The Liminal Order is a private, secure network of over 500 skilled professionals, successful business leaders, public figures, and future world-changers.

We help each other build healthy families, powerful physiques, and generational wealth.

And if you want to survive and thrive amid the long march of woke, join us.

Because your social network makes or breaks you, your family, and your nation.


Trust the wrong person or use the wrong word at the wrong place, and everything you hold dear gets taken from you.

In this postmodern, post-Truth era, people in your proximity may be your literal enemy. Today they frown at your public display of patriotism. Tomorrow they may turn you in to the re-education camps.

Your coworkers might blast your religion on social media and call for your church to be burned to the ground. If you’re a police officer, you’ve got to watch your back. Even while you’re mowing your lawn. Because anyone can find out where you live.

Most people don’t realize the danger in indiscriminate connections. We’ve expanded our network and engagement based on trivial interests and friends-of-friends. We’re still thinking out loud—and announcing ourselves as enemies of the State. We’re exposed to danger and don’t even realize it,

Cancel mobs hunt the enemies of activists and journalists. Corporate media attacks anyone who dares speak his mind. All free-thinking men are a threat to The Party.

All these problems are bad enough. But we should have institutions in place to protect us, to educate us, and to shield us from the worst effects. Men place their faith in institutions under a covenant of integrity. We’re supposed to be able to trust the institutions that our taxes have built. Instead, those institutions are overrun with Marxists, tyrants, and enemies of the common man. The very people who should be safeguarding us are instead leading the assault against us.

All the institutions that gave us meaning and information fell. They have been infiltrated, corrupted, demoralized. The long march was successful. Universities, media, government, unions, professional organizations, nonprofits, corporations, even Boy Scouts of America. Nowhere is safe. The institutions don’t exist to serve you, but to perpetuate their own existence so they can control you forever.

We need networks to replace these fallen institutions. A network is a collection of people who gather around a cause or an idea. Networks exist to solve problems and meet needs. Networks only grow and thrive because they meet needs. They live or die based on the value they offer rather than the organization needing to exist for its budget. Where institutions exist to exist, networks exist for your benefit.

The Liminal Order is not just a network but a constellation of networks. The best networks meet inside these walls and share the best parts with all our members. And without such a network, you are alone in enemy territory.

This is why you must build intentional networks.

But how?

When they’re shutting you down at every turn . . . when your own extended family may be your worst enemy, where can you go? Even your DMs on social media leave you vulnerable. Trust and Safety committees can read those, too. And those committees are packed with the least stable rainbow-haired wine aunts and cat moms Woke Capital can find.

Your most private conversations—your private thoughts—may get you fired.

Or worse.

Your enemies want you dead.


If you watched Biden address the joint session of Congress in April 2021, you heard the infamous claim that “all white people are white supremacists, and white supremacists are terrorists.” Even if you didn’t watch the speech, you probably saw that clip on social media.

And his follow-up messages since then have made it clear that all Bible-believing Americans, black and white and even Asian and Latino men and women, are “white supremacists” now. All are guilty of racial sin. Black men become white men when they’re not progressive enough. Biden might as well have declared, “Everyone I don’t like is a terrorist.” 

That line marks the final victory of woke over America’s old-guard institutions. Anti-racism has reached the peak of power. The president doesn’t just believe in Critical Race Theory; CRT is the president. The entire executive branch is now fully indoctrinated into the Cult of Woke.

Under Obama and Trump, we could always write off activism as crazy college crap. People denied CRT as dangerous every step of the way. Even when Kamala Harris used the words “radical feminism” during the Kavanaugh hearing, CRT still seemed fringe.

The final step was the president of the United States preaching Critical Race Theory to congress with a straight face, saying that the country that he was elected to run is a terrorist organization.

That sucks. For those of us with families, Biden’s America is an oncoming train, and we feel stuck on the tracks.

Just ten years ago, we laughed at woke people and the insanity of their claims. Now, Woke holds absolute power. The mob can have you socially executed for wrongthink in hours. You can post about eating at a Vietnamese restaurant, and if the wrong person retweets you, the media will declare you a culinary colonizer guilty of “anti-Asian hate.”

People have lost jobs, money, and their kids for less.

Expect to see the President using his bully pulpit to declare CRT “truths” at every speaking opportunity. We’ve already heard, “The country I was elected to lead is terrorist.” Nothing Dementia Joe says should shock us. Not even when he will say, “All white people are required to register with their local diversity board.”

We’re already seeing cases to repeal the Second Amendment entirely so we can’t fight back. Biden’s tax plans are eviscerating the inheritance system. Sure, the Democrats pretend this is a tax on the wealthy. But since when have the rich elites stopped using tax loopholes? Do you really believe all those limousine liberals are lining up to burn their own cash?


Instead, the new taxes will form a powerful ceiling over middle-class Americans who try to get ahead. And it will squash all attempts for families to build their own wealth and pass on the legacy of inheritance.

I hate blackpill talk. I’m not black-pilled, and I don’t believe despair is the answer. I don’t even think it’s realistic.

But the truth is ugly right now.

So it’s time to finally accept it 100 percent.

No denying the triumphant march of Woke.

And it’s getting worse.


Before, the insanity was confined to online. Now it’s spilling over into the streets.

Were you in one of the cities hit by riots in 2020? Will your city be hit this year? How can you tell? All it takes is one police shooting and the usual cast of race-baiters and BOOM, your neighborhood is a war zone.

Minnesota used to be known as one of the nicest places to live if you don’t mind a little snow. Now their capital city, Minneapolis, is divided up with cement barriers and razor wire. Imagine walking your kids to school next to razor wire fences. Imagine not even being able to walk them to school because the criminals are out in the streets, and you’re the wrong color for the police to protect you.

You can’t fight back because you’re privileged. And the criminals deserve to take what you own, and to steal your kid’s lunchbox. They have the right. Because they’re a protected class, and you’re not.

Think that’s the stuff of science fiction? It’s already happening here in America. Major Democrat shitholes are run this way on purpose to create fear and farm more votes. And if our Anti-Racist in Chief and his handlers have their way, this is just a preview of what’s coming for you.

They want you dead. They want your family in a re-education camp. And they won’t stop until they get what they want.

Scared citizens like to claim I’m making this up. That I’m fearmongering. Boomer conservatives especially scoffed at those of us who warned about Critical Race Theory.

“It’s not that bad,” they told us.

Today, those same losers are wearing a mask alone when they drive. They suck down ten prescription pills a day to manage the consequences of obesity. They need to believe Biden’s America isn’t this bad.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration claimed they wouldn’t force the vaccine on unwilling citizens. Now his Press Secretary has announced door-to-door visits in targeted communities to encourage vaccine compliance. If you’ve studied history, you know what’s coming next.

Don’t let the losers who refuse to see that mass graves could be  coming set the tone for your family. And don’t allow them to shut down your urgency to protect your family. The threat is real, it’s here, and you need to respond before you undergo a 1984-style interrogation.

In this post-truth wasteland, your network is everything.

You are only as safe as your network.

You are only as strong as your network.

You are only as healthy as your network.

You are only as wealthy as your network.

You are only as happy as your network.


When your network is everything, the wrong network makes the world look hopeless. The globalists want you to believe resistance is futile. That there’s no alternative to their shithole utopian lie.

Despite all this horror, parts of the world are getting better. If you know where to look.

Does that surprise you? Open social media or turn on the news and you’ll hear the opposite. “The world is ending. There’s no hope!”

I hear people say there’s no hope, and I wonder if I’m even in the same universe. Because I see so much good in my network. In spite of the roving bands of lunatics outside the walls, life goes on. Men are building, families are thriving, and honest people are stronger than ever before.

Because I’ve connected to the right networks and disconnected from all the wrong ones—those infiltrated by woke moles, neo-cons, and the likes of anyone who doesn’t want the best for everyday hard-working Americans.

If you’re a man of motivation, there has never been an easier time to be independent, live life on your terms, make your own money, and separate yourself from the herd. But you’ve got to connect yourself to the right networks. Not the ones that want you dead.

You need a network like the Liminal Order.


When your network is everything, you must connect to a healthy network in order to thrive. The Liminal Order is that healthy network for men of honor, integrity, and ambition.

If you want to protect your family, get fit, and grow your wealth in spite of all the enemies roaming the streets outside, we are your solution.

The Liminal Order is a private, secure network of hundreds of brothers networking our way to success. We help each other achieve goals that individually would be impossible. And we’ve already helped change America for the better.

In the Liminal Order, people eat white pills for breakfast. Inside our digital walls, people are getting their health in order, building projects, doing initiatives and charity work, having babies, and winning at life. We’ll soon be 1,000 strong. All of us happier, healthier, and wealthier.

We see constant opportunities for venture capital investment. Accredited investors help members place their money where it hits just right. And real businesses are being built.

The Liminal Order isn’t just for the top 1%. We also have normal dudes who see the value in this group and join up to strengthen themselves and their family. And we have up-and-coming men in their twenties and thirties willing to learn from older mentors.

The Liminal Order is the place to be away from a world gone mad. We stand by each other in the event the woke mob comes howling for blood.

We’re a network of men with shared values who strive to make ourselves better every day with the intent of improving our family, community, and nation.

Every man gets something different out of this network. A guy in rural Montana who has no friends will find his tribe. Men in enemy territory like DC need like-minded men to share sane views. Fat men can get healthy with the best support. And poor men can learn to make money from financial masters.

The value of the Liminal Order is different for each member because the Liminal Order becomes who you need us to be.

What do you want? To raise a million dollars? Lose 100 pounds? Survive a bitter divorce? Be a better husband and dad? Write a book? Project your kids from public school? Find serious potential clients? Want a group of guys who “get it” and you don’t have to censor yourself around? That’s who we are for you. 

Whatever you want, we’re here to help you get healthier, wealthier, and happier.

You need a group of honorable men you can count on to get you through any battle. To help you and your family prosper despite all the enemies standing against you.

And that’s exactly what the Liminal Order offers: safety, growth, and community. Things every man and every family need to thrive in this world gone mad. Our powerful network provides a wide range of tools, skills, and resources you need to thrive in a globalist jackboot future.

What do you get with your Liminal Order membership?


Joining the Liminal Order opens up access to a range of concrete tools you can use to survive, protect your family, and prosper even in a hostile nation.

Liminal Order Academy

We have the academy where we teach fourth generation warfare, philosophy, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and a host of skills you need to be successful, productive, and protected in this day and age. That’s instantly yours.

You also get a library of information from experts who can help you start living better