Jack Murphy on Chloe Luv’s Podcast: “Talk Dirty”

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Chloe Luv’s podcast, “Talk Dirty.”  Be sure to stop by her website by clicking here.

It was my first podcast and definitely the first time I’ve ever heard myself speak for an extended basis.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the process and podcasting in general.

Being able to share my thoughts in a organic and unedited fashion certainly gives a different perspective on me than one would get just from my writing.  I may actually be a better ranter than writer, so look for more podcasts from me in the future.  Plus it was just plain fun.

In this one we covered many topics such as background on my failed marriage, what it was like transitioning from blue to red pill, general relationship advice, dominance, and BDSM.

I share several personal stories I’ve not written about on the blog, and expanded on many subjects which are core to my message.  So there is a lot of great content there you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Chloe was sexy, fun, and a great host.  She did her research and guided the conversation along in a nice structured way.  We really hit it off and I think the chemistry came through in our discussion.

Early feedback has been really positive, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Check it out:

Listen to the Podcast here.


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4 comments… add one
  • Aaron Mar 7, 2016 @ 18:38

    I enjoyed the podcast! I’m curious what books you would recommend.

    • Jack Murphy Mar 7, 2016 @ 23:01

      Thanks! I will put together a list sometime soon here and post it for everyone. In fact, I’ve got quite a reading list put together over the years. Thanks for listening!

  • Chloe Luv Mar 8, 2016 @ 3:08

    Thank you so much sir, for this post, for being a guest on my show, and mostly just for being so open, and amazing. I’m proud of this episode. I feel like people will be able to relate to your story, and find real value in your words. I’m honored to have been a part of it.
    Kisses and Luv, Chloe

    • Jack Murphy Mar 8, 2016 @ 10:19

      You’re welcome, thank you for having me.

      Being open and honest is something I’ve striven for since I started generating content. Too many guys act like they are perfect and give the facebook version of their lives as an example.

      Sharing some of my past failures, pain, or fears even – helps guys relate and believe they too can overcome…because they can!

      Plus, I just don’t know any other way 🙂

      Let’s do it again sometime soon! Next time we can get sexier –


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