Build a Better Life: 3 Fundamentals to Change Your World Forever

Build a better life jack murphy live

Are we entitled to our dreams? How do we go about getting what we want?  Success in life and relationships is built upon a solid foundation of Fitness, Lifestyle, and Game.  Learn how to master the basics and Build a Better Life. Build a Better Life We all come to crossroads in life.  Times of change […]

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Straight from the Underground – My Review of John Doe BodyBuilding’s Latest Book.

My review of John Doe Bodybuilding’s Straight from the Underground. What society doesn’t want you to know: Steroids and hormone replacement are shrouded in mystery and misinformation.  Knowledge is hard to come by and when you do find it, you don’t know if you can trust it.  There are message boards with information buried deep […]

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What Does a Keeper Look Like? How to Pick a Woman Today

How to pick a woman today

How to pick a woman?  Even just writing it like that offends my old programming. How dare a man be so brazen to think he is actually choosing?  Weren’t we taught that boys desire and girls choose?  Well, fuck that.  We’re intelligent self-aware men who know that we’re high value. We have systems. We’re rational. […]

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