How to Reinvent Yourself
with Jack Murphy and Rich Cooper

How to Reinvent Yourself

Rich Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars had me on his YouTube show yesterday. Our hour-long interview covered topics like divorce, red pill moments, dating, politics, culture, media, and how to reinvent yourself after a crisis.

There’s something for everyone in this video – but it’s all discussed from an independent masculine male’s perspective – something desperately¬†missing from today’s mass media culture.

After doing this video interview I realize I need to up my home studio game! I need a new camera and some lighting. Level-up time!

Also – keep an eye out for my upcoming podcast, Jack Murphy Live.

I’ve recorded several guests and will be releasing the shows in the next few weeks. Guests will include PhD’s, bonafide experts in their fields, journalists, media personalities, legal experts and more.

In the meantime, check out “How to Reinvent Yourself” with Jack Murphy and Rich Cooper.


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