Why People Write Blogs Instead of Books

Despite what I’ve accomplished before, writing a book is without a doubt the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. If I knew just how hard it would be, I might have decided to skip this grueling effort altogether. Instead, I am all in.  I swam out from the shore with no regard for the return […]

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Tucker Carlson Fired Five Times (Why Successful People Fail)

why do successful people fail

Tucker Carlson is an entitled asshole, fired by his bosses five times. Yet, he has returned to the top with his successful takeover of the 9 pm primetime spot on FOX, replacing Megyn Kelly as the face of the network. As the one time “youngest anchor ever” on CNN, Carlson was precocious. His career exploded […]

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How to Make a Million Bucks and Get Set for Life

Part 1 of a multi-post series on how to make a million bucks and get set for life. Be sure to check back for the next installments. This ain’t no get rich quick scheme, but it is a true story of how one man (me) made a million dollars in fees and built a retirement […]

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No Job for the Visionary: Finding the job that doesn’t exist.

When I was child, I went door-to-door selling driveway repair services.  In my town, people’s driveways went straight from the garage to the street, but everyone cut the corner when they pulled in. Call it poor design or just laziness but eventually muddy triangular ruts formed on either side of every drive.  At 10 years old my […]

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The Key to Success: The Come Back

Keys to Success: The Comeback

Frankly, this is the end of an era that started in 2008.  The real estate and financial markets crashed and burned as badly as my marriage did.  I had bottomed: there were debts and losses, money vanished, gone forever.  My personal life went right with it, my relationship, health, family, money – all toast. In […]

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Dream Job and How I got it, The First One Anyway


The dream job was to work on Wall Street.   I wanted to be a big swinging dick like the guys I read about in Liar’s Poker.   I wanted to be a master of the universe.  I wanted to be in the middle of the biggest financial transactions possible.  I wanted the prestige of […]

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