Danger and Play: Essays on Embracing Masculinity, by Mike Cernovich

Jack Murphy's review of Cernovich's Essays on Embracing Masculinity

By now you may know Mike Cernovich well through Gorilla Mindset, the podcasts, the YouTube videos, the seminars, the webinars, FitJuice, Crime and Federalism, his performance art on twitter, guest appearances on celebrity talk-a-thons such as #BigMilo – and of course – his prolific website Danger and Play. Mike is at once introverted and personal, […]

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Who is Jack Murphy? What is Jack Murphy Live?

Who is Jack Murphy? What is Jack Murphy Live?

I am a father of three, I live with my girlfriend and I coach little league.  I’ve been through the wringer of a blue pill marriage and divorce.  I’ve stumbled and recovered enough to know the comeback is part of life.  There are no straight lines to success or happiness. I am an entrepreneur and builder.  […]

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How to Catch a Rapist – An Alternative Consent Model

How to catch a rapist: An alternative consent model.

Sexual relations between men and women, especially on college campuses are coming to a nadir.  There is more confusion, misinformation and fear around intercourse than ever before.  Various groups posit that 1 in 4 females on campus are victims of sexual crimes including rape.  This represents a national emergency that must be addressed with emergency […]

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Do Feminists Have Rape Fantasies?

Feminists need rape

The root of feminist unhappiness these days is their stubborn defiance of desires innate to their DNA.  Their insistence of idealizing the male at the expense of the female has lead to the break down in the sexual market place, fall of marriage and rise of divorce.   These trends mirror declining female happiness over the […]

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The Key to Success: The Come Back

Keys to Success: The Comeback

Frankly, this is the end of an era that started in 2008.  The real estate and financial markets crashed and burned as badly as my marriage did.  I had bottomed: there were debts and losses, money vanished, gone forever.  My personal life went right with it, my relationship, health, family, money – all toast. In […]

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Dream Job and How I got it, The First One Anyway


The dream job was to work on Wall Street.   I wanted to be a big swinging dick like the guys I read about in Liar’s Poker.   I wanted to be a master of the universe.  I wanted to be in the middle of the biggest financial transactions possible.  I wanted the prestige of […]

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Therapy Helped Me Become a Better Man 


Talk therapy is for girls.  Or weak people.  Only sick broken people seek advice and a safe place to talk.  Or so people think.  Worse, the therapy industry is run by SJW and feminists with nothing but disdain for males and masculinity.  Going to terapy would surely turn me into a white knight or a […]

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