#DemocratToDeplorable Isn’t About Politics, It’s about You

Last night was Halloween. My girlfriend and I were headed out to see the ghouls, ghosts, and girls on the prowl. But of course, before we left, she needed to “get ready.”

“Will this be a long one or a short one,” I asked. “Long one” she said. Uh oh.

Tonight was Halloween and her costume make up was gonna take time. I knew I had 45-60 minutes of free time on my hands.

So, I did what everyone else does with an hour to kill, I did a Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything).

The first question I got was, “Who is going to win the U.S. Senate race in Texas?”

Uh oh, this isn’t going to go well, I thought.

I don’t know anything about the Senate race in Texas.

And then I realized, I don’t know anything about any of the mid-term elections. Sure, they’re important, I just don’t have a stinking clue about any of them.

That’s for real political nerds to figure out.

“But, Jack, didn’t you write a book about politics?”

Well, yes, and..no. Mostly, NO.

My book, “Democrat to Deplorable” IS about the 2016 Presidential election, but it’s not a political book per se.

It’s a book about our culture more than anything. I don’t talk about Trump’s policies or the complexities of passing legislation (booooring).

What I do talk about is all the crazy-making things happening in our culture. The insanity on college campuses. The media manipulation. The lies we’re told starting in childhood.

See, Democrat to Deplorable isn’t a book about Trump, it’s a book about you.

It’s about your life, your experiences, and just why the hell everything seems so f’ing stupid today.


I talked to countless people just like you, people who’ve felt the same way you have. Hell, I even interviewed some of you for the book. And along the way I got an intimate look into one of the bravest groups of people in our country right now: the nine million Obama voters who ditched the Democrats and embraced Donald Trump.

If you want to feel less crazy, if you want to find a roadmap out of our cultural hell-scape, if you want to feel like someone understands you: you should be reading my book.

You can get it on Amazon, my friends.

Find out how little I know about politics and how much I know about YOU right here: http://a.co/d/ilDKWjg



If you liked this post, you’re gonna love my book.

It’s about all of this and a ton more. Check it out:



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