Why People Write Blogs Instead of Books

Despite what I’ve accomplished before, writing a book is without a doubt the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. If I knew just how hard it would be, I might have decided to skip this grueling effort altogether. Instead, I am all in.  I swam out from the shore with no regard for the return […]

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Blog Stats January 2017 – Stats, Strategy, and Secrets

It’s been awhile since I did a blog stats update. I’ll admit, last year I lost my momentum and there wasn’t anything fun to report for many months. But that has changed, and big mo’ is back. With a fresh look, a public face, and new energy – I’ve re-doubled my efforts and things are […]

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My First Full month: A Beginner’s Site Stats

Jack Murphy Live Visitors Oct 2015

A beginner’s site stats, my first full month blogging. My first full month as a blogger is over.  I started late September with a rushed post and no site development.  By the end of October I was officially a “professional.” Monthly Round Up Welcome to the first monthly round up of stats at Jack Murphy […]

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