Jack Murphy on Tim Pool’s New Podcast!

Jack Murphy Live on the Tim Pool Podcast.

Tim Pool is an independent journalist who started at VICE news and now runs three successful YouTube Channels. In addition to his regular reporting from hot spots all over the world, Tim went on the Joe Rogan Experience to take on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey live in front of millions of people.

Tim is a leading voice among independent journalists and a powerful force in the new media landscape.

So when Tim Pool asked me to be his first guest on his new long-form podcast, it was quite an honor.

Jack Murphy Live Tim Pool
Our podcast was two hours long and it was broken up into four separate clips:

Democrat to Deplorable

In this segment we discuss my story of how I was doxed by ANTIFA, I was fired from my job, and even banned from coaching Little League – all because of my political views.

Tim also asks me about my book, Democrat to Deplorable, Why Nine Million Obama Voters Ditched the Democrats and Embraced Donald Trump. In the book I describe all the conditions which lead proud Obama voters to turn towards President Trump.

I published my book two years ago and it keeps on rising because the message resonates with millions of people who feel bewildered by the Democrats wild turn towards racism, bigotry, and fanaticism.

After this podcast, my book sales went through the roof! We soared to the top 0.03% of all titles on Amazon and #6 in General Anthropology. Thank you everyone!

College is a scam

College is a scam whereby useless University administrators fatten themselves by locking teenagers up with thousands of dollars in student loan debts. Then the colleges brain wash kids into hard-left political positions and offer no alternatives. Federal policy driven by Obama and Biden make things even worse.

The media drives division

Modern media functions to create outrage and drive angry readers to their click bait. They have no interest in a healthy discussion and even persist in their methods despite losing money and many outlets going out of business. All the media wants is conflict so they manipulate us into being upset.

Democrats have no unifying principles

What is a Democrat these days anymore? Are there any unifying principles one can use to describe them? I said there wasn’t, but Tim frankly stated there is one thing which unites them all: Racism.

Jack Murphy and Tim Pool Podcast FULL LENGTH

My full length podcast with Tim Pool was seen by over 100,000 people at the time I published this blog post. There are thousands of comments, and shockingly for YouTube, they were nearly unanimously positive!

Some folks even said it was “the best podcast they’ve ever heard.”

Watch for yourself:

The Liminal Order

This podcast sent thousands of people to the Liminal Order and as of right now there are over 1,300 people on the waiting list.

The Liminal Order is an exclusive men’s organization whose mission is to change our culture by changing ourselves. We ascribe to positive masculinity and believe in the power of individual accountability. The men of the Liminal Order know we must improve ourselves such that we may be of better service to our families, communities, and our Nation.

Through education, training, fraternity, and service, the Liminal Order equips the mind, body, and spirit to thrive in today’s chaotic culture.

The Liminal Order is the fastest growing all men’s fraternity in the country – join the email list to find out why!

Jack Murphy and the Liminal Order blowing up in 2020

My appearance on the Tim Pool podcast made one thing certain: people love our message. They can relate to feeling ostracized, they’re worried about the future, and they want to do something about it.

2020 is the year that we go over the top. The Liminal Order already has 150 members across the country and as more people learn about us, our ranks will grow even stronger.

I’m all about positive energy and constructive action – and that message hits home with people who are sick of the drama.

Thank you to Tim for having me as his first guest and for sharing out message with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

2020 is going to be a blast!

Thank you for all the support! We couldn’t do this without you!

PS: If you liked my interview with Tim Pool, you’re gonna love my podcast with Scott Adams!

Check it out:



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  • Kyle Cullin Apr 15, 2021 @ 13:56

    Hi Jack,

    We’d like help in telling the story on the social eugenics experiment that isn’t so much ‘free daycare for all!’ but the canary in the coal mine of kid-trafficking in see no evil, hear no evil, blackout media, stockholm syndrome propaganda machine, U/topian Sweden.

    Starting with my son.

    Years’ worth of recorded evidence and legal documentation with an interesting perspective of one who didn’t love it, left it—“Capitalist Devil” USA—now paying for it 5 years later in the de-humanized collective.

    What we has is a story/book/film/doc.

    Please contact if we can work together, thank you


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