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University Consent Instructors Are Hypocrites: Inside the Mind of a Cult Leader

Jack Murphy Live University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites

University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites: Inside the Mind of a Cult Leader

Thank God Milo Yiannopoulos recently took a stand against consent classes on university campuses. As he reported:

“Today, in colleges all over Europe and America, men are forced to take classes, lectured about crimes they haven’t committed. They are expected to make pledges and take tests to “prove” they’re not criminals. But male students are objecting. They say it’s wrong, and it’s doing damage to the healthy sexual development of both men and women.”

Not only is it doing damage, but even the ones instructing the classes to new students don’t agree with the consent rules they are teaching.

I recently met a young woman whose job is to teach incoming freshman about consent rules at a major U.S. University. She is a Woman’s Studies major, of course. The following discussion is based on a series of text messages we had over the last few days.

I messaged her initially on OKCupid because I like having sex with college girls: they are young and hot. I also like to talk to them about specific current events. As many of you are, I’m curious about the state of affairs on campuses.

Combining sex and research is pretty much my life’s mission. So I’m interested.

They like being with me because I treat them like little girls and fuck them in the way only I can. Even the most devout feminist hating on the patriarchy secretly wants to be dominated behind closed doors.

After I flirted with her and set up a date, I was curious about her views on things and began to ask questions. I couldn’t get out my own way and certainly ruined my chances to indulge in her 20 year old self, but I couldn’t resist.

She was a self-described “intersectional” feminist, whatever that means. Her words:

“It’s feminism that acknowledges that one person can carry multiple identities of oppression (race, gender, class, sexuality etc.) with mindfulness to how these identities intersect and create larger oppressions.”

Seems like a handy view point which basically makes two baskets: One with all the intersectionally oppressed people’s of the world – and one with only successful, white, educated, heterosexual men who act like men. Probably add tall to that list as well.

College has taught her that everyone is a victim except for, well, me.

Which means, logically, that I am part of the oppression.

“I think of it more as a an understanding that different people need feminism for different reasons. And that we should support each other to the best of our abilities. Everyone needs feminism.”

Everyone needs to be a victim and blame the evil white straight guy.

Her resume was even more expansive than I thought:

“Well I was teaching sex ed (pregnancy prevention, STI avoidance, decision making skills) to high school freshman. They changed the program though so I’m not doing that anymore. Now I’m teaching the incoming college freshman at my school about consent. Fun stuff”

More evidence that the long reach of the university feminist system is reaching downwards and influencing boys and girls at even younger ages, their tentacles wrapped around 14 year olds in high school sex ed classes.

I then asked her why her OKCupid profile specifically indicated older men. Much older men. 10-20 years older. Were the boys at school not good enough?

“No they’re not. They act like children. Not to mention I think I’d have better luck finding a girlfriend here than a boyfriend, everyone’s queer.”

All the boys act like children

All the students are queer.

Thats college today I guess.

She concedes her education was a little myopic:

“Well my entire education is essentially based on identity politics haha.”

So what are you doing with that education? What is the campus consent policy like?

“It focuses on the student conduct code which requires students obtain consent via “words or conduct.” Which then requires a whole explanation as to what kind of conduct constitutes consent. then there’s a lot of cultural breakdown, and then bystander intervention.”

Ok, words or conduct don’t sound so bad for consent. I have always taken nonverbal conduct to be consent and its worked out well for me (in the instances where they weren’t begging me for it of course). So I should be good when she just gives me the sexy come fuck me eyes right?

“No. So a good example of conduct that provides consent is if you ask your partner “can I kiss you” and the give consent by kissing you. You asked first, and they obliged so you got consent. We specifically tell the kiddies that someone “giving you the eyes” is not the go ahead.”

I can’t really ever remember asking someone to kiss them. i’m more of a grab and kiss you type. Maybe I’d be in trouble on campus these days?

She at least acknowledges this is difficult and grey.

“And that’s why it’s an extremely difficult thing to teach”

In an attempt to really nail this down (heh) I asked her, “So if things are going well and we’re having fun, you smile at me and I smile at you, I move in slowly and kiss you without asking first, would you be offended by that?”

“Honestly it probably wouldn’t bother me”

Typical! She acknowledges frame is everything, status of the male is everything. Its just like creepy, all in the eye of the beholder. Also confirms theory (and evidence) that all feminists want to get boned out in a way they’d never admit to anyone.

Jack Murphy Live University Consent Instructors are Hypocrites

She starts to notice how she failed to spew the dogma at a key juncture.

“Well I don’t think it’s necessarily unreasonable to expect that of a partner. However I don’t think that consent is by any means easy to teach, and you can just swoop in and tell someone something and expect a 180 flip flop in their actions. NOTHING works like that.

