Fake versus Real

Fake versus Real

Fake news, fake outrage, fake everything. We are inundated with false realities. Writers, bloggers, publishers, news media, fantasy media, everyone conspires to create a reality which doesn’t exist. We are battered and lost amidst a torrent of fake. Fake sells. Fake gets clicks.  Fake terrorizes and turns us against each other. 

Transparent, opaque, subtle, or overt – media lies conspire to warp our understanding of the world.

Images of dead children. Stories of rape. Distant bombings reported thinly. Local disinformation reported thickly. False narratives disarm us. Untruths move us. Lies manipulate us. Conspiracy to mold us leaves us helpless against the endless barrage. They soften our defenses then batter us with their ideas, their motivations, and their desires for us. How do we even know what we really think anymore? Why do I think anything at all? Who put that there and when?

Click bait sells. Bloggers need clicks. Clicks need us.

The headlines force our bodies to respond instinctively. We move from story to story uncritically wasting time and filling our subconscious with lies. We willingly absorb that which manipulates us. We are trapped in an information prison, and we invite the jailers inside our mind.

You feel this as your eyes dart through the headlines. The alienation you feel from the rest of the world is growing, gnawing at you. There is no connection to the writers leaving improvised propaganda devices in your brain at every URL. Each additional stroke of misinformation leaves you feeling more alone, farther away, and more deeply dissatisfied with the world you’re witnessing.

You’re growing restless. “There has to be a different way.  There must be other people out there who feel what I feel.  I can’t be alone.  Am I really isolated like this? Am I the only sane person left in the world?”

Each story you read puts you further to the fringe, more radical than the moment before.

Perhaps the world’s gone mad? Maybe you’re the crazy one? Maybe you’ve become unmoored. Maybe we need to watch out for you?

But a voice inside you says no. I am not the mad one. The rest of you are insane, the world has lost its way, and the cacophony is not truth seeking to enlighten me but lies desperately wishing to blind me.  One day it finally clicks…

Page view by page view you become an island rising from the conformist sea of the brainwashed. Still wet and weighed down by the cloak of specious yellow bloggerism, you seek truth and wisdom hoping to be empowered by honesty and something of the real.

No more lies posed as questions meant to slander. Is the President a Russian Agent? Are all conservatives racists? Are all white men evil?

No, what you want is real. What you want is raw honesty, truth, and the power that comes from both.

You want someone to tell you what you feel and think is legitimate. That what you feel deep down inside is ok.  You want confirmation you’re not alone. You want to be a part of something instead of shunned away.

Wanting to belong is as natural as breathing. We are social, communal animals much stronger together than we are alone. Don’t recoil from the desire to be with the likeminded, and don’t grow frustrated when the search carries on longer than hoped. Be steady in your quest and one day you will find a beacon.

A light shining in a dark and swirling sea.

And once you find the light, you will find others drawn in as well.  You will find your brothers, all of you spurred to find your truth once the weight of the lies overcame you.

The fear of being a fraud or an outcast will fall away as you locate the comfort of fellow travelers.

This metamorphosis you are living is not unique. It may be rare but there are others who feel the same way you do.

We are gathering, forming our own army, making our own way. 

We create our own art, entertainment, and commentary. We can now bring together men from all corners of the world united under ideas that bind us rather than destroy us.

To you in South Africa, Northern England, Middle America, Central Europe – and beyond – fear not, for now, you are with your brothers.

United we will uncover the truth, wisdom, and power within us all and move together into the future with strength and dignity.  This is my mission, this is my team, this is our time.  Welcome.

Welcome to Jack Murphy Live.



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  • Ethan Michael Carter Feb 22, 2017 @ 13:31

    Great post! I agree with you that unfortunately the media/ those good at scaremongering have definitely become dangerously adept at leading the people.. sheeple… in the direction of their choosing. A shocking piece of news here, an eye catching image there, and voila — you’ve got a recipe for clickbait; which like junk food is both conveniently satisfying in the short term, while ironically fucking you up in the long term.

    This is why hubs like your blog are vital. They unite the likeminded, while also providing a beacon for the sheeple, steering them away from zombie like existences, and encouraging them to think for themselves.

    • Jack Murphy Feb 23, 2017 @ 8:46

      Hey, Ethan – thanks for the comment. You are right, man, the online media has gotten expert at scaring people and manipulating us on a base level. It’s all done for traffic and clicks and ad revenue, and even that is a scam for a large part. The ecosystem which was meant to bring truth and independence to reporting has often times brought even shittier reporting and just more falsehoods.

      I hope to provide some truth and honesty to people. It probably means I’ll never break out into the big time, but hey, that’s ok as long as I’m true to my mission and my voice.

      Thanks for the support.

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