Jack Murphy Live at University of Virginia – Democrat to Deplorable Fall Tour 2018

Democrat to Deplorable Fall Tour 2018

The University of Virginia at Charlottesville

Jack Murphy Live talks about the nine million Obama voters who ditched the Democrats and embraced Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrat to Deplorable voters are the most important voting block in America. In an election decided by 77,000 voters across three states, the D2D voter changed the election and perhaps the country forever.

Democrat to Deplorable explains the cultural, economic, and philosophical reasons why former Democratic voters could walk away from their party to support Donald Trump.

Jack’s talk at UVA explores the environment¬†on college campuses, an environment which causes significant concern among voters. Widely seen as indoctrination camps rather than institutions of higher learning, college campuses are the first stage of the culture war that is dividing our nation.

92% of Democrat to Deplorable voters are concerned with the state of affairs on campus.

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Democrat to Deplorable Jack Murphy

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