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Do Feminists Have Rape Fantasies?

Feminists need rape

The root of feminist unhappiness these days is their stubborn defiance of desires innate to their DNA.  Their insistence of idealizing the male at the expense of the female has lead to the break down in the sexual market place, fall of marriage and rise of divorce.  

These trends mirror declining female happiness over the course of several decades.

Feminism built an unsolvable dichotomy within women resulting in ongoing internal torture. 

Much like a transgender, they are trapped acting in a way that doesn’t reflect who they are on the inside.

As a group they demonized the essence of their nature: devaluing roles like mother and wife.   And in its place, have jointly decided that man’s work and a man’s world were the ideals.  They ironically hoisted the idealized image of man triumphantly as the goal of their revolution.

Rather than champion their own comparative advantages, they set impossible standards to achieve.  

Now that they must always act like men, they are confused when confronted with the dynamics of sex.  When we take off our clothes, the differences are obvious.  When our bodies come together, the differences are even more pronounced.  What stimulates arousal doesn’t seem to line up with how feminists want to shape the world.

What feminists deny is that healthy vigorous sex can and does include violence and aggression.  

Men have a natural tendency towards dominance and women to passivity and submission.  For a feminist who has rejected polarity and embraced sameness, this presents a paradox.  The cognitive dissonance between her chosen dogma and the urge to get choked during sex is painful. 

I assure you, behind even the most ardent feminist facade is a deep desire to be dominated and even degraded.

Their constant refrains otherwise belie an underlying self hate. 

But fear not, there is a solution:


Not quite rape rape, but rape.  The kind of rape a man who loves his girl commits.  Rape conducted under the auspices of consent.  Rape safe enough to allow the feminist to begin to claw her way back from the insanity.

You see, rape is the best therapy for the problem.  Feminists need rape.

When a man and woman tap into the power of rape, they connect to the fundamental truth about our two sexes:

We can kill you.

But we don’t want to nor do we want others to.  So we set up a system to institutionalize this concession..and the many others that followed.

In just a few thousand years, men find themselves apologizing for spreading their legs on the train. Some have even been brainwashed to join in emasculating themselves to the point of effectively being neutered.

The farther away you are as potential rapist, the less desirable you become on a purely physical level.

When you rape a woman, you remind her of the man she wishes you were.

They adore you for it.

Feminists especially.  In fact, it saves their lives.

It is our duty as men to save feminists from themselves.

Therefore, I am offering rape to feminists as an olive branch.

Lets come together over consensual rape and melt away our disputes through tear driven mascara and matted hair.

This primal energy is like a light house signaling from shore.  The storm clouds of feminism obscuring our common solution.  We must zero in on this light and follow it to the truth.

The problem we face is that many feminists don’t believe consensual acts between adults are ok.  Some even think those consenting to rape and violent sex acts are suffering from a veritable Sexual Stockholm Syndrome where the women are sexually terrorized.

Their writers and thought leaders demonize consensual sex acts:

as “a disguise for the act of sexually forcing a woman against her will.”

The cure to what ails ya: Rape.

Choke your way to the cure.


for replicating “the very masculine power dynamics used to perpetuate women’s oppression.”

and because rough sex is “reinforcing the legitimacy of power imbalances outside the bedroom.”

And so forth.

Those writers are on to something.

They know that the truth between our sexes lies in the inescapable reality that women wish to submit to a worthy man.  And men of all walks, wish to have a submissive woman.

Those writers know, if women embraced violent sex and submission first in the confines of the bedroom, it could very well spread to the remainder of the house – like the kitchen for example – and they can’t have that happening.

No, they must keep the shroud over the eyes of their fellow women, shaming them into thinking submission is wrong.  Telling them that men who want to dominate you are evil.  Perpetuating not only their fear based misandry, but creating miserable sexual beings deprived of their very nature.

Where are the Caitlyn Jenner’s out there? Who is brave enough to admit that they are submissives trapped in a web of artificial mores and expectations that force them to be dominant?  Who will be brave enough to step forth and accept who the really are?  The suffering has gone on long enough!

Stay tuned here for my forthcoming Feminist Rehabilitation Program which will provide clear directions on how to save feminists from themselves via rape and degradation.

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