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Best Tinder Opener Ever

Just the Tip is a series of shorter, more targeted posts on game, frame, and getting things done.  Check the main page for semi-monthly full-length features, and check back here for Just the Tip. 

Game is more than finding the right line at the right time.  Game is a lifestyle shift and frame of reference.  As I wrote in “Build a Better Life,” game is also scaffolding one uses to support the creation of our best selves.

It’s holistic self-improvement.

Yet once the basics are covered, that one perfect line can make a huge difference.

I am always running online game in the background.  No matter what happens in your life, no matter if you get married or have a long-term girlfriend, remember this: the game never ends

As such, I like to keep my skills sharp and dabble in passive online game even when I have no interest in pursuing new girls at the time.

It’s good to keep your options open.

I recently dusted off one of my all time most successful online dating profile tidbits and brought it back for a test run on Tinder. 

I first heard it back in the day from BravoPUA.  You can find his website: here.

My profile is built out with excellent pictures and few words. Pictures include scenes of me working shirtless in the yard, at the gym doing a muscle up, me in suits, and me doing some cool outdoor shit.  I can’t stress this enough: Pictures are the most important part.

The only text is brief and powerful:

“Please do NOT message me if you’re a model, aspiring actress, bartender, hair stylist or stripper – it NEVER works.”

A simple, yet sublimely effective line. In one master stroke several essential elements crucial to successful game have been established:

  • The target audience identified.
  • Challenge has been made.
  • My high value demonstrated.
  • Their fears alleviated.
  • The frame is set.

How could one line do all this, you wonder?

Invariably the types I listed reach out and ask my whyyyyyyyy?  “What is it about being a hair stylist/bartender/actress?” they ask.  Their curiosity and desire to prove themselves forces them to contact me first.

“They’re a lil’ crazy, mostly hot, and lots of fun.  Are you a lil’ crazy, mostly hot, and lots of fun?” I respond.  

And just like that, the target audience is identified and a challenge issued: Are you hot enough and fun enough to compete?

My Tinder line also alludes to the multiple times I’ve dated models or actresses (true).  It even alludes to my dissatisfaction with them.  If I not only date hot chicks like this, but I’m also willing to eschew them – I must be of high value.

Not only that, I ease their fears of ‘creepers and stalkers.’

Most guys can’t handle the stress of a hot girl who gets lots of attention.

I let them know right away, I’m the guy that’s “in the know.”  It sets them at ease and turns them on all at once.

This is especially important for these types because jealous male suitors are a major turn off to them.

Finally, the texts sets the tone for my expectations:  I am looking for a “kinda crazy, hot, fun” time which translates into “excellent sex.”  I’m also not looking for anything serious.  I’m too busy.

And like magic, one profile line and a couple of texts later, the frame is completely set.

Like I said above, pictures are the most important of your online profile, but a few great lines and a system will be a big help.  Now you guys have my all-time best opener and funnel for kinda crazy, mostly hot and always fun girls to appear passively in your inbox.  Use it, run with it, get laid with it!

Is it dumb to share this amazing opener?  I don’t care, I want you guys to have them.  If some girl calls me out on copying one of you guys later down the road, I’ll be proud.

And that, folks, is Just the Tip.

For more information on Just the Tip, click here.

For more info on how to use online game to the max – check out Bravo’s “Online Game 2.0”


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8 comments… add one
  • Dman Jan 11, 2016 @ 16:43

    Here’s my prediction: this won’t work for most guys. Because it’s really not the line, it’s the man behind the line. I know it works for you, but the incongruity will be detected after she hooks. I hope I’m wrong and guys get laid, but I’m a little pessimistic. 🙂

    • Jack Murphy Jan 11, 2016 @ 16:48

      Ha. Well, as I always stress, becoming the best version of yourself you can be is the most effective avenue towards getting quality women.

      It’s easy to look at me now and say I’m a natural, its easy for him.

      But the truth is I once was fat, dumpy, weak, with bad style and no game. I put conscious effort into changing all that. Along the way, I learned game, I faked it until I made it and eventually it all started to click.

      I made this happen, it was not handed to me.

      Guys can make it happen for them too.

      • Dman Jan 11, 2016 @ 16:50

        Yes of course. I guess I meant that if you’re just new at all of this, don’t expect a lot. If you’re already high value, it can work. Assuming you have great pictures and are Jack Murphy. 😉

        • Jack Murphy Jan 11, 2016 @ 17:11

          Exactly, lines and tactics like this are not the answer. They are just little tricks we can use to improve and enhance what maximizing our own potential can bring.

  • Van Bravo Jan 11, 2016 @ 19:25

    It’s like they say in sales – appealing to one’s emotions always works best. In the case of the types you specified a non interest in, their curiosity coupled with their desire to change your view to achieve a personal fulfillment usually makes them easier to manipulate. After all, you both want the same thing – you’re just making yourself seem less interested.

    • Jack Murphy Jan 11, 2016 @ 20:09

      Indeed. Demonstrating you’re not interesting is more powerful at times than showing your true interest. Girls _want_ to be played and seduced, they’re just not cognizant of it usually.

  • Aaron Jan 14, 2016 @ 17:52

    I’m digging it man. I love the screen caps you’re tweeting of your girl setting up tinder dates. Kind of feel sorry for the chastity trolls, but hey, the choice is theirs. Get angry or get laid.

    • Jack Murphy Jan 14, 2016 @ 19:01

      Thanks Aaron. Yeah, I don’t know where they come from or why, but I feel sorry for them as well. So much anger out there. You’re right. Dudes still can’t wrap their mind around having a family and great/varied sex life. I’m mashing the two lives together and its pretty sweet. Thanks for reading!

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