My First Full month: A Beginner’s Site Stats

A beginner’s site stats, my first full month blogging.

My first full month as a blogger is over.  I started late September with a rushed post and no site development.  By the end of October I was officially a “professional.”

Monthly Round Up

Welcome to the first monthly round up of stats at Jack Murphy Live.  I will post this information each month, good or bad, as a way to share my experience with others and hold myself accountable.  Tracking these key metrics should help me move in the right direction.

I admit, these numbers are pretty low. But this is the baseline and growth will be the focus.  Having these publicly posted will be good way to keep my focus on doing the things which drive the key metrics.

I haven’t done a lot of research on this topic, so if it looks like I am fumbling around with some stuff, I am.  The point is to share the real data and let it speak for itself.  Eventually, with success I’ll do more of a how to, but until then watch me grow from nothing.


Twitter was the first thing I set up for Jack Murphy Live.  My follower chart (182 as of Oct 31st):

Jack Murphy Live Twitter Followers Oct 2015

It was a brand new account as of September 2015 with zero followers.  In September I added 94.  I read a lot on how to gain twitter followers and experimented.  Tweets with media attached get more engagement. Tweeting @ the right people helps boost impressions.  Having friends with huge followings who are willing to retweet you is obviously an amazing boost.  But as you can see, followers have plateaued the last couple weeks even with more frequent posting.

I am not sure I have the stamina to use twitter the way some do, but I’m working on strategies.  If anything ever works, I’ll share it here.

The rest of the stats are trending in the right direction however:

Twitter 28 day compare Nov 1 2015 Jack Murphy Live

Everything pointing up with great growth in terms of %.  Of course its coming off of basically zero, so the numbers are skewed, but hey, I’m just getting started here.

Jack Murphy Live

`My first full month, approximately 2.04 views per visitor.

3,703 views and 1,813 visitors.  Readers came from all over the world.  I am pretty amazed at how quickly you can spread your ideas, even if to just a handful of people.  The stats are skewed from one day in particular where I had 1,400 views.

2.04 page views per visitor.  Some days were much higher even approaching 3.0 views per visitor even with ‘high’ traffic.  This strikes me as a good indicator of engagement.  I will try to push this number by cross linking articles and giving people a chance to discover additional items when they first come to the site.

100 comments.  Along with pages per visitor, this seems like a good way to measure engagement.

Two (2) mailing list sign ups.  This is a key to long term success, building my own proprietary audience that I can reach directly via email.  I’ve got the sign up boxes in key spots around the site.  I am lacking a “give away” to induce readers to sign up.  I also have not experimented with pop ups.  Two is a really low number, I know, so this is an area of focus.

Seven (7) new posts.  No surprise that traffic is best on days with a new post.  Twitter drives the traffic from tweets and retweets.  Again, key RT’s from helpful friends drive a ton of traffic.  But, it isn’t magic.  The topic, headline, photo – all have to be right for it to gain traction.  In my case, if it generates hate then it generates clicks.

Jack Murphy Live Traffic Acquisition Oct 2015

Twitter drives most of my traffic today.

Then I became a “professional”

I’ve read the road maps that others have laid out (Danger and Play, Victor Pride’s Blog Artist Handbook, James Altucher, 30daystox, and others).  A few things I’ve learned:

  • How to write “how to articles,”
  • What is affiliate marketing,
  • How and why to create book reviews, and
  • How to use Amazon Associates (or not).

I’m experimenting with different posts, different topics, and different monetization techniques for fun and to learn.

My number one goal right now is to create high quality content, but its fun to try new things.  This is a learning experience.

I tried a product review article: Shooting Stuff with the Boy: My review of the Crosman Pumpaster 760 Variable Pump .177 Air Rifle,

I wrote a book review: Danger and Play: Essays on Embracing Masculinity, by Mike Cernovich,

And in the last days of my first full month of blogging, I made my first revenue online:

Amazon Stats Jack Murphy LIve October 2015

I made a whopping $0.24 in October.  Twenty four cents!  No, its nothing and I certainly don’t presume to call myself a professional.  I’m just a hobbyist trying to see what this is all about.  But, it was fun and exciting to see that money actually come in.  I have more orders in the queue for November, though Amazon Associates is not going to be my primary focus in the long run.

On the To-Do list:

So many things to in November:

  • Create give away for mailing list
  • At least ten new posts on topics like:
    • How to live with a woman today
    • A practical model of sexual health
    • Threesome Thursdays
    • Commentary on a current event
    • Update – About Me
    • Am I raising my kids to be the adults I want them to be?
    • Travel piece (Tulum, Mexico)
  • 100 new twitter followers
  • Add new email list subscribers
  • Double page views to 7,000
  • Organize front page content in more appealing way
  • Change color scheme

Wrap up

My first full month of blogging in the books.  It started in a whirl wind when I unexpectedly did a guest post on Danger and Play in September.  Based on the feedback and the fun I had, I decided now was the time to become the writer I always wanted to be.

I had spent months learning and reading before I took the plunge and the learning curve has been steep.  I think I have gotten to the point now where my biggest challenge is just creating that high quality content.

This month has been exciting: getting everything up and running, customizing the site, driving traffic from twitter, creating new and compelling content, creating the mechanism for online commerce to take place and actually seeing it all work has been a blast, not going to lie!  I am excited for the future.

Check this space again next month and lets see how I do keeping the momentum up and being consistent.


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  • Kimvy Nov 1, 2015 @ 15:08

    Good luck with your blog!

    It’s too bad that some people feel the need to abuse what they don’t understand – I took your erotic post to be one of a dom/sub situation, which is part, to some degree, of “gorilla”, “red pill” or whichever term is appropriate.

    • Jack Murphy Nov 1, 2015 @ 15:19

      Appreciate that!

      Yeah, that article attracted a lot of venom but also some thoughtful discussion.

      You’re right, what we did that night definitely comes from our dom/sub relationship, which may be the only “safe” way to do that. Introducing a third of any kind can be tricky. At the end of the day, we’re both secure enough in our relationship that experimenting and playing around is not only possible, but exciting.

      Later I’ll share more standard ways of brining a third in: finding a unicorn.

      Thanks for reading!


  • Timo Fischer Nov 1, 2015 @ 15:20

    This is really motivating for me as a fellow writer I love to see how you are approaching things and what tools or strategies you are using. Keep up the good work and have an awesome Day!

    • Jack Murphy Nov 1, 2015 @ 16:47

      I plan to do this update monthly for a while. It should keep me honest and focused on what drives the metrics.

      Like with any project, that which gets measured gets improved.

  • Oliver Nov 2, 2015 @ 7:07

    A successful month is over and I am sure an even more successful one lies ahead
    of you. I have started reading your blog regularily and will go on doing so. It’s
    great stuff I find here.

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