#DemocratToDeplorable: The Interviews


Hello, Democrat to Deplorable!

[Learn more about “Democrat to Deplorable: The Transitioning of America” HERE]

Research for the book is really exciting. The response from you guys has been tremendous, the support has been overwhelming and what I’ve learned thus far has been insightful. Things are shaping up to make this project important and influential, but I still need your help!


I created a survey which has already yielded over 1500+  5000! 6000! short answer responses from Deplorables just like you.

But I need more!  I have 200 500 1200! responses so far, and to make this book legit, I need really would love over 500 1000 as many responses as possible.  Then the conclusions I draw from your words will carry weight and likely get us national attention.

This book is going to be huge. You see, there are millions of people who went Democrat to Deplorable and we all experienced similar things: being unfriended on facebook, shamed and shunned by “friends,” and some of us even felt isolated and alone with our beliefs.

This is the chance to tell our story and get it out to the world. No more confusion around Trump voters being uneducated or somehow stupid..because that’s just simply not true.

Help me tell your story, help me tell OUR story.

The first thing I need from you is to take the survey.  Please do that RIGHT HERE.


The most exciting part of this process is talking to actual voters just like you. I want to talk to as many of you as I can, I want to hear your stories, how you came to leave the Democrats and why Trump appealed to you.

The best way to do that is face-to-face and so I am driving around the country meeting people.  My first stop is York, Pennsylvania and I’ll be headed there the weekend of March 4th.

But, I know I won’t be able to meet with most of you in person so I’m going to do the next best thing: SKYPE INTERVIEWS.

I’ll call you on Skype and we can chat about your experience.

I really want to talk to as many of you as I can, so please don’t be shy.  We can use your real name or a fake name if you’d like.


Once you signed up, email me your SKYPE ID using this form HERE.

I really want to hear your stories to make this book about YOU.  Don’t be shy, reach out and get your story into the history books.

Thank you for all your support and thank you for taking the time to do the survey.

You guys are the best!