Just The Tip

Fake versus Real

Fake versus Real Fake news, fake outrage, fake everything. We are inundated with false realities. Writers, bloggers, publishers, news media, fantasy media, everyone conspires to create a reality which doesn’t exist. We are battered and lost amidst a torrent of fake. Fake sells. Fake gets clicks.  Fake terrorizes and turns us against each other.  Transparent, […]

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What is Just the Tip?

Jack Murphy Live Just The Tip

Just The Tip is a new section at Jack Murphy Live which will contain shorter, more narrowly focused posts 750-1500 words in length.  I will continue to post semi-monthly Featured pieces on the main page, expanding on such topics as mind-mapping, dominance and other topics related to masculinity in today’s world. Just The Tip is […]

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How to Be Resolution Oriented

Jack Murphy Live Resolution Oriented

7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Relationships Today Hey Guys, We all struggle at times in our relationships.  There are bumps and bruises along the way in any of them, even the best ones.  What the ‘good’ ones have that the ‘bad’ ones don’t, is a set of tools to help as conflicts arise. Few […]

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