Blog Stats January 2017 – Stats, Strategy, and Secrets

It’s been awhile since I did a blog stats update. I’ll admit, last year I lost my momentum and there wasn’t anything fun to report for many months. But that has changed, and big mo’ is back.

With a fresh look, a public face, and new energy – I’ve re-doubled my efforts and things are paying off.

I’m writing this behind the scenes look into blog and twitter stats for a couple of reasons.  One is because people like seeing the nitty gritty, especially other folks who are trying to make a come up. If I can be helpful, I want to be. There is plenty of room out here for more voices. And together we are stronger.  Let’s build an army.

The other is for accountability. When I put these stats out there, it helps motivate me to beat them next month. I’m a data guy, so measuring things comes natural to me. And that which gets measured gets improved. I want to improve.  So here we are.

While I got off to a great start in late 2015 and early 2016 – everything fell apart by April. Things at my job job got hectic, the custody issues with my ex ramped up, and I even shut the blog down completely for a time during the summer. I was worried my employers and ex’s lawyers would be scouring the internet trying to find ways to fuck me.

I maintained a diminished presence on Twitter and didn’t make a single blog post from March – Nov 2016.

Then I decided fuck it. I’m all in. 

I returned to activity on twitter, and began posting again. Writing for me has always come from the heart so sometimes it takes a while to get the posts out.  Each article can go through many iterations and revisions before it ever gets published. I probably spend way too much time editing something I’m putting out into the world for free, but I want things to be high quality. I’ve also been working on my craft, always striving to become a better writer, and this takes time.

However, this month my goal is to become a more efficient writer. I need to make a system and stick to it. I need to pick my message, clarify the tone and theme, define a structure, make an outline and then write. Too often I start with a word dump and then try to figure it out backwards. No, moving forward I will be more disciplined. 

There is no writer’s block. My main obstacle is selecting a path and hurtling myself towards whatever goal I set.  I think this month you’ll begin to see the direction I’ve chosen. I’ve decided to go public with my face and begin building a personal image online rather than an anonymous one.

I’ve decided to lunge forward into the water, swimming out without concern for the trip back. I’m Cortez burning the ships upon landing in the new world. Forward is the only choice.

What follows is a quick round up of my stats like I used to do in the beginning.  Most people won’t post their stats, maybe they’re lying about something, maybe it’s their ego, maybe no one really cares. Who knows.  I’m posting to help other people who are interested in starting a blog as well as to keep me focused. It’s for me and for you.

Your energy helps me and maybe by looking at these statistics you will be more motivated to assist. We’re doing this together.  I need you to make this successful, whatever form that may take in the future. My main goal right now is to spread the message as far as we can, and to do that I need your help. We’re a team, man, and we have to work together. 

So, thank you for your support: the comments, emails, retweets and everything you do to help me and Jack Murphy Live. I appreciate it.  Sincerely.

If you haven’t signed up to my email list already please do so now, it’s the best way for me to get in touch with you.

Without further delay, here’s my month-end wrap up:


January was the month I crossed over 3,000 followers. It is still small potatoes compared to the big guys, but for a startup like me, I’m pretty proud. Momentum is picking up and the daily growth continues to accelerate. Tweet or die still holds true, being quiet on twitter is death.

Best Twitter Strategy

  • Curate/Promote Others
  • MicroBlog
  • Promote Myself

This has been the strategy from the beginning and it seems to be working well.  There are other ways to gain followers like account scraping, or follow for follow – but that’s not my style.  My twitter followers are highly engaged and that’s because I use the law of attraction to bring great people to my TL. 

Promoting others is part of the good guy marketing strategy Cernovich laid out a while back. It works. People reciprocate. And together we build an army.

My microblogging has been successful. Many of you love my #AreTheyFucking series where we analyze body language and visual clues of couples on dates in public. Those tweets always get insane engagement and terrific feedback, plus it’s lots of fun!

NEW! by ME: Tweets are my favorite because it means I’ve finally gotten a new post published. Yes, I promote myself a lot, but I try to keep it to 2-3 days around publish date.  If your tweets aren’t on the top of someone’s feed you might as well be dead  – so promotional tweets are a must. 

Again, thank you for all the RT’s. It really helps get the message out.  Even if you have 10 followers, please keep RT’ing. It helps boost the tweet into the top of other people’s TL, and we get the message out to even more people.  Thanks!

The results speak for themselves:

I’m most pleased with the 66,000 profile visits. That’s a legit metric as impressions are unreliable. Profile visits are clicks. Clicks are gold.


Over 16,000 views and 7,500 visitors.  This is a big jump up from my previous months where I was relatively dormant. 2.16 views per visitor is ok, I’d like to get that higher by working on cross-linking and ways to lower the bounce rate (someone lands, reads one article and leaves).

This month I wrote about the #Deploraball, divorce, created the Jack Murphy Syllabus, and shared my experience with the Alt-Right

Top Articles January 2017

Traffic Sources January 2017

My best source of traffic is Twitter, always has been.  But my organic growth is improving tremendously and I’m ranking high on some good terms. My best SEO’d post is 4 Ways to Be More Dominant Right Now and it continues to be my best performer.  Many thanks to Ivan Throne for his continued support and referral traffic.


2015 was about me getting started.

2016 was me deciding to get serious.

2017 will be when I become too big to ignore.

Systematic content, big messages, podcasts, debates, appearances, meetups, and more.

2017 will be the year I kill it and bring you guys with me.

Thanks for reading so far, the best is yet to come.

Please keep sharing, tweeting, and spreading the message!


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2 comments… add one
  • Brock Robinson Feb 1, 2017 @ 11:07

    Nice to see you back at it. Any idea what articles people are finding via StumbleUpon? I’ve never considered that one as a potential traffic source but looks like it could be decent

    • Jack Murphy Feb 1, 2017 @ 11:11

      My Mind Mapping post got the most play from SU. Its mostly shit traffic though. I doubt they even stay for a blink before stumbling on to the next one. Lately the beach body posts have gotten a little play. I generally don’t care too much to get stuff from SU. One month it was 1,000’s however.

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