The Future of the Alt-Right: Jack Murphy vs VoxDay

future of the alt-right jackmurphylive.com

My discussion with VoxDay about the future of the alt-right is finally available.  Ivan Throne at DarkTriadMan.com worked diligently to create the transcript and podcast package.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with the audio starting about 30 minutes in, so please make sure to download the PDF from Ivan’s site. Richard Spencer pusses out (again) […]

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Tucker Carlson Fired Five Times (Why Successful People Fail)

why do successful people fail jackmurphylive.com

Tucker Carlson is an entitled asshole, fired by his bosses five times. Yet, he has returned to the top with his successful takeover of the 9 pm primetime spot on FOX, replacing Megyn Kelly as the face of the network. As the one time “youngest anchor ever” on CNN, Carlson was precocious. His career exploded […]

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Alt-Right to All Wrong: My Search for Answers

Alt-Right to All Wrong: My Search for Answers Democrats Abandon Me 2015 was the year I went from white dude to white devil. It had been brewing for years, yet, that year was the tipping point. It finally became ok to openly identify straight white men as something which needed to be “fixed.” From the Rolling […]

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No Job for the Visionary: Finding the job that doesn’t exist.


When I was child, I went door-to-door selling driveway repair services.  In my town, people’s driveways went straight from the garage to the street, but everyone cut the corner when they pulled in. Call it poor design or just laziness but eventually muddy triangular ruts formed on either side of every drive.  At 10 years old my […]

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Mind-Mapping: A Survival Skill That Allows Us to Predict—and Manipulate—Other People’s Behavior

Jack Murphy Live Mind Mapping

Our lives are a never-ending series of calculated risks.  These risks often mean the chance of emotional pain, financial loss, or even death. Sometimes it feels like life mercilessly and randomly challenges us but the truth is we have more control than we believe. Our decision making can be effective at reducing risk and maximizing […]

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