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Democrat to Deplorable

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[dropcap type=”1″]2016[/dropcap] was the year I went from Democrat to Deplorable. I was once a proud Obama voter in 2008, and today I happily throw my support behind Donald Trump. The world had changed and I needed to find a new political home.

Over the last eight years, Democrats lurched left leaving my moderate views now solidly on the right. Things which were once reasonable compromises were now seen as extreme right wing views. The Democrats and their leaders spun wildly left and I found myself alone in the political wilderness. I could no longer support the Democrats in general, and when Hillary Clinton was nominated, there was no hesitation.  The D’s were out.

If not Democrat, then what?

I once thought of myself as a potential libertarian: give me social freedoms and limited government, please. The phrase, “Gays, guns, and drugs” was how I always summed it up. I don’t care who you marry, how many guns you have, or how much weed you want to smoke – as long as it doesn’t raise my taxes or increase the national debt I’m fine with it.

But we know libertarian thinking in the US never got anywhere because they failed to understand some basics around civic services. Libertarianism is useful for theory but terrible in practice.  It’s good to think about, but not effective for a large country like ours.

So there I was. The Democrats had abandoned me with their identity politics, victim culture, and corruption. The Republicans were foreign to me. And let’s be honest- Libertarianism was a fantasy.

And then along came Trump. 

Donald Trump, the Democrat in Republican’s clothing who supports gay rights, social freedoms, and the right to do business unobstructed by the government. Trump, who is unabashedly masculine, unafraid to violate the fascism of political correctness, and willing to take on the issues of the 21st century.  Donald. J. Trump. 

Trump is ready to take on the real issues of the moment, while the Democrats and Republicans are both stuck fighting the wars of the old days, unaware the world had changed. The once feared “Race to the Bottom” of globalization has actually happened, and the leftists who ironically feared it in the 90’s were now oblivious that their predictions had come true.  And the right who implemented it now defends it to the death. Both sides fighting to maintain a system which has clearly changed the face of America, in a way many American’s didn’t like.

So what do Americans want?

Most red Americans want something simple.  Those outside of the blue urban enclaves want to put America first. They want to be able to speak truth about reality. They want to be left alone. They want a chance to succeed and they want to keep their jobs and money. These are simple concepts but all too rare among today’s political establishment.

The novelty of these statements is what opened the door for Trump on his way to the White House. The Obama administration and the Democrats created a new environment in which normal beliefs are heretical. A man and woman are different you say? We all have different aptitudes?  We should spend our money on Americans instead of aliens? We should lift ourselves up before we lift up others?  You are nazis now, says the left. Racists.  Bigots. Terrible vile people!

It’s no wonder being conservative is the new rebellion.

As those in power ossify and lose track of the truth, it becomes the punk’s responsibility to drag us back to reality.

And now that work falls on our shoulders.

Democrats to Deplorables are the vanguard of cultural change.

While Republicans who always vote Republican are now our allies, it is those who were forced to undergo a transformation who are feeling the razor’s edge of culture pass through them.

Relationships lost. Friendships destroyed.

As the cultural middle passes through your social circle, you quickly see who is on your side and who isn’t.  For many of us, a new sense of isolation resulted.

Ridiculed, shamed, ostracized. Our own friends and families have forgotten who we are because they are blinded by their rage.  Their rage which is now a religion, one that can’t be shaken without a catastrophic event. Even Trump winning wasn’t enough to knock them out of it. Instead, they’ve doubled down on crazy and the shaming of Trump supporters that goes with it. As they recede deeper and become even more insular, we new Trump voters are permanently exiled from their group. Thankfully!

Democrat to Deplorable: time to build.

So here we are now.  Democrats to Deplorables coalescing around ideas and hopes instead of fear and anger like those we left behind.

We are making new relationships, new friendships, and new communities.

We’re also making our own art and science and that’s what this article is about.

I want to tell this story.  The story of how hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, went Democrat to Deplorable as America transitioned.

To document and share this I need your help.  I need your data, your information, your STORY.

This is your chance to have your truth heard, to have your reality acknowledged and confirmed.  This is how we get our movement recorded for history and the future.

Help me tell your story.  Help me tell our story.

The results of this survey will shape my future book, “Democrat to Deplorable: The Transitioning of America.

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As always, thank you for all the support, RT’s, comments, and kind words.

Welcome to your new home.  Welcome to the team.  Welcome to Jack Murphy Live.


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