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How to Catch a Rapist – An Alternative Consent Model

How to catch a rapist: An alternative consent model.

Tribunals must rid campuses of rape scourge.

Sexual relations between men and women, especially on college campuses are coming to a nadir.  There is more confusion, misinformation and fear around intercourse than ever before.  Various groups posit that 1 in 4 females on campus are victims of sexual crimes including rape.  This represents a national emergency that must be addressed with emergency legislation if we are to protect our precious daughters from the plights facing them on campus.

If the stats are accurate, college campuses today reflect a world more sexually violent than war torn African countries such as the Congo.  Parents and teachers obviously are unaware of this crisis as we continue to use all efforts to funnel our daughters directly into this cesspool of sexual violence.

Once on campus and into their early 20’s, women are preyed upon by sexual monsters using drugs and alcohol to subdue them and induce them into unwanted behaviors and sexual acts.  The daughters of our nation are being drugged, abused and violated and we are standing by and continuing to send our most important resources into the darkness that is rape culture.

Various methods of addressing this problem have been presented, but none have proven sufficient.  Even today’s new policies of Yes means Yes, requiring active and on going consent are doomed to fall impotent in securing our daughters’ safety.  The rape crisis continues unabated, while we waste our time focused on other far away problems like fighting nuclear non-proliferation, inhibiting terror-states, and managing global refugee movements.

Unless we address this very real problem at home, the future of college education in America is at risk

We have some difficult questions to ponder:

Fathers, we must ask ourselves how we continue to send our daughters into this morass on campus?  Sending ones daughter to college where she has a 1 in 4 chance of being raped is tantamount to doing the rape yourself.  You must stand up and take action. 

Mothers, you must ask yourselves, why is there a proclivity to produce a high rate of rapists?  What are we doing wrong at home to be creating this epidemic which we inject into our educational system?  Why are our men so stupid they can not understand what women want or how they communicate it?

Until we can answer these questions and solve this problem at its core by is to reeducating and rehabilitating our generation wracked with the disease of being rapists, we must take emergency measures to save our daughters.

I offer this alternative consent model as a solution.  It is simple and clear.  It will be easy to implement and will cure the problem of miscommunication, assumptions, and the insidious gray area of intoxication and consent.

My model will solve all problems around drinking and sex, and it will eliminate any of the confusion men and women face when navigating the uncertain waters of reaching climax (with another person).  It will cost pennies to implement and will save the nation millions of dollars in administrative expenses, along with protecting our innocent daughters and severely punishing those men who fail to adhere.


Alcohol has long been the drug of choice for date rapists.  It is used nefariously on young women especially to confuse them, impair their cognitive ability and to induce them to eat pizza on curbs at 4am.  Older, more mature men knowingly give women alcohol in order to get them to drop their reservations about sex and to lure them into dangerous situations.  Once sedated and confused with alcohol, the rapist can then do their dirty business without any resistance from the females. 

Alcohol also has the effect of distorting reality of those who consume it.  It can make, women and girls especially, feel more confident than they should.  It makes them feel prettier and sexier than they are.  It makes them more fun than they usually are.  And worse, it makes them think the men around them are not actually rapists.

Its most pernicious effect is that it tricks women into being alone with these rapists in waiting, if they are not predators in practice already.  It is a mind control apparatus.

Once a woman consumes alcohol, all her decision making capabilities are removed and she is a helpless child, subjected to the whims of those around her.  This dark secret of drinking is only now coming to light, highlighted by the wide spread adoption of policies which acknowledge this fact. 

On campuses today, a woman can not give consent if she is intoxicated.  If a man has sex with a woman who has consumed wine he is a rapist.  Although, women have an unlimited right to consume as much alcohol as they possible can, however, we now know that women lose their agency after drinking and all sex when drunk is rape.  For the woman.

Men, with their natural tendencies to rape, are not capable of seeing fine lines between “slightly buzzed I’m just having fun maybe I’ll get the courage to kiss him drunk” and the “I was so drunk last night I must have been raped drunk.”  Because of men’s stupidity in these matters, the law must take this out of the rapists hands.  Therefore:

I.  Sexual contact of any kind with a female who has consumed any amount of alcohol within the last 24 hours shall be prohibited by law.

