Democrat to Deplorable: What is White, Anyway?

The United States was on fire. Riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King revealed an angry darkness. Mobs smashed windows. Thieves looted inventory. Arsonists burned cities. US military units patrolled our urban neighborhoods with unsheathed bayonets exposed and ready for action. Eventually, the US Army and Reserves occupied parts of Washington, DC to restore […]

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War on #FreeSpeech with Dave Rubin and Christina Hoff Sommers: What the Bias Response Teams Don’t Want You to Know

jackmurphylive.com bias response team

Free speech is the cornerstone of liberty. Those that seek to control your thoughts and actions first attempt to control the words you use. As language shapes our thinking and vice versa, seizing power over how and what we communicate is effectively conquering our consciousness.  Fighting against the tyranny of language and thought control is, […]

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#RockvilleRape: What it Means for America

#rockvillerape jackmurphylive.com

“The most horrific act I can remember in the last 60 years in Montgomery County” – Angry Parent at Rockville High School #RockvilleRape: Red Pill bombs dropping in the heart of blue America. Last week, two adult-aged men (allegedly) raped and sodomized a 14-year-old girl in a locked bathroom during the school day. Blood and […]

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The State of Women in 2017

State of Women 2017 jackmurphylive.com

THE STATE OF WOMEN IN 2017 The State of Women in 2017 must be quite dismal. It is frequently asserted women face systemic oppression, sexism, and discrimination.To analyze such a claim, one must consider how to assess the State of Women and compare it to how things could be minus the alleged oppression. To do […]

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3 Ways I was Betrayed and How I learned to Trust Again

jackmurphylive.com hope trust betrayal repeat

The school system was facing serious problems and I was the hired gun, there to stop wasting the precious years of young students. The mission was to lift these kids up but instead, the adults were robbing the place of money and the children of their lives. There was enough shame to fill a gymnasium […]

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The Future of the Alt-Right: Jack Murphy vs VoxDay

future of the alt-right jackmurphylive.com

My discussion with VoxDay about the future of the alt-right is finally available.  Ivan Throne at DarkTriadMan.com worked diligently to create the transcript and podcast package.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with the audio starting about 30 minutes in, so please make sure to download the PDF from Ivan’s site. Richard Spencer pusses out (again) […]

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Tucker Carlson Fired Five Times (Why Successful People Fail)

why do successful people fail jackmurphylive.com

Tucker Carlson is an entitled asshole, fired by his bosses five times. Yet, he has returned to the top with his successful takeover of the 9 pm primetime spot on FOX, replacing Megyn Kelly as the face of the network. As the one time “youngest anchor ever” on CNN, Carlson was precocious. His career exploded […]

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