Alt-Right to All Wrong: My Search for Answers

Alt-Right to All Wrong: My Search for Answers

Democrats Abandon Me

2015 was the year I went from white dude to white devil. It had been brewing for years, yet, that year was the tipping point. It finally became ok to openly identify straight white men as something which needed to be “fixed.” From the Rolling Stone rape hoax, to countless University “crises”, and the general demonization of the white male, I began to realize the Democrats didn’t want me in their party. And worse, I was now the target of their hate.

A few short years ago I was an ideal Democrat living in the ideal Democrat’s city.  Now suddenly I was the enemy. The world shifted as I stood still.  Simply supporting gays, minorities, women, and foreign born citizens wasn’t sufficient. Now I had to bend in shame and accept the brunt of historic resentment. Though we lived in a society which was largely created by white men’s ideas and one that allowed for equality under the law – it was no longer enough and we had to be punished.

As this culture shift pushed me farther away from the left, I was compelled to seek out new political options.  It was then I discovered an online community who felt the same way, so I began to observe and connect.

What is the Alt-right really about?

The term alt-right flashed across tweets and blog posts, but I didn’t really know what it was.  Alt-right, the phrase, had enormous appeal.  As my time with the leftwing ended, the right was seemingly my only option. But Republicans were never my people.  My various preconceived notions of the Republicans kept me from seriously considering their party.  So when a group appeared that seemed to offer conservative thinking yet still contained some element of fringe, the alt-right seemed like the place for me.  It had a “cool factor.”

People I knew and respected coalesced around the name.  I think we shared the same feeling.  To me “alt-right” meant conservative but not lame.  There were lots of former democrats taking on the identity.  It felt right.

Now that I was persona non-grata of the progressive left, abandoned by the Democrats and vilified by all because of my race, finding a group which coalesced around some notion of white identity appealed to me.  The way it was pitched sounded fair: all other groups have leaders and policies which look out for them, why shouldn’t white people?

In the context of victim culture it’s easy to see how I found some comfort in the non-specific vague offerings of a group based on white identity.  Alt-right the name sounded cool and with this new target on my back, it all kind of made sense. 

I tried on the name to see how it felt. I probably even called myself alt-right at one point. Unaware of the group’s more ominous origin, I thought it was merely a spontaneous creation, something people just started saying.  I projected my own hopes into my understanding of the name, wanting it to be the group of people I needed to find.  I wanted it to be where all us former Democrats, feeling ostracized by our own party, found like-minded people ready to prevent Hillary from winning.  Few people believed Donald Trump had a chance back then, what the alternative to Clinton was we didn’t really know – we just knew Hillary had to lose. If I wanted to join the opposition to the Democrats, the alt-right seemed like a logical fit. Cool, radical, and looking out for me when no one else was.

But I was mistaken. There was a history with the word I didn’t know.  And it quickly became apparent that lots of other folks didn’t either.  We all needed some education.  We needed to know what we were getting into.  So, I began my research.

jack murphy live alt-right

As I began to explore the alt-right I found names like Richard Spencer, Radix, National Policy Institute,  This is when I began to understand what the alt-right really meant.

The movement had leaders, there were founders, and there was a main idea they coalesced around: the creation of a white ethno state. 

Moreover, this white ethno state was meant to be here in the United States of America where there currently exists a multiracial multiethnic diverse population.

I was naively shocked at this discovery. I thought I had simply found a group of young republicans, a sort of punk rock conservative group.  Instead I found people with grandiose visions that ran counter to my moral foundations. What they proposed seemed to be not only vile, but impossible.  What the hell had I gotten myself into?

While I did feel some representation of my group on the political scene would be helpful, I abhorred the idea of creating a white ethno state on the land where my multicultural society existed today.  I wasn’t ready to give up on my interpretation of America.  It wasn’t that long ago that my Irish great-great parents were the dirty immigrants who would never assimilate. Yet here I am generations later as American as they come.

Still, I had gotten myself mixed up with the name and people of the alt-right, and I wanted to expose them for what they really were. 

