

The problem is of course that she may elect to say no.  That is the risk you take.

If you’re afraid of her saying no, understand it as a sign you must improve your status to attract more women.

Scarcity breeds deceit.

Abundance breeds honesty.

As a man who once lied, or used the cover of vagueness to achieve my goals, I can tell you first hand it comes from weakness.  It inevitably leads to unnecessary drama, time wasting, and even heartache.  It’s just not worth it.  Sure you might get laid that night.  But wouldn’t you rather have a steady stream of effortless pussy?

I’m all about efficiency.  Who’s got time to waste with a flight-risk, there with you under false pretenses?

It’s a fragile situation bound to deteriorate at some point, probably very soon.

Not to mention, carrying the guilt of lying takes a toll.

I’ve grown as man and a player to the point where I’m the one making the choices, setting the frame, and offering her the chance to play my game. If she doesn’t want it, there is another chick waiting to take her spot. Let her “next” herself.

That’s the power of abundance.

Honesty accelerates the selection process.

I don’t have time or energy to play games with half-truths or outright lies.

At the end of the day, it is possible to be honest and bang a lot of bitches.

Guys forget that chicks love dick.

Girls will put you in a category based on their perception of you and what you tell them.  If she thinks you’re potential relationship material, she’ll treat you differently and have different expectations for you.

If you put yourself in the “I’m just here for the pussy” category and your shit is tight – she’ll give you more leeway and still bang your brains out.

If not – go back to the start and work on your body, your presentation and your lifestyle.

It is about efficiency.

Everything got better for me once I adopted a hard-core upfront honest approach.  Hotter girls, more girls, better sex, less stress, less drama and more fun – all came directly with more honesty.

Don’t pedestalize women. 

They love dick.  They love dudes who get pussy.  They love to get fucked. 

Just be the guy they want to get fucked by, and nothing else will matter.

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