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How to Choose a Side Piece

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Finding the best match on tinder or okcupid requires more than a slick profile with great pictures.  It takes a strategy.  Part of that strategy is screening for women with complementary interests.

I’m in a relationship with a loving, loyal girlfriend who adores me. I’m not looking for a new girlfriend. Instead, I’m looking for a good time with a kinda crazy hot girl.

Those girls know who they are. They know they are hot and wild. They know they provide a particular opportunity, and in return they have special needs.   

They appreciate a guy who can deliver fun and great sex for them without getting jealous, clingy, or becoming a creeper.  It’s a two-way street. 

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I’ve got no time to waste, so I screen hard and fast.  Using basic reverse psychology, I induce those hot party girls to match with me and message first.

It’s all mostly passive, I collect and analyze whatever I snare with my little verbal traps.  OKCupid literally takes no time, and Tinder swiping can be done in seconds.

Most are catch and release, but occasionally one deserves greater inquiry and potentially an audition for the B team.

See, my A team is set, I’m only interviewing for part-time, temporary positions.

You may think, most girls out there aren’t interested in applying for part-time positions but you’d be wrong if you did.

There are a number of situations in which a woman would find herself open to side-piece position:

  1. 18-23 years old: Young girls are riding the ride.  There is little pressure to get married or even have serious relationships these days.  Use that to your advantage if you’re looking for something casual or secondary.
  2. Recently broken up, divorced or otherwise newly single. Women fresh out of relationships like to have rebound relationships like guys do.  It’s healthy.  Everyone needs a chance to get our feet under us again, reestablishing our sexual core.  A strong man can actually provide a healthy service to these women, helping them rediscover their confidence and sexuality.  I’ve been thanked more than once for helping women find their sexiness and sexuality.  It’s a fun a process, and the benefits to me are obvious.  Sure they eventually outgrow it, but thats the goal: we’re seeking short-term but not meaningless.  In time, she will move on to find her next boyfriend, and thats ok.
  3. In a relationship, open or otherwise: Open relationships are more popular today than ever.  And its not just weird poly freak types.  Normal people are seeing the struggles with long-term monogamy and seeking alternative solutions.  I base my behavior on a moral framework for sexual health, and if everyone is being honest, I’ve got no issues with open/flexible relationships.  Women need to find men on the side in these cases as well. A natural fit for my needs is a woman who already has a primary relationship she wants to preserve.

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So not only are we screening for hot, fun, kinda crazy chicks – we’re also screening for women in the right time of their lives to be a good fit.

A good life involves preventing problems before they arise, and screening hard is one way to do it.

Systems are an inherent part of designing our lives the way we want them.  We design systems to limit risk and increase positive out comes.

In a way, these strategies are a product of mind-mapping.  That is a skill we use to predict people’s behavior based on an understanding of who they are cross-checked with our understanding of social norms and customs of the day.

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I know just the kind of woman I want to attract and I’ve devised a strategy to make that happen. 

You can do the same.  Think about what how you want your life to be, then work backwards to determine which type of girl is right for you, at that particular time.

If you’re anything like me, and you’re not looking for a future wife or mother of your children, maybe my criteria will work for you.  A little crazy, mostly hot, and lots of fun combined with a structural situation which will lead to low drama is a recipe for success.   

Understand your goals, devise a system, screen hard, make selective choices and win.

And that folks, is Just the Tip

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