A Night For Freedom – Right People, Right Room, Right Outcome

A Night for Freedom – Right People, Right Room, Right Outcome

The last thing I wanted to do on Saturday night was talk to people. At 10 PM the night before, I learned I was banned from coaching my son’s little league team. After five years and 12 different seasons as head coach, I was no longer allowed to donate my time and energy to community service. The little league board ripped away the most precious time my son and I had together. After being doxed by Antifa, publicly shamed, and suspended from my job, it was losing baseball that devastated me.

The day I was suspended, I got a jolt of adrenaline. I didn’t get emotional or shut down. Instead, I was wired. There was a fight ahead of me and rather than wallow I got to work. I told my girlfriend, Rachelle, Antifa could attack my reputation, I could lose my job, I could lose my career, but as long as I had baseball with my son, I’d be ok.

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At first, my call with the little league board was scheduled for Wednesday night. Then it was pushed to Friday afternoon.Then it was delayed until 8 PM. The uncertainty hung over me like a lead blanket. I retired to my bedroom, away from the kids and prepared myself for the call. 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, the time ticked away and still no word. When the phone rang at 9:45 PM, I was already drained. When the people on the phone finally mustered the courage to reveal my banishment, the last barrier between me and my sorrow crumbled. Days of suspense ended with a crushing news. I could no longer coach the boys.

I was up until 4 AM that night, writing and tweeting about my loss. My twitter essay exploded and my inbox overflowed with thousands of supportive messages. I at once felt isolated and scared by losing baseball, but yet overwhelmed by the love and generosity shown by our supportive twitter universe. The game of baseball was important to me and my son, but the most meaningful element was the community we had built.

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Over the years we developed friendships and relationships with countless coaches, parents, and players. We were all working together to build something for the kids and the community. After each practice, each game, each day-long player try out or league board meeting, I left feeling energized knowing I was donating my time and effort to a worthy cause. Giving back feels good, man. But now all that was ripped away because some Antifa nut job wanted to ruin my life.

The emotional roller coaster left me exhausted and spent. I only slept two hours on Friday. Staying home on Saturday night sounded like a good idea, but I knew A Night for Freedom was not to be missed even if my energy was depleted. I tried to take a nap around 3 PM, but my mind raced. I laid there watching the clock. There would be no rest for the weary. So we called the Uber and headed out two hours late.

A Night for Freedom

As Rachelle and I rode down to the City Club, I went through a series of affirmations. I had to pump myself up. “There’s no place I’d rather be, there’s no one I’d rather see.” “I am filled with energy and love.” “I am strong and resilient.” “Tonight is going to be special.” Over and over again. I worked to raise my spirits so I could be strong at the party.

When we arrived, the energy inside was more academic lecture than evening party. All the seats were filled, so Rachelle and I stood in the back. The night’s panel included Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, and Milo Yiannopoulos. There were about 75 people wearing suits and dresses, seated, absorbing discussions which ranged from concerns about social media censorship to recaps of events at CPAC and how to evolve our movement in the future. Crisp questions from the audience kept the conversation moving in a positive direction. This was no bitch session or troll party. It was a serious talk on the current state of political affairs.

Once the discussion was over, the party started. A Night for Freedom is an interesting combination of political conversation and social event. This wasn’t some boring conference room where the night ended after three people talked down to the audience for two hours. No, these events are a swirl of fun, ideas, and engagement. The guests migrated towards the bar and the drinks began to flow.

Mike Cernovich’s parties are the highlight of the social calendar because they are unique. Where else can you enjoy a combination of fun, food, and ideas while you share the room with thought leaders, surrounded by good people, free from judgment, free from fear, free from isolation and political persecution?

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A New MAGA Community

In our divided times, spaces such as these are more important than ever, especially for MAGA folks living in New York and Washington, DC. It’s a bonafide community that announced itself back in January of 2017 with the Deploraball. Since then Mike has thrown several parties, and now A Night for Freedom is slated for a national tour. The movement which sprouted in my hometown of DC is primed to take root across the country. Miami, Chicago, Arizona, and California are all on deck. This community which started as just an idea is now about to be a national phenomenon.