Men are stupid, but they understand things like this.  It will now put the onus on them to ask women: have you had anything to drink at all today?  And if they can’t verify this, then the best route will be to just simply abstain. 

We must make the penalty for violating this law extreme as to induce compliance immediately.  Jail terms, loss of educational access and life-long stigma should be enough to force men to comply.

Of course this may have some small disruptions to normal social life on campus and in the bars and taverns of America.  But this is a choice we must make for the protection of our daughters. 

New spaces will be created where women can demonstrate that they haven’t consumed any alcohol by behaving in sober ways.  Men and women will congregate there in order to find eligible sex partners.  The market place will find the best new avenues, but the law will effectively ban sex at parties where alcohol is present.  It will eliminate the chance for regrettable drunken encounters (rape) with men in bars, and it will serve our daughters in removing this risk element from the already fraught decision tree of sex.

Women will be able to get as completely smashed as they wish, free from the fear they may be raped at anytime after consuming alcohol.  Men, beasts they are, will see the redline of drunkenness and dare not cross it – no matter how persuasive those slightly buzzed, more fun, more confident women can be after a glass or two of wine. 

Sober sex will be the only sex.  Well, sober females that is.  Men deserve no such protection and if they continue to act stupidly while consuming alcohol, that is their own choice and they deserve their fate.  Our women will be protected, however.

Here comes the tricky part:

II.  You must say, “no.”

Now that women are the only sober ones during sex, we have a golden moment to guide these would be rapists into being actual rapists.  But we can’t count on men alone to bring themselves to the criminal finish lines, women must use their cunning and guile to trick men into raping them.  This is the only way we can truly rid our universities of these scourges.

Women have long wished men can read their minds, but we all know men aren’t truly capable of doing so.  Maybe every once in a while a man can deduce the just-right birthday present, but largely, men are intellectually incapable of using telepathy like women can.  Because of this, we must take extra precautions and introduce a radical new idea.

If we are to capture and exile these rapists you must give them the chance to actually become a rapist.  You can subtly do this by telling them explicitly – NO.  Just like women have learned to guide their men into marrying them, having babies with them, building empires and monuments to them and otherwise serving as the burden bearers for the fairer sex – women can trick men into revealing their true rapists selves. Only then when the line is drawn and clear can men take the final step of self-destruction.

I realize this is a radical idea but please for the sake of our daughters and in order to put the rapists behind bars, we must make this law.

If we are to truly rid our nation of the rape crisis, we must make it clear when a rape is taking place, so to better prosecute them.

Here are some suggested phrases (TRIGGER WARNING) to use during a rape:

  4. STOP!
  5. NO!!!

I realize these phrases are difficult to read, much less to say.  But we must give the campus courts and the court of public opinion (the only two courts which matter) sufficient ammunition to close these cases with a minimal amount of investigation.  Expediency is the name of the game here.

The point of using these words is not to actually get the men to stop, as we know this is impossible, but it is meant to make the line clearly defined so we can more easily put these rapist behind bars, or least shame them into leaving campus and impairing their ability to work for ever.  We can rely on google to keep the long memory of punishment.  Ladies, it is worth it.

Remember: Rape lasts a minute, the internet is forever.

Following this proposed model will have several benefits to society and women directly.  It will strengthen and deepen the fight against men and their supporters.  It will reduce rape by clearly identifying the rapists.  It will help ameliorate the cognitive dissonance felt by fathers when they send their daughters to the war-zone-like rape centers our universities have become.  It will help mothers to identify more easily which of their sons are rapists.

Most of all it will help our precious young females of today.  We know they are not responsible for their behaviors and have been held accountable for far too long. 

We know alcohol is the drug of choice for date rapists and that society literally forces women to drink and drink to excess.  Now that the law will favor sobriety in sex, women will have the wherewithal to draw the bold line across which men will rapingly stumble and seal their fate for life.   

Sober women can set better traps for drunken men. And this trap is where we will catch our young predators and begin their rehabilitation program of exile and shame.

I understand these ideas are radical.  I know that some of you will read them and think, no it’s not possible!  You may think men will never fall for such a trap, or that women don’t want to actually be sober for sex.   But I implore you, please consider these left field notions for the sake of our children.

I call on you to distribute my alternative consent model.  As a nation, as fathers, as mothers, it is our duty and responsibility to save women from alcohol, themselves and their friend’s brothers. 


Jack Murphy

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