Color Revolutions: The Playbook.
Dr. Darren J Beattie on Jack Murphy Live – #033


Color Revolutions are a systemic process to overthrow duly elected governments. There is a “Playbook” and the Democrats are following it to the letter in 2020. The left wants to control you and everything in society, but they can’t control the ballot box. Or can they? Learn the step by step plan at work to steal the Presidency from Donald Trump.

Dr. Beattie is a former Trump speech writer, a journalist, a mathematician, a philosopher, and an expert on political theory. He has written a series of revealing articles at that explains in detail how the Democrats may be rolling out the literal revolutionary playbook against the people of the United States.

Listen as Dr. Beattie and I explain what a Color Revolution is and how one may be underway right now in America.


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  • Aristotle1 Sep 19, 2020 @ 7:41

    I love this guy… “these commissars, these journalist commissars, who have no talent, who have never had an original thought in their minds, who exist in the sewer and who belong in the sewer, and in fact their whole lineage is really sewage”. Bold and accurate…

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