Alexander Dugin – JML #036

Alexander Dugin Alexander Dugin is Russia’s most influential philosopher. He has written books on Fourth Political Theory and Geo Politics, among countless others. Dugin’s influence is felt world wide. Listen as he reveals a radical new view point on America. We discuss: modernity, individualism, Color Revolutions, Information warfare, American traditionalism, what it means to be [...]

Dave Reaboi – Trump, the Middle East, and Peace: JML #035

David Reaboi is a strategic communications consultant, a national security, a political warfare expert, and a jazz musician. He has written extensively on the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf and Sunni Islamist movements. Trump has fostered a new era of nationalism, security, and peace for the Middle East. Together we talk Jazz, Trump, and the [...]

Christopher Rufo Christopher Rufo called on the President to declare war on Critical Race Theory – and the President responded! Through Rufo’s research, journalism, and activism he was able to influence the administration to take important steps towards ridding our government of the scourge that is CRT. Rufo is a warrior! And together we discuss [...]

COLOR REVOLUTIONS Color Revolutions are a systemic process to overthrow duly elected governments. There is a “Playbook” and the Democrats are following it to the letter in 2020. The left wants to control you and everything in society, but they can’t control the ballot box. Or can they? Learn the step by step plan at [...]

Joe Norman, PhD – JML #031

Joe Norman, PhD How can we avoid the inevitable death cascade of complex systems? Are long-range connections killing us? Is the age of indiscriminate connectivity finished? Will we see people and nations adaptively disconnect? Joe Norman, PhD, is a complex systems scientist who has a deep understanding of the underlying principals which shape our environment. [...]

Title IX policies opened the door for the Trojan Horse of Intersectionality and in the middle of the night an army of bureaucrats sneaked into our Universities, took over their culture, trampled our rights, and brain washed our youths to believe victimhood was sainthood. Trump was elected in part to fix this mess and in [...]

THE FOURTH POLITICAL THEORY Michael Millerman, PhD is the leading English language expert on Alexander Dugin. Together he and I explore Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, a controversial, novel, and challenging notion of politics, philosophy, and knowledge. It is said Dugin has Putin’s ear, so if you want to understand geo-politics today, you must understand Dugin. [...]

James Lindsay – Cynical Theories

James Lindsay – Cynical Theories James Lindsay’s latest book, Cynical Theories, is one of the most important releases of 2020. Cynical Theories is the first and only comprehensive scholarly work that draws a clear line from post modern philosophy to the cancerous ideologies of Social Justice which have corrupted our institutions and present an existential [...]

Delicious Tacos – Savage Spear of the Unicorn

DELICIOUS TACOS – SAVAGE SPEAR OF THE UNICORN Delicious Tacos is one of the finest fiction writers alive today. He unearths universal truths of pain, desire, and loneliness yet still manages to find the hope we all need. From silly to serious, Delicious Tacos has you covered: What is true love? What if Corona Virus [...]