It’s more useful to look at why people often don’t explicitly ask “can I kiss you?” Or “can I blank your blank” every step of the way. “

Why don’t people ask if I can blank your blank every step of the way? Because that’s horrid, that’s why.

Part of the fun of growing up sexually is not knowing whether you’re really allowed to proceed to the next level with a girl.

Anyone else remember that slowly drifting hand which moves up the shirt centimeter by centimeter until it grazed a tit? Not sure at all what would happen when you got there? If you would even be permitted to get there?

Ah, memories. Being young and inexperienced was exciting.

She moved the conversation back towards when we were going to meet and what we were going to do. I told her that because of her age, we’d have to skip happy hour and get ice cream. She loved that. But it was straight down hill from there.

She was worried I was “fetishizing” her for her age. Which, I mean, duh! Yes I am attracted to her almost solely for her age. As her age brings with it beauty and youthful exuberance you can’t find in woman past a certain point.

It certainly isn’t for her education and critical thinking skills.

The 20 year old feminist brought up the fact she was considering tubal ligation.

At 20! Such a decision to make at a young age. Certainly she would be interested in hearing my take on it, as I am almost 40 and have seen first hand in women how much they change from decade to decade. For sure she would see the value in my innocuous feedback. Here is my text:

“I totally understand not wanting to have kids. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t. But I love mine to death. Wouldn’t change a thing. But one thing for me and I’ve seen in others is that we change and our beliefs change over time. My advice: assuming there are no other health issues to worry about stick with an IUD thru your 20’s then decide. “

Pretty reasonable advice right? Nice tone, understanding, open to other motivations behind an invasive procedure like this. Hahah….nope.

She all the offendedness she can find in one text!

“We were having a conversation until you suggested I was too naive to make decisions about my body now, and then suggested a form of birth control for me. I consider that rude.”

“Suggesting to someone what they should put in their bodies and when they should make that decision is a much more personal topic than suggesting the next best vacation spot. I’d appreciate it if you would just acknowledge that I took offense to what you said, try to understand it, and apologize rather than become defensive.”

And finally the coup de grace:

“When I brought up tubal ligation I was inviting you to hear me out, and listen to my reasons for choosing to be child free. I was not inviting you to tell me that now was not the time for me to make that decision. I am sorry if that was unclear.

I very much come from a place that values communication based on listening to others experiences and trying to empathize with them. And now I feel like you’ve simply jumped down my throat for standing up and saying “woah, I’m not ok with the way you’re talking to me.”

It’s ok to disagree, but it is NEVER ok to tell someone that they should try to refrain from getting offended. If someone tells you that you hurt them, then the best policy is to try and understand why something upset them. You don’t learn anything from telling someone they’re wrong for feeling a certain way.”

There you have it, folks.

The oppression olympics in full effect, wrapped in their own hypocrisy:

  • If you suggest something to a person younger than you : Ageism, Patriarchy
  • Discuss and recommend birth control options to a woman: Sexism, Patriarchy
  • If you offend me, you must apologize on demand: SJW.
  • When someone speaks its not for conversation, its to provide insight into who they are, please don’t talk, and certainly don’t comment: SJW.
  • Everyone has the right to be offended: SJW, feminist.
  • You white straight guy, you don’t get to be offended: SJW, feminism.
  • Again, apologize on demand: SJW.
  • No one learns anything from opposing views, you must only empathize with the oppressed: SJW, feminism.
  • I make it my life’s mission to tell people about consent rules that I myself don’t even want to follow: SJW, feminism.

This one girl manages to be the poster child for each of the ills of feminism, Title IX, and social justice wrought upon college campuses.

She hates men her own age because they have emasculated them.

She can’t date the rest of the men her own age because the rest of them queer (her words).

She lies every day in her consent classes where she demands young impressionable students (like she once was) listen to her and believe what she says.  She forces the explicit and implicit messages of evil male patriarchy, rape culture and the oppression olympics on children.

And richly, she is desperately seeking an older man to forget about all this crap and just take her and treat like a woman instead of an odd companion to asexual feminized college boys.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, it is almost too cliched to be believed.

This is why I do my in field research. To get you all the news and facts as they are happening on the ground today.

I dutifully accept my responsibility to bed and interview young women on college campuses.

In case you’re wondering, I refused her demand for an apology and cut her lose. She was super cute, had a great smile and was enticingly young, but it wasn’t enough.

See, men are the real romantics. I couldn’t even manage to keep my views to myself long enough to get into her pants. My honesty was too much.

I’m not shallow enough to fuck a feminist, I guess.