GoogleMemo is Exactly Why #DemocratToDeplorable is Happening.

The GoogleMemo fiasco is exactly why #DemocratToDeplorable is happening. The world is dividing between science deniers and truth seekers. We are an unprotected class in a world obsessed with identity politics. If you have different political views, you are at risk. What is between your legs won’t get you fired but what is between your ears will.

The GoogleMemo resonates so deeply with all of us is because it cooly states things we passionately rant about every day (see full memo here). But the author, James Damore, does it calmly, with scientific backup, and a cautious tone. Yet, the social justice warriors at Google, who claim to worship diversity, call it hate speech. If a detached consideration of an alternative point of view gets you fired, what will happen when your employer learns about your even more offensive views?

Even scarier, Google has access to most of our emails, browsing history, shopping data, and more. They have all the dirt they need to ruin us in the eyes of the hysterical public. If a dedicated Googler can’t have a different view point without getting fired, what does that mean for those of us Google may see as an external enemy? Where does the progression end?

There is a word which describes what just happened at Google. It’s called “persecution.”  It is defined (by Google) as: hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs. When Damore was fired for his wrongthink, he was persecuted.

#DemocratToDeplorable and anyone who is red pilled at all, are now members of a persecuted class in America. The science deniers are silencing truth seekers through forced unemployment, public shame, blacklists, and more.

Since when is science up for debate?

In the old days, religion was protected and science was persecuted. Consider Galileo. The church persecuted him for advancing a heliocentric model of the solar system. He defied religion and was tried for heresy in the 17th century.

Since then science became more accepted and until this #currentyear we generally believed in hard science over religious speculation. Especially as atheism became more popular, science became the source of truth. 

But today, a different religion is fighting to regain control of the narrative. 

Leftist cult thinking is the new religion of the masses. However, instead of having an origin in cumulative human history, the cult left exists purely as a power play.

What does this power play look like?

Women and minorities believe they are powerless and oppressed unjustly. Their sole mission is to upend the existing power structures to become more powerful. This mission involves attacking every single element of current power. Science, reality, sexual relationships, family structures, intelligence, biology and a myriad of other things we can see with our own two eyes are now hate speech and must be obliterated.

The cult left must destroy masculinity to destroy the family to destroy the patriarchy and end male supremacy.

View all of their actions through this lens.

Truth doesn’t matter anymore.

The only truth which matters is the one that wins.

If the cult left can overcome the “patriarchy” and bring “equality” to all things in all places, their version of the truth will remain, while traditional notions will perish.

h/t Paul Joseph Watson

Cult of Chaos

Chaos is a sign of progress for the cult left. To erode the power structures they must demonstrate it is failing. Sowing disorder is their mission.

Actions have consequences, however. When the masses feel unanchored, when they feel adrift in a sea of subjective reality, they reach out for authority and strong leadership. They seek a force for order and stability. In election 2016, this drive for structure in a world of chaos gave us Donald Trump as President.

People voted for Donald Trump begging for a return to objective reality.

Post-Modern philosophy believes there is no such thing.

There is nothing to be gained by pointing out all the hypocrisy in the response to the GoogleMemo. It doesn’t matter. Arguing with them on facts is useless. The same women who claim to be equal to men also understand they long for a penis to penetrate them. They know it’s all bullshit. But it doesn’t matter, why? Because it’s all about power.

I used to get upset thinking about feminist or intersectional contradictions and lies. Some of what they say is so outrageous it will make your head explode the first few times you think it through. But forget about that.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

These girls are just playing the game.

We all exist in a dominance hierarchy. Those on top wish to maintain their dominance and those without it wish to get some. The same way you want to move up relative to your male peers, women want to gain power relative to men. It’s not immoral or even “wrong.” It just IS.

The Good News

There is good news to come out of GoogleMemo Gate. According to internal Google polling, 48% of Googlers ranged from “Strongly Agree” with the memo’s contents to being simply neutral on it. 48% also disagreed. Google is split 50/50 down the middle with half on the crazed SJW side, and half on our side. 

This is progress.

The mainstream press picked up the story and is disseminating the memo, even if it is redacted or without the citations, people in the “real world” are talking about these issues.

This is part of a normalization process.

Google has silly policies, the guy wrote a thoughtful memo about them, he got fired, and now the world is reading his words. Awareness. Discussion. Even the beginnings of mild acceptance. I am encouraged by the general reaction and for the light shined on these subjects.

The more we all talk, the better. The more articles that are written, the better. More hysteria? Even better!

At the end of the day change can’t come without people talking and today we’re talking.

Count this one as a victory in the ongoing culture war.

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