It is that sense of community which may be the most powerful force at work here. As Rachelle and I moved from room to room, we were overwhelmed with support. People would walk up to me and say, “Hey, are you Jack Murphy? I wanted to say hi and that we support you! We read about your situation and think it’s terrible. I’m sorry about your job and your son.” Then their face would squish up in a sign of empathy. One couple said they drove from Pennsylvania just the for the event, hoping to see me and wish me well. The sense of concern and kindness which emanated from each of the attendees on the inside contrasted with the cold heartless actions of those I’d been dealing with on the outside.

A tall African American IT specialist shook my hand and said thank you. A gay businessman gave me a hug. A recent immigrant offered her support. An Asian crypto investor donated to my legal fund. I mention these people not to pimp our diversity but, well, yes to pimp our diversity. The party throwers and the party go’ers, are constantly called racist, sexist, homophobic, and even fascist. Hell, I’ve been called a Nazi. But nothing could be further from the truth. We’re a diverse group of people with the future of a free and just America on our minds, not some nasty cabal of hate mongers.


ANTIFA Pouts in the Rain

Of course, ANTIFA showed up to protest. They came wearing all black, their faces covered in shame, standing in the cold, screaming at an office building in the middle of the night. They hurtled threats and slurs, even chanting about killing us. “You say red pill, we say lead pill.” “Up against the wall!” The chants echoed off the empty streets.

Antifa had planned to attack the Deploraball by putting acid in the air ducts, poisoning everyone and causing a stampede. There were pregnant women and senior citizens at that event. Imagine what could have happened in a panic as poisonous gas filled a room filled with 1,000 people. Luckily, the plot was foiled and the perpetrators were arrested. But the real threat of violence from Antifa remains.

On this night, however, the masked protestors were reduced to nothing more than animals in a cage. People would grab a drink and head outside to watch the evening entertainment. It was a bunch of misguided kids screaming in the darkness at boogiemen they’ve conjured up in their head. At one point, A Night for Freedom attendees sang the national anthem and the mob outside literally took a knee. Antifa hates us, hates themselves probably, and they definitely hate America. Luckily, they also can’t afford a ticket to the event, so when we were done being entertained we went back inside for more beef tenderloin while they walked home alone in the cold and rain.

“Right People, Right Room, Right Outcome”

Mike Cernovich describes his events as “right people, right room, right outcome.” When good people come together in nice place, when they are educated and entertained, when they are fed and drinks are had, the right things happen. And in this case, the right outcome has not only been the evolution of a political movement but the fostering of a new kind of community.

Jack Posobiec saw it. He said to me, “Look around. What do you see? People are talking, people are laughing, people are smiling. And no one is on their phones.” It was true, there was no mob of blue-faced zombies idly wasting their lives on social media, which is ironic for this crowd, as social media is what indeed brought us together. But once in the same room, the phones went away and the humanity came out.

Perhaps no one felt the sense of community more than I did that night. I’ve been attacked, smeared, lied about, suspended from work, and banned from baseball. But when I walked into A Night for Freedom, the pain started to wither. I hadn’t needed the affirmations in the car to lift me up because the people at the party did it for me. My old community had turned on me, but this new one stood by, they loved me, they hugged me, they gave me support and even donations. But what they gave me most of all was hope, hope that our group of like-minded thinkers was growing, that our ideas were spreading, and that eventually, the swell will be so great the nation would have to listen.

Our numbers are growing. Each moment that passes produces more people disgusted with the left, bewildered by their ideas, and besieged for thinking differently. The structural forces at work, those which caused people like me to go from #DemocratToDeplorable, are still gathering speed. People are ditching the Democrats and embracing the New Right on a daily basis. We’re a young movement, we’re an energetic movement, and as A Night for Freedom demonstrated, we’re a resilient one too.

This about more than politics, it’s about people and as more of them hear our message, as they feel the energy of these rooms, they too will come over the wall and land with us.

Take Action

Please support my lawsuit against Antifa. If we take stand together today, we can prevent others from doxing and libel in the future. Today it’s me, but tomorrow it could be you. Stand with me now and help me put an end to this shameful tactic.

If you want to learn why nine million Obama voters ditched the Democrats and embraced Donald Trump – read my book. Presales are underway, order one today!



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