Raw Egg Nationalist – JML #077

Jack Murphy interviews Raw Egg Nationalist, author of the underground hit cookbook Raw Egg Nationalism and editor of Man’s World journal. They discuss the rise of spiritual praise for obesity, the stereotypes preventing men from bonding, how food has become political, and how raw eggs represent the antithesis of the globalist, processed soy lifestyle. Raw [...]

Matthew Peterson – JML #076

Jack Murphy interviews Matthew Peterson, founding editor of The American Mind, Vice President of Education at the Claremont Institute, and president of New Founding. They discuss how the New Right must create an aligned parallel culture, the lost discipline of assimilation in America, and how the leftist takeover won’t stop until the people take action [...]

Glenn Ellmers – JML #075

Jack Murphy interviews Glenn Ellmers, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute who studied with Harry Jaffa. He recently authored The Soul of Politics: Harry V. Jaffa and the Fight For America. Glenn Ellmers Author and Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Twitter: @ soul_politics   Follow Jack ​Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now Available On [...]

Marc Lobliner – JML #074

Jack Murphy interviews Marc Lobliner, a pro bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and political commentator. They dive into the insanity of establishment nutritional “science,” how the true pandemic is obesity, and powerful tips for health, strength, and overall fitness. Marc Lobliner Pro Bodybuilder and Entrepreneur Twitter: @ MarcLobliner   Follow Jack ​Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now [...]

Arthur Kwon Lee – JML #073

Jack Murphy interviews Arthur Kwon Lee, a painter, martial artist, and conservative commentator who integrates the spirit of mythology and heroism in his artwork. They dive into the leftist desecration of objective beauty, the power of art in fortifying our values, and how being a real man today is to be a dissident. Arthur Kwon [...]

Joe Kent – JML #072

Jack Murphy welcomes back Joe Kent, a retired Green Beret running as an America First Republican for Congress for Washington state’s 3rd District. They hone in on Joe’s approach to building the America First coalition, the need to address the failing establishment GOP, how to avoid taking the Black Pill, and the situation around Lt. [...]

Blake Masters – JML #071

Jack Murphy interviews Blake Masters, Chief Operating Officer of Thiel Capital, who recently announced his candidacy for U.S. Senator in Arizona. They discuss how Blake plans to actually implement America First policy, limiting immigration, how to reign in Big Tech, and how to protect our economy from foreign takeover. Blake Masters Chief Operating Officer | [...]

JD Vance – JML #070

Jack Murphy interviews J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, co-founder of venture capital firm Narya, and Ohio candidate for US Senate. They discuss how he came around to Trump, how the Left holds no punches in trying to mold the country, and how to develop a more aggressive conservatism. J.D. Vance Author and US Senate [...]

Kash Patel – JML #069

Jack Murphy welcomes back Kash Patel, a key Trump administration intelligence official who helped dismantle the Russiagate witch hunt. They discuss the possible fate of woke General Mark Milley, understanding military chain of command, the Afghanistan debacle, and how Kash is adjusting to life outside the Trump admin. Kash Patel Former Chief of Staff to [...]

David Freiheit – JML #068

Jack Murphy interviews David Freiheit, aka Viva Frei, attorney, content creator, and most recently, a candidate for elected office in Canada with the People’s Party of Canada. David Freiheit Attorney & YouTuber Twitter: @thevivafrei   Follow Jack ​Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now Available On Audiobook: https://adbl.co/3qXvlEY Liminal Order: https://liminal-order.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackmurphylive Facebook: https://facebook.com/jackmurphylive [...]