Why People Write Blogs Instead of Books

Despite what I’ve accomplished before, writing a book is without a doubt the most personally challenging thing I’ve ever done. If I knew just how hard it would be, I might have decided to skip this grueling effort altogether. Instead, I am all in.  I swam out from the shore with no regard for the […]

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Quit Wasting Time: Change Yourself Before Worrying About the Rest

quit wasting time

Lately, my mind is grappling with the biggest issues of the day. I sit down and write chapters on power structures and the ideologies which are meant to dismantle them. I chew over questions like, “Can one thing be more beautiful than the other?” or “Will the structural elements which gave birth to Trump remain […]

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3 Ways I was Betrayed and How I learned to Trust Again hope trust betrayal repeat

The school system was facing serious problems and I was the hired gun, there to stop wasting the precious years of young students. The mission was to lift these kids up but instead, the adults were robbing the place of money and the children of their lives. There was enough shame to fill a gymnasium […]

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Jack Murphy on Chloe Luv’s Podcast: “Talk Dirty”

Jack Murphy Live Podcast Chloe Luv

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Chloe Luv’s podcast, “Talk Dirty.”  Be sure to stop by her website by clicking here. It was my first podcast and definitely the first time I’ve ever heard myself speak for an extended basis.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the […]

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Build a Better Life: 3 Fundamentals to Change Your World Forever

Build a better life jack murphy live

Are we entitled to our dreams? How do we go about getting what we want?  Success in life and relationships is built upon a solid foundation of Fitness, Lifestyle, and Game.  Learn how to master the basics and Build a Better Life. Build a Better Life We all come to crossroads in life.  Times of change […]

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Danger and Play: Essays on Embracing Masculinity, by Mike Cernovich

Jack Murphy's review of Cernovich's Essays on Embracing Masculinity

By now you may know Mike Cernovich well through Gorilla Mindset, the podcasts, the YouTube videos, the seminars, the webinars, FitJuice, Crime and Federalism, his performance art on twitter, guest appearances on celebrity talk-a-thons such as #BigMilo – and of course – his prolific website Danger and Play. Mike is at once introverted and personal, […]

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