How to Take a Girl Home: An Old School Game Post

how to bring a girl home

How to Take a Girl Home  At Jack Murphy Live I’ve shown you all the basics. I taught you the three fundamentals to a successful life.  I gave you the moral framework and tools to be a player without being an asshole. I’ve shown you effective online dating strategies. I outlined the basic characteristics of […]

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Mind-Mapping: A Survival Skill That Allows Us to Predict—and Manipulate—Other People’s Behavior

Jack Murphy Live Mind Mapping

Our lives are a never-ending series of calculated risks.  These risks often mean the chance of emotional pain, financial loss, or even death. Sometimes it feels like life mercilessly and randomly challenges us but the truth is we have more control than we believe. Our decision making can be effective at reducing risk and maximizing […]

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University Consent Instructors Are Hypocrites: Inside the Mind of a Cult Leader

Jack Murphy Live University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites

University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites: Inside the Mind of a Cult Leader Thank God Milo Yiannopoulos recently took a stand against consent classes on university campuses. As he reported: “Today, in colleges all over Europe and America, men are forced to take classes, lectured about crimes they haven’t committed. They are expected to make pledges and […]

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What Does a Keeper Look Like? How to Pick a Woman Today

How to pick a woman today

How to pick a woman?  Even just writing it like that offends my old programming. How dare a man be so brazen to think he is actually choosing?  Weren’t we taught that boys desire and girls choose?  Well, fuck that.  We’re intelligent self-aware men who know that we’re high value. We have systems. We’re rational. […]

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