GamerGate, Google Censorship, Global Tyranny

In my old life, I was an underground DJ. I took individual records and layered them together to create a new spontaneous work of art. Each song was killer in their own right, but when sequenced and combined properly, the impact was far more than the sum of the parts.

My podcast works the same way.

Through my podcast, I’ve taken you on a journey to explain where we are, how did we get here, and what the future might look like.

Each new episode explains a few pieces of the big picture and then my job is to weave them all together.

As a result, Jack Murphy Live is a body of work – a cohesive unit of learning that should be listened to as a whole.

Yes, the individual episodes stand on their own, but when taken together they can help you create a new understanding of the world today.

Because lord knows, we all need help making sense of the mess around us.


The nation is experiencing a collective cognitive dissonance as nothing we observe seems to fit with our mental operating systems. This leads to misdirected anger, rage, and the spread of what seems to be insanity all around.

It’s a crazy world and this is a crazy time. How do we deal with all this?

That’s where the Jack Murphy Live Podcast comes in. My mission is to help you make sense of the craziness so we can foster a new way of seeing the world which better serves each of us.

I’m in search of the truth and each of my guests brings another piece of puzzle to the table

I’ve now published 12 episodes of Jack Murphy Live and the first movement is complete.

We set the tone, built the foundation, and then crescendoed with the last three monumental episodes:


Jordan (Greenhall) Hall explained “why” we’ve come to this moment by putting it in historic context. The tech driven upheaval we feel has changed the way we receive information and how we relate to it so dramatically, that we ourselves are undergoing a change which is evolutionary in time scale.

Jordan says this time of change is as transformative as when homo erectus evolved into homo sapiens. That sounds like a big deal.


John Robb then outlined the “how” of our current plight. He explains that we are experiencing a fourth generation war, where the lines between military and civilian are blurred.

We’ve all been conscripted whether we want to fight or not as social media delivers weapons grade info attacks on every day people.

John explained there are three groups fighting for control:

  1. The resistance
  2. The red insurgency
  3. The corporations

The resistance is based on a morality (intersectionality), the insurgency is organized around a desire to disrupt the system which has been over taken by bad actors, and the corporations work to disconnect anyone who gets in their way.


And now Allum Bokhari takes the “why” and the “how” and really explains “who” the players are on the ground.

Together we explore the origin story of the insurgency, “GamerGate.”

GamerGate may be one of the most culturally significant moments in our current timeline. The insurgency has deep roots to GamerGate and we discuss exactly what happened and why.

Bokhari then takes us through how Google and other social media companies have aligned themselves with the resistance. We examine the Google Memo, Google censorship, and explain just how Google is actively working to spread tyranny around the world.

Each of these three podcasts are exceptional on their own, but when taken together, they offer a deeper more enlightened understanding of current cultural and societal circumstances.

This is first rate material folks, and I’m proud AF to deliver it to you.

Listen to each podcast in order and then report back here or on Twitter.

You can always find me there at

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