So I asked questions. Lots of questions. Just how would the creation of such a white ethno state take place?  Surely, folks already self-segregate to some degree, but we still occupy the same cities, states, and land.  What are you going to do?  Force everyone to move? 

Does the alt-right want forced migrations?

I laugh at the notion people would willingly abandon their homes and move to a different part of North America.  When they rightly refuse, what’s going to happen then?  Extreme violence? Blood, tears, and tragedy? That’s when I realized this alt-right stuff is not only intellectually bankrupt and wrong for me, but dangerous for all Americans.

The devil is in the details here, truly.  Forced migrations and expulsions are as repugnant as they are unlikely. The likelihood parts of America would voluntarily re-segregate and force the rest to move at gunpoint is zero.  What the alt-right dreams of isn’t simply a fantasy, it’s a civil war.

All I wanted was to find a common voice defending my rights as a white male and to fight back against our common vilification. I’m not interested in bloodshed.

Perhaps their goal is not to achieve an ethno state but simply to move the Overton window such that discussing white identity politics isn’t taboo. Ok, I understand this. The Overton window defines what topics are “ok” to address. Moving it is difficult. One way is to offer extreme ideas you don’t actually want hoping to normalize something less extreme which you find acceptable. It is an opening bid which anchors the discussion leading to an acceptable compromise.

I see the value in that. However, in this case the white ethno state gambit is political suicide. Proposing it, or even mentioning it, will forever taint you in the eyes of your negotiating partner. Here, the counterparty is virtually every other person in America. From what I can gather, support for a white ethno state does not exist among typical white middle America, much less among the blue states. Even if they feel left behind, isolated, and angry – red middle America is not hankering for a white country carved from a multi-ethnic United States.  And they certainly would object once they realize what it would take to get there.  Talking shit with your friends is one thing, fighting a war against the shop owner down the street is another.

Alt-right ain’t right for me

Obviously the alt-right didn’t fit. Its ideology was a dead-end and a disappointment.  Its credibility as a useful tool in opening a space for white people to address victim culture was ruined by its own stated goals.

I concluded as such, but other folks I respected had not yet come to the same place. Assuming their sincerity and reasonableness, I took on a personal mission to reveal the contradictions and uselessness of the alt-right to my fellow travelers in the political wilderness.

As any good investigator does, I went right to the source and used their own words to make my point.

I started with the big guys: Richard Spencer and, a site that claims to be the founding site of the alt-right. I also reached out to Ramzpaul, a prominent alt-right commentator at the time.  Each of them played the same game: avoid.

I pressed them on their ultimate goals and what their policy platforms would be.  Here is how Colin and Andy of the replied:

I asked Richard Spencer on twitter and got no response.

Ramzpaul offered a vague answer which has now been deleted.

None of the bigger names in the alt-right could or would offer me a realistic plan to achieve their goals. But I kept it up, asking questions, challenging people around me to even consider the logistics of a white ethno state.  And of course, I continued to talk trash about their lack of plan.

Fate delivers a meeting with the alt-right

When I unexpectedly ran into Richard Spencer at the Deploraball after-party, I couldn’t pass up the chance to once again try and get some answers. I had been talking shit all year on twitter, probing and ridiculing at the same time, so when given the chance to ask him directly, there was no messing around.

I asked him directly:  “Richard, what is your plan to create a white ethno-state in the United States?”

All he could muster was a wave of the hand saying, “history has a way of working these things out.”

Unsatisfied I pressed him further, asking him a couple more times throughout the night.  Eventually he snapped and started screaming at me, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE,” he yelled.

Within moments we were separated, an answer to my questions still eluding me.

The next day Richard got assaulted on the street.

I wrote an article afterwards about Richard’s brand being destroyed. As the spokesman for this movement, his brand is obviously very important to the success of the ideas. As I challenged him on his goals, I also challenged his ability to lead a movement.

Ivan Throne, seeing the conflict and wanting to provide a forum for discussion, offered to host a moderated debate between me and Spencer.  After much prodding, he declined. 

Richard seems to be running from me at every stop.  All year on twitter, in person at the inauguration, and when faced with a debate – Richard Spencer pussed out.

