Kash Patel – JML #055

Jack Murphy brings on Kash Patel, a Trump administration intelligence official who helped dismantle the Russiagate witch hunt. Kash gives us an inside look into counterterrorism in the Trump admin, the flimsy evidence used to justify the FISA warrant, and the false narrative of the alleged white supremacy threat. Kash Patel Former Chief of Staff [...]

Joe Kent – JML #054

Jack Murphy sits down with Joe Kent, a retired Green Beret running as an America First Republican for Congress for Washington state’s 3rd District. They dive into Joe’s military background, how to preserve masculinity in American culture, how to fight back against Critical Race Theory, and the need to adjudicate the 2020 election. Joe Kent [...]

Julie Kelly on JML

Julie Kelly joins Jack Murphy to share the TRUTH about January 6th, what has happened since, the atrocious behavior of the Feds, and what we can expect moving forward. Julie Kelly Senior Contributor at American Greatness Twitter: @julie_kelly2   Follow Jack Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now Available On Audiobook: https://adbl.co/3qXvlEY Liminal Order: https://liminal-order.com [...]

FRIDAY SESSIONS #004 on JML – Beattie and Milius

Jack Murphy sits down with former Trump administration staffers  Darren J. Beattie and Amanda Milius to peer behind the White House veil. They share their honest opinions on Trump himself, insider baseball on the executive branch, how we can strive for liberty, and the use of narrative warfare. Amanda Milius Plot Against The President Twitter: [...]

Michael Lind – JML #053

Jack Murphy speaks with author Michael Lind, who breaks down a critical aspect to understanding the battle for America: the New Class War. Lind argues that managerial, blue-check marked elites dominate our institutions, disempowering the working class, and place political wedges between us all. Find more of Lind’s work in Tablet Magazine, and read his [...]

FRIDAY SESSIONS #003 on JML – Anton and Yarvin

Jack Murphy brings together philosophical titans Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin to explore fundamental questions about America’s future in the flow of history. If we fall to the techno corporate fascists, is there still hope for the West? FRIDAY SESSIONS: The best guests, the best topics, the best conversations. From the lofty ideas of philosophy [...]

Mike Cernovich – JML #052

The one and only Mike Cernovich and Jack Murphy sit down for a long over-due conversation on fatherhood, family, masculinity, life, God, and more. Don’t miss this one! Follow Mike on Twitter at @Cernovich and on his website at Cernovich.com. Follow Jack ​Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now Available On Audiobook: https://adbl.co/3qXvlEY Liminal Order: [...]

FRIDAY SESSIONS #002 on JML – Borysenko, DeAngelis, and Rufo

Jack Murphy talks with all stars Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Corey DeAngelis, and Christopher Rufo, taking aim at the education front of the Culture War. They dive into the Critical Race Theory warriors, teachers unions, and how the public feels about the current state of education in the US. FRIDAY SESSIONS: The best guests, the best [...]

Christopher Caldwell – JML #051

Did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 kill the Constitution? Are we headed for an insurmountable conflict due to dueling governing documents? What were the negative repercussions of the 60’s? Are we all better or worse for the ‘revolution?’ Christopher Caldwell, author of “The Age of Entitlement,” explains it all on Jack Murphy Live. Follow [...]

Arthur Milikh – JML #050

Jack Murphy and Arthur Milikh discuss how to build a new conservatism, the desecration of masculinity, and how to empower states to buck tyranny. Arthur Milikh is the executive director of the Claremont Institute’s new Center for the American Way of Life. Learn more at claremont.org. Follow Jack ​Jack Murphy’s Book, “Democrat To Deplorable,” Now [...]