Jack Murphy Live DEPLATFORMED from University of New Mexico

Jack Murphy Live BANNED from the University of Mexico

My bags were packed and by the door. I had an early flight the next morning. I’d put the kids to bed and poured a glass of wine.

I was scheduled to address students at the University of New Mexico Law School the next day. This was the next stop on my Democrat to Deplorable Fall Tour 2018. The first few events had gone off well. They were uneventful, honestly. I showed up to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, gave my speech, did some Q and A and that was that. All was going according to plan.

But then I got a text from my contact at the UNM.

“Bad news,” she says. “I’ve been called into an emergency meeting with faculty from the law school. There’ve been threats and people are nervous. Tomorrow may be canceled.”

Canceled? I’d already packed my bags for the trip. All my podcast and recording gear was stowed away in a black bag. My house was tidied and the suitcases were by the door. This speaking event had been planned for a couple of months. And now at the last minute, there was an “issue.”

My contact, let’s call her Melissa, texts again and says, “uh oh, the Dean is involved now. They want to reach a compromise.”

Compromise? How do we compromise on a speaking engagement? I mean, either I’m speaking or I’m not?

“Ken Starr is supposed to come too and people are complaining about both of you. The head of security is here now.”

Security? I was going to give an academic talk to a group of law students. I was looking forward to it because it was a chance to elevate my normal speech from undergrad level to law school status. With law students, we could get more technical on the issues. We could get into the details.

I planned to speak about Title IX and how government policy slithers out from Washington, DC to infiltrate our universities, change behaviors on campus, and ultimately sow the seeds of the culture war. Law students would get it, I thought. Maybe we’d have a good dialogue. That’s why I’m traveling to talk to people, not to stir up controversy.

Melissa got my speaking engagement approved weeks ago. She paid for my flights, booked the hotel room, and promoted the event. We were moving forward without any concerns. Everything was on track. I mean hell, my bags were packed. But then a faculty member decided to Google me.

Fuck. Google.


Google is not my friend. It is my enemy. And it collaborates with those want to hurt me. In January of 2018, I was defamed and doxed by a crazed Antifa member, Lacy MacAuley. She saw me in a photo at a protest with some alt-right psychos and deemed me a Nazi. She didn’t care I was at the protest as a citizen journalist. I was there reporting on an alt-right vs Antifa schoolyard brawl. I got right up in the middle of things, taking pictures and live streaming the nonsense. My friend took a picture when I happened to be standing next to Jason Kessler. That photo was all Lacy needed to call me a Nazi and dox me to my employer, who in turn suspended me. Then they sent the cops to my house over a tweet. Eventually, I was fired.

Doxed, swatted, defamed, lied about, and ultimately exiled. And all this nonsense preserved by Google forever.

Because I worked for a government agency, the media pounced on the story. NPR and Think Progress wrote hit pieces. Third tier blogs spread lies and started calling me a racist rape apologist. Twitter was ablaze with my real name and photos, both of which were now linked forever with the alt-right and bunch of dumb ass Nazis.

I did what I could to fight back. I wrote several counter punches. I knew that controlling the narrative was essential to my survival so I ran the best PR campaign I could. I beat back the lies, I got supportive writers to publish alternative views, and I rallied my troops on Twitter. Google results show my efforts, but Think Progress and NPR still dominate the SEO. Type in my name and see NPR call me a Nazi. That’s hard to beat.

Despite losing the SEO war, my campaign did get the real story out on social media. My people knew the truth. Some people who came to attack me on Twitter returned home with a new understanding of who I was. And of course, anyone that took time to read the words I had written on my own blog knew that I wasn’t a fucking Nazi.

In fact, my anti-alt-right bonafides were well-documented. I wrote an essay called Alt-Right to All Wrong where I showed the alt-right was stupid and hateful. And The New Yorker and The Atlantic even wrote about the night I confronted Richard Spencer after the Deploraball in 2017. Plus, hello, I’m half Jewish. Calling me alt-right was and is a farce.

Yet, when you google my name, that is what comes up. Jack Murphy racist. Jack Murphy misogynist. Jack Murphy Nazi.


We are in a war of narratives today. The truth doesn’t matter. Only the stories swirling around in our heads have any relevance. To control the narrative you have be first, loudest, and most consistent. And, sadly, you have to have a massive platform to win the SEO wars. Think Progress and NPR are always going to beat me at SEO power. But Twitter and my own blog give me a fighting chance, which is why I’m still standing.

Other people don’t have even my modest online capabilities. The media can swoop in and say anything they want and the internet never forgets. And when normies, old people, and the uninformed type names into Google, the results they see are taken as gospel. Google wouldn’t lie, would it?

If you have no SEO swag today, you are held hostage to those with platform power. Cross the wrong people and boom, you’re toast. One well-positioned search result can ruin your life forever.

A man just killed himself recently because his worst moment in life was documented on the internet preserved for all to see…forever. It followed him around to each job interview, it preempted every job application, and eventually, the guy just gave up and took his own life. No one noticed for days. That could have been me.

But that isn’t me. I’m a fighter. What happened to that poor guy will never happen to me. I fought back as hard and with as much savvy as anyone could. Yet, I’m still dealing with the fall out from well-SEO’ed hit pieces that will never die.

“Jack, the Dean said something about you being alt-right. I think they’re worried about that. I know it’s not true, but they believe what they read on Google. They didn’t take the time to read your book or your blogs. I sent them everything, believe me. They won’t read it.”


Of course, they won’t read my book. They’d have a different perspective altogether if they did.

My book “Democrat to Deplorable” has been called disarming. People expect it to be a flame-throwing assault on the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and all of liberal America. The word Deplorable in the title conjures up pages filled with adulation for Trump and hate for minorities and women. But when people read the book, they’re surprised to find an empathetic take on our modern world rather than venom for half the country.

People purposefully misrepresent me all the time. I’m a guy who dedicated his life to helping minorities in the inner city. I am an education expert who worked to turn around some of the worst-performing schools in Washington DC. I live in a multicultural neighborhood. I speak Spanish. I volunteer in my community. I’m the opposite of the Deplorable character. So when someone calls me a racist, I know it’s because they’ve only read the slander about me online, and not any of my actual words.

I wrote the book to show people that there are thoughtful, empathetic, and reluctant Trump supporters who were forced by culture and society to make a tough choice. Supporting Trump is a double-edged sword. Yes, he’s fighting back against the malevolent forces in America, but he also makes it hard as shit to support him publicly.

Trump says and does things I disagree with. I hate seeing kids separated from their families. I hate the omnibus spending bill. But I also know that no kid gets separated from their adult companions unless they’re brought to the border and hand-delivered to ICE. And I know the GOP establishment pushed that spending bill and Trump had to compromise to survive. I can see the nuances and subtitles that most won’t. And that’s what my book is full of – it’s a thoughtful consideration of the circumstances which lead to Trump’s election, not a full-throated support of the Orange Man.

That’s the message I’ve taken to colleges campuses so far. I speak to cultural issues, political choices, and hostile ideologies that drive people like me out of Democrats and into the hands of Trump. I don’t vilify any individuals. I don’t trash anyone (besides Hillary) by name. I’m not into personal attacks. I’m a big picture guy. I see the patterns in culture and distill them into a cohesive worldview. It’s a worldview that nine million other people saw too. Nine million of us ditched the Democrats to embrace Trump. In an election decided by 77,000 votes across three states, the Democrat to Deplorable voter is the most important voting block in America. Understanding them would help anyone see things more clearly.

Reading my book helps people understand the world around them. It cuts through narratives and provides an alternative, saner, safer, healthier perspective on Trump supporters and the state of America. Which is exactly why people won’t read it. The book is fucking dangerous to the Democrats.

Anything which humanizes a Trump supporter is nuclear white hot bad for the Democrats.

All of which makes my speaking tour even more important. The nation needs to hear my message because it will save lives. Yes, my message could prevent further escalation of political violence in America because “Democrat to Deplorable” offers a digestible narrative to explain the Trump phenomenon. It offers a new narrative that won’t lead lefties to Trump Derangement Syndrome or PTSD. It’s a life vest for Democrats drowning in their own hate. I’m trying to help everyone.

I’m out here building bridges and people want to tear me down. That should tell you something.


“Jack, the Dean wants to know if you’re willing to compromise. They want to cancel the event tomorrow and reschedule you for after the election. They think it’s just too dangerous to have this event the day before Election Day.”

Ha. ‘Reschedule.’ I’m no dummy. I know what that means.

The University wants to cancel a political discussion a day before the mid-terms because it’s too dangerous.

This isn’t the America I know and love. The America I know and love runs towards political discussions and engagement, it doesn’t cowardly punt a difficult discussion just because some rabble-rousers have complained. But that’s where we are today.

A major University is terrified of political opposition and would rather squash free speech and kowtow to protestors. “Talking about things” has been replaced with whine, cry, and complain until things go away. The babies have taken over our institutions and things are only getting worse.

The University of New Mexico hosted Milo freaking Yiannopolis a couple of years ago, and now they can’t bear the thought of little ole Jack Murphy speaking to some law students?

Free speech in America is on a straight line trajectory to censorship and shutdowns.

If a relatively tame writer like me is now unwelcome in places that once hosted Milo, what does that mean for the next writer? Middle road independents seem to be next on the hit-list if the trends continue. And the punishments are getting worse. I lost my job, got banned from coaching little league, and now I have a scarlet R tattooed on my face preserved in the cloud forever by Big Brother Google.

At first, I didn’t believe all this was really happening in the country I love. But the world reached out, grabbed me by the throat, and shook me until I accepted reality.

I didn’t believe people got doxed.

I didn’t believe got swatted.

I didn’t believe people got fired for political views.

I didn’t believe people got unpersoned and exiled for thinking differently.

I didn’t believe radical feminism had taken over every institution in America.

I didn’t believe there was a free speech crisis on campus.

I didn’t believe people really got de-platformed and censored just because their ideas were too dangerous.

And then one by one each of these was proven to be real, each in a personal visceral way.

Each one kicked me right in the gut and proved my hopes wrong and my fears right.

I got doxed. I got swatted. I got fired. I got banned from community service. I saw the Kavanaugh hearings and protests up close and personal. And now I’ve been de-platformed and censored because I speak the truth.


“Jack, the event is off. I’m sorry, I tried everything I could. The Head of Security and the Head of the Law School just think now isn’t the right time. Maybe you can come back after the election.”

Bags packed and by the door. Childcare arranged. Promotion and marketing completed. Airline tickets and hotel rooms booked and paid for. And they cancel me just as I’m about to leave.

Well, guess what. I’m still coming motherfuckers!

I’m writing this on the plane to Houston. Later this afternoon I’ll be in ABQ at the University of New Mexico. I’m not passing up a chance to make a point. You can cancel my event, but you can’t cancel me. You can stand up and make yourself look like a book burning fascist, but you can’t silence me.

Lacy MacAuley thought she was slaying a dragon when she doxed me. But instead of striking me down, she’s only made me stronger.

The University of New Mexico will learn the same thing. By canceling my event they will only draw more attention to my message and alert the world they are terrified schoolmarms who don’t believe in free speech or a healthy exchange of ideas.

Administrators canceling one of my speeches only brings more people to my words, it lines up deeper and more resolved sources of support. It literally helps instead of hurts.

The fight is only just beginning people.

When the liberal left drafted me into this culture war, they had no clue what they were doing. I never set out to fight in the political and cultural wars of our era, but they have forced my hand.

Attack me, attack my family, take my job, take my community, push me to the brink, and then when I push back, censor me on top of it?

I will not back down, I will not give up, and I will run through these brick walls, look back and yell, “follow me!” to everyone behind me. I’ll open the door for a tsunami to flow.

I am the tip of the spear.

I am the hammer.

And to quote the most famous line ever spoken in Albuquerque –


Get with me people. Buy the book. Join my list. Send me a donation. Support my work. Stay in the shadows, save yourself, and help me fight the good fight. This nonsense is only getting started. We’re only in the first act. The future has yet to be written, and I plan to write it. Stick around.

Book: http://a.co/d/3zFVV3e

List: http://eepurl.com/bz4QhD 

Donate: Venmo @jackmurphylive


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4 comments… add one
  • DarkTriadMan Nov 5, 2018 @ 17:22

    Bloody well written.

    Magnificent attitude and mindset.

    This is why I am proud to call this man my friend and brother.



  • K. Howell Nov 5, 2018 @ 19:40

    Long history diatribe erased. LOL

    That sucks Jack. The mob has learned the shake the chain tactic. The few academics left that aren’t complicit in the progressive agenda show their cowardice at every opportunity. You’re caught in the middle of something far worse than a culture war. This has become the late stage hearts and minds campaign of an insurgency. The converts have all been recruited. Now comes the dehumanization phase.

    • Jack Murphy Nov 5, 2018 @ 19:46

      The Blue Church dominates. The Red Resistance is rising. The only ones left to fight back are immune to the tactics of the leftist machine. The few remaining have the constitution for revolution. And fight we shall.

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