He clearly isn’t the muscle of the organization.  His prep school background, trust fund lifestyle, and physical softness is quite evident.  If he isn’t the muscle, then he’s the idea man right?  He’s a spokesman.  A thought leader.  Someone like that should be trying to get the message out everywhere he can, recruting new people, defeating counter arguments. But not Richard. He doesn’t have the answers, making him a lightweight in more ways than one.

jack murphy live alt-right

There happen to be other people in this space who aren’t intellectual lightweights.  VoxDay, a writer and proponent of the alt-right, stepped up when Richard declined Ivan’s reasonable offer.  He and I have agreed to have a moderated discussion on the future of the alt-right.  It’s scheduled for Friday, February 3rd, 2017.

I appreciate VoxDay’s willingness to talk about these important issues.  I believe everyone will benefit from a thoughtful discussion on the alt-right, white identity politics, Richard Spencer’s role, and the future of their movement.

Because when the movement we so willingly grasped onto turns out to be a bunch of idiot pussies- where do we turn next? I plan to find out.

Questions about the Alt-right?

In preparation for that discussion I want to know what you guys think.  Do you have any questions or comments about the alt-right?  What would you like me to ask VoxDay?

I’ve already received some great questions in DM on twitter.  I’d love to see your questions here.

Tell me: what do you think about the alt-right? Do you have questions about it? Challenges?  Are you in favor?  Is it ok for white people to represent themselves as a group? What is the future like? What is the alternative to the alt-right? What would you ask VoxDay?

Thank you as always, and be sure to post questions to comments below:


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20 comments… add one
  • Lucky Lothario Jan 30, 2017 @ 6:47

    The only de-facto ethno state that seems to work (and with a lot of political sensitivity around the subject) is Israel. To get going they had the moral legitimacy from the Jews being persecuted in WW2. There isn’t the same grounds for a white ethno-state. Given that to establish it would likely require forced migration and violence as you say, wouldn’t that state be completely isolating itself on a global level?

    I can’t imagine global leaders would allow it to happen except where legally they had no recourse (e.g. the UK couldn’t go to war with Germany over the treatment of Jews, it had to wait until the invasion of Poland.) However that doesn’t mean they would cut off trade links, shut down ease of travel and vote for an expulsion from the UN.

    The only way I can see the US surviving (in the WN alt-right vision) is in a state of total lockdown like North Korea or by slow demographic shift instead of forced migration. Which isn’t likely to happen given current relative fertility rates between racial groups. So, I guess the question to Vox is exactly what you intend to ask him, which is how does it happen so that the US can survive the consequences of such policies?

    • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:22

      The only natural ethno states were ones which happened by happenstance not by grand design (Aside from Israel, and even then is it an ethno state or a religious based state?)

      Great questions to ask.

      I guess at the heart of it all for me is if folks think whites are so superior, then won’t the chips just fall where they may?

      • Lucky Lothario Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:51

        To that last point, two things. First, many white nationalists make a show of pointing out that they’re not white supremacists but advocates for their own racial group in a similar vein to many non-white racial advocacy groups. (Doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of crossover but be ready for that response.)

        Secondly, that could well be why WNs are for smaller government and a reduction in the social welfare safety net, i.e. to put the racial war of fecundity at the mercy of the free market.

        • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 10:09

          I think white folks should have advocacy groups. If there is a pendulum swinging, it will most certainly overshoot. It must be resisted. We’re seeing it already, the marxist feminist over reach and creation of victim culture placing blame for all ills at the feet of white men.

  • Johnny Jan 30, 2017 @ 8:18

    “I laugh at the notion people would willingly abandon their homes and move to a different part of North America. ”

    Ever heard of white flight? Majority of Americans already go out of their way to segregate themselves from other races.

    • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:02

      Sure it happened in the 60’s. The trend has steadily declined and reversed now for 20 years. Urban repopulation is a common theme across the country.

      I acknowledge people will voluntarily segregate themselves to some degree, but not all. And what about the people who don’t want to? What then?

