GamerGate, Google Censorship, Global Tyranny

In my old life, I was an underground DJ. I took individual records and layered them together to create a new spontaneous work of art. Each song was killer in their own right, but when sequenced and combined properly, the impact was far more than the sum of the parts. My podcast works the same [...]

Are We in a Civil War?

We are engaged in a war which sees no distinction between military or civilian. Social media is our battleground. Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake. Do you want to be informed or ignorant of the most significant battle in our lifetimes? You’ve been conscripted whether you know it or not. Find out how and why. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.


“Art Tavana is the oracle of our time” Hysterical, insightful, bold. Art Tavana and I roar through all the issues of the day: Trump, Dave Rubin, Milo, tariffs, porn stars, feminism, pro wrestling, Laura Loomer, social media censorship, writing on bathroom walls, and whether one should be a writer or be rich. From Guns n’ [...]

Goldmund Unleashed
JML #004

MAKE YOUR LIFE YOUR MASTERPIECE With Goldmund Unleashed Goldmund is a writer, speaker, teacher, and photographer. He’s an all-around bad-ass who has figured out how to thrive as an independent creative in the age of censorship and group-think. He and I cover a wide range of subjects but all fall under the umbrella of how [...]

Masculinity, Pornography,
and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dr. David Ley is a Black Belt in BJJ and a sexual health expert. He is also an expert on pornography and it’s effect on male sexuality. David is an all around bad ass with some strong ideas on what healthy masculinity looks like. Together we discuss man stuff, choking out your own son, and what healthy sex norms should be.

What is the American Consciousness?

NATIONALISM, GLOBALISM, AND WHAT IS THE AMERICAN CONSCIOUSNESS? What binds us together as a nation in the 21st century? Are ideas thicker than blood? How do we foster the American consciousness? Should we? Will Chamberlain, The Red Hen, and I tackle these pressing questions in a 90-minute podcast where we take a detailed look at [...]

Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D
JML #001

I’m proud to announce the first episode of the Jack Murphy Live podcast is live and ready to go! My first guest is Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D, an acclaimed evolutionary psychologist. Geoffrey has published four books and published over 100 academic papers. His work has been featured in Nature, Science, The Washington Post, The New York Times, [...]

How to Reinvent Yourself
with Jack Murphy and Rich Cooper

How to Reinvent Yourself Rich Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars had me on his YouTube show yesterday. Our hour-long interview covered topics like divorce, red pill moments, dating, politics, culture, media, and how to reinvent yourself after a crisis. There’s something for everyone in this video – but it’s all discussed from an independent masculine [...]