What is the American Consciousness?

NATIONALISM, GLOBALISM, AND WHAT IS THE AMERICAN CONSCIOUSNESS? What binds us together as a nation in the 21st century? Are ideas thicker than blood? How do we foster the American consciousness? Should we? Will Chamberlain, The Red Hen, and I tackle these pressing questions in a 90-minute podcast where we take a detailed look at [...]

Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D
JML #001

I’m proud to announce the first episode of the Jack Murphy Live podcast is live and ready to go! My first guest is Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D, an acclaimed evolutionary psychologist. Geoffrey has published four books and published over 100 academic papers. His work has been featured in Nature, Science, The Washington Post, The New York Times, [...]

How to Reinvent Yourself
with Jack Murphy and Rich Cooper

How to Reinvent Yourself Rich Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars had me on his YouTube show yesterday. Our hour-long interview covered topics like divorce, red pill moments, dating, politics, culture, media, and how to reinvent yourself after a crisis. There’s something for everyone in this video – but it’s all discussed from an independent masculine [...]

“Believe all women” made its all the way to the Supreme Court and pretty much validated every criticism of feminism made by the men’s side of the internet. Honestly, I’m a little shocked. I’ve read and written about feminism and its effect on society for ten years. But I still carried a little doubt with [...]

Why Positive Masculinity Explodes into the Mainstream in 2019 More pundits and academics are rightfully pointing to feminism as a root cause of many issues in our culture today. They see how boys and men are falling behind, they see how women are really excelling in all aspects of life despite the media lies saying [...]

Democrat to Deplorable Fall Tour 2018 The University of Virginia at Charlottesville Jack Murphy Live talks about the nine million Obama voters who ditched the Democrats and embraced Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Democrat to Deplorable voters are the most important voting block in America. In an election decided by 77,000 voters across [...]

Mike Cernovich’s latest film, Hoaxed, exceeded my expectations on every level. Mike’s last documentary Silenced, was an excellent entry into filmmaking, but it wasn’t ready for the premier league. Even Mike will tell you Silenced was a solid “B.” But Hoaxed? Hoaxed is an “A” and ready for prime time. HOAXED MOVIE REVIEW Today’s information [...]

I was assassinated in 2018. Not a real-life blood and guts kind of murder, but a full-fledged character assassination where my reputation, my career, and my livelihood were destroyed by an online hate mob. ANTIFA and the progressive left used lies, mischaracterizations, and the power of social media to descend into my personal life and [...]