      • Johnny Jan 30, 2017 @ 21:23

        I don’t support ethnic purges, so people who don’t want to segregate shouldn’t have to anymore than those who do want to segregate should be allowed to form their own communities unmolested by anti-discrimination mutaween.

        And urban repopulation does not mean there’s no segregation. Washington is the most obvious example, with rich white liberal politicians and the various government employees living in luxury next to heavily impoverished black communities. This lets white liberals virtue signal without the risk of being mugged by Deshwan when walking down the street.

        Or take a look at a map of the Bronx:

        You can clearly see heavily ethnic areas because people tend to want to live next to others like them, even in an otherwise multiracial city.

        My main goal for now is to simply get people to accept that ethnic differences exist and mere proximity of various races to each other causes issues. Once people agree on the facts we can see where to go from there.

      • Joe Katzman Feb 1, 2017 @ 21:15

        “Urban repopulation is a common theme across the country.”

        Lets face it, in practice this usually means driving black people out of cities, via legal maneuvers + pricing + Section 8. Gentrification = re-segregation, and you could view a lot of the hipster “anti-racism” as a simple psychological displacement strategy. See:

        Problem is, “Dems R the real racists” observably has zero traction in an environment where politics is explicitly identity politics, and that ethnic group already has a designated patron. Trump and Bannon would have to find a way to do what no-one else has, and shatter that symbiosis, in order to make a political difference that would make civic nationalism work.

        I am not yet prepared to go all-in with a bet against that outcome. But I think the odds are low enough that I definitely wouldn’t place a bet for it.

        • Jack Murphy Feb 2, 2017 @ 9:02

          Gentrification does tend to lead to black displacement. I’ve lived gentrification for 20 years as a resident and a real estate developer. In many cases however, it is rebuilding empty parts of town that were destroyed and abandoned in the 60’s. Yet, I do conceded that ethnic groups have a way of moving on their own. But what alt-right is talking about isn’t just natural ebb and flow of peoples, as I understand it.

          Dems are the real racists. Ha. We need the Hoteps to push that narrative.

          • Joe Katzman Feb 2, 2017 @ 15:18

            “But what alt-right is talking about isn’t just natural ebb and flow of peoples, as I understand it.”

            The processes used to change cities like San Francisco into 90%+ white/asian enclaves aren’t really natural. They depend on specific laws, specific efforts to make certain people unwelcome, and specific social engineering. Remove those keys, and the process slows down or stops. Really, the alt-right already has proto-templates for any such strategy, just borrow them from the hipster Left.

            Re: “Dems are the real racists,” that’s pathetic rhetoric. “Hipster racists” or “hipster colonizers” or “hipsters snitches” (to reflect their habit of police complaints) would be much better, if the Hoteps wanted to take a crack at it.

  • Thot-y Jan 30, 2017 @ 8:44

    Nice slick wording there fella, “vile” right from the start, and the “do we have a debt” there in the end.
    Whites are under assault on so many fronts, but all Jack here can ponder is shallow shite.

    Small wonder Spencer brushed you off, your slimy nature jumps off the page.

    Better stick to the Alt Light assholes and their precious “brands”, seems a seat at their table of shekels is exactly what you’re after for yourself.

    • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:01

      Let me know when you figure out how I can make money at this please!

  • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:16

    Well, like I said in the article, the origins of the word weren’t entirely clear in late 2015 to us newcomers. Lots of people felt the same way. Milo even wrote a nice long post about various groups which ID’ed as alt-right, including the Spencer types.

  • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:18

    Vox is sharp. It should be interesting and informative. I see the need for white advocacy and push back against feminist marxist over reach. But I don’t know what the solution is. Thus, discussion.

    Great to meet you! We should do a DC meetup soon.

  • Jack Murphy Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:37

    It should be noted believe in the Wall, I also believe we should severely limit or even stop immigration to the country for an extended period of time.

    Build Wall.
    Begin 20 year assimilation program called “America Now” or “One America.”
    Build inter group trust, communication, understanding.
    Ensure equal protection under the law, equality of opportunity, but allow outcomes to occur naturally.

    Things should sort themselves out that way.

  • Jesse Newell Jan 30, 2017 @ 19:00

    I hope Jack doesn’t ask your first question, because it’s pretty simple to answer, and Vox will make mince meat of it. Any predominately white state is not guaranteed that it will remain that way forever. Democrats are actually sending refugees to majority white states to erase what little electoral hold the GOP has. Also, states don’t have the right to determine immigration to their states based on race. Moving to a majority white state is not a solution for the alt-right.

  • Tory Miller Jan 31, 2017 @ 16:34

    Just read your alt-right article. I was in the same pair of shoes you wore at the end of 2014. I too stumbled upon the alt-right but I just walked away without investigation. Thank you for your work and the article. I’ve become more and more conservative the last couple years after watching Europe destroy itself and seeing the true face of the Democratic party since the election. My question is, why can’t we create a political party/organization that truly understands, in full, the constitution and current laws that form the basic foundation of America and fight for those laws. Equality exists in this country. I would like to see an end to the constant invention of new genders/minorities/sexualities that the left uses to claim the moral high ground. Let Americans loose from the leash of government dependency. Things like that. Thank you again for the article.

  • Adam Piggott Jan 31, 2017 @ 19:58

    “Forced migrations and expulsions are as repugnant as they are unlikely.”

    Repugnant, maybe. Unlikey, not at all. History is awash with examples.

  • Pat Stedman Feb 1, 2017 @ 10:06

    Great article Jack. I agree with 90%, especially the personal sentiments. Here’s where I diverge: the alt-right doesn’t need a “plan” right now. In fact, putting their ideas out there and provoking hate for them IS their plan. They expect whites to become increasingly the targets of minority groups in the country, and they expect this cycle to lead to bloodshed where all these cruel tragedies – forced migration, ethnic cleansing, etc. occurs. I don’t know this from speaking to anybody in the movement, but to me it seems intuitive: they are simply planting seeds for a more “fertile” environment later. In the current climate — divisive as it is — those means to ends (even the ends) are inconceivable. But they do not think they will be in a generation. And if the current rancor and anti-white hate continues, they will probably be right. North and South had deep issues in 1840 but still considered themselves one people. 20 years of tension later, however, their mindsets were radically different. And they actually WERE one people. Think of how it will be this time around?

    The alt-right are not Nazis (at least not yet — all groups are capable of radicalization), but they understand like the Nazis did that the best way to power is to promise a marginalized group safety, respect, and strength. Their strategy now is to simply let the left be the left and continue their crusade against whites. This is the irony: the alt-right has no control over their destiny. Due to the extremism of their ideas, the only way they can come into power is if the left lacks self-awareness and self-control, and continues on their current path. That is their “plan” — a gamble on their opponent’s behavior. A generation that grows up under attack — that has no memories of a loving, unified country — will not be like us; they will *at the very least* not oppose those setting the wheels in motion for a “break up.” All the alt-right needs is a sympathetic, “alt-lite” 70-80% white population (not unlikely in a generation); they can comprise a quarter of that and dictate the direction of the group, especially when given the appropriate “provocations” to influence them (see Nassim Taleb on the Minority Rule). Remember: the Nazis at their *peak* only had 30% of the German public. The alt-right has made branding mistakes like jokingly associating themselves with such evil people, but these are tactical errors: strategically they are no fools and see where the ball is going.

    There is only one way to stop them and their vision: The Left must drop their anti-white hate and Trump must succeed in rebuilding a civic nationalist culture in this country. Sadly, I put the odds of this at only 30% — and even then it will probably just delay the inevitable. This is a historical cycle: unless groups heavily interbreed they separate (even then its complicated). My prediction is the country will get more and more red until the demographic tipping point in a generation starts to turn states like Georgia blue. Then the national breakdown the alt-right envisions will begin to occur. And they will be poised to take advantage of it.

    Per Strauss-Howe Generations theory, expect this radical generation to be the “Idealist” one (children of mostly Millennials, a few Gen X): a dominant generation known for their ideology and rebelling against the consensus-driven ideas of their parents. Ironically, like the Boomers.

  • Jack Auff Feb 19, 2017 @ 23:58

    lol just wait…those “thanks” will be literal soon enough

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