Info Militias

The Corona Crisis has made the world even more confusing than it was before. With chaos and complexity rising around us for years, the Covid-19 Pandemic has confirmed what we knew to be true for a while now: our media and institutions have no idea what they’re doing! Lucky for us, however, we’ve found a [...]

Samuel Hammond is a Director at the Niskanen Center and a prolific essayist with by-lines in the Atlantic, The American Mind, National Affairs, and more. He wrote one of the most important pieces in 2019, detailing how our Grand Strategy with China has failed us and the world. After I read this essay I knew [...]

“Make no small plans; for they have no magic to stir men’s blood” This quote is often attributed to Winston Churchill, but like many great ideas, he stole it and repurposed it for his own use. The man who did utter these words was not the architect of a great nation but rather an architect [...]

Jack Murphy Live on the Tim Pool Podcast. Tim Pool is an independent journalist who started at VICE news and now runs three successful YouTube Channels. In addition to his regular reporting from hot spots all over the world, Tim went on the Joe Rogan Experience to take on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey live in [...]

Bo Winegard, PhD Podcast Why is everyone so scared of talking about the truth? Today it seems that you can’t discuss important matters in polite company, and forget about doing it publicly online. The moment you even approach the line of “acceptable” people screech and call for you to be cancelled. You can lose a [...]

Who is Bronze Age Pervert?

No one knows his real name. No one knows his real voice. No one knows where is. But people are starting to notice his words. Who is Bronze Age Pervert? Bronze Age Pervert’s book, Bronze Age Mindset, first snatched the attention of youth culture and is now creeping into the mind of the political establishment. [...]


This essay is an excerpt from Jack Murphy’s book “Democrat to Deplorable: Why Nine Million Obama Voters Ditched the Democrats and Embraced Donald Trump.”   Hillary Clinton’s vagina was the centerpiece of her 2016 presidential campaign. When she chose “I’m with HER” as her rallying cry, Clinton left little doubt about her most distinguished Presidential [...]

What is Personal Sovereignty?

What is personal sovereignty? It is the destination we seek. When I started the Jack Murphy Live podcast, I knew I wanted to lead you on a journey. The idea was to help each of us create a new mental model of the world. We need this because many of us are feeling lost. The [...]