James Damore’s #GoogleMemo Saga Reaches New Levels of Insanity: The Government Now Says Science is Harassment

Back in August of 2017, I wrote an article called, “#GoogleMemo is Exactly Why #DemocratToDeplorable is Happening.” It recapped briefly the story of James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired because he wrote a memo that offended his coworkers. Damore had attended numerous diversity workshops and Google asked for his feedback. In return, he […]

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Does DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Want Me Dead?

Washington, DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, tweeted yesterday that Democrats who voted for Trump are “treasonous.” 11,000 DC residents voted for Donald Trump. Presumably, there are hundreds of Trump supporters working for Bowser’s administration. I am one of those people. I am a DC Government employee. Mayor Bowser is my leader. Does she really think I’ve […]

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Jack Murphy: Victim of False Public Shaming and Libel

democrat to deplorable

A photo recently surfaced where I appeared with Chelsea Manning, the whistle-blower, and a diverse group of media personalities who support Donald Trump including a latina, a homosexual, a jew, an immigrant, and a transgendered person. I myself am Jewish. I was the unknown person in the photograph. Because various political advocates were upset that […]

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What is the New Right?

What is the New Right? Now that the election has passed, it is time to start creating the future we desire. The Republican party is weak and there is an opportunity to bypass the old gatekeepers and reach the people directly. We have a chance to answer the question: “What is the New Right?” People […]

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GoogleMemo is Exactly Why #DemocratToDeplorable is Happening.

The #googlememo fiasco is exactly why #DemocratToDeplorable is happening. We are an unprotected class in America. Wrongthink gets you fired. — Jack Murphy (@jackmurphylive) August 8, 2017 The GoogleMemo fiasco is exactly why #DemocratToDeplorable is happening. The world is dividing between science deniers and truth seekers. We are an unprotected class in a world obsessed […]

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Citizens fight back against Antifa after mob rampages through working class neighborhood

A violent Antifa mob rampaged through a Philadelphia neighborhood as May Day protests turned shockingly violent on Monday. PHILADELPHIA, PA Residents were enjoying the spring weather and eating dinner when the sounds of shattering glass and an angry mob jolted them from their evening. Eyewitnesses reported 30–50 Antifa members, dressed in black and equipped for […]

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Antifa Bullies Richard Spencer into Darkness as Trump’s Base Fractures

antifa richard spencer

Richard Spencer, a leader within the white nationalist, Alt-Right, and his team sent a clear message to Donald Trump tonight during a protest outside the White House – “No war in Syria.”  Together with a team of 20-30 supporters, Spencer spoke through a bullhorn telling the crowd President Trump had abandoned his campaign promises and […]

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War on #FreeSpeech with Dave Rubin and Christina Hoff Sommers: What the Bias Response Teams Don’t Want You to Know bias response team

Free speech is the cornerstone of liberty. Those that seek to control your thoughts and actions first attempt to control the words you use. As language shapes our thinking and vice versa, seizing power over how and what we communicate is effectively conquering our consciousness.  Fighting against the tyranny of language and thought control is, […]

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#RockvilleRape: What it Means for America


“The most horrific act I can remember in the last 60 years in Montgomery County” – Angry Parent at Rockville High School #RockvilleRape: Red Pill bombs dropping in the heart of blue America. Last week, two adult-aged men (allegedly) raped and sodomized a 14-year-old girl in a locked bathroom during the school day. Blood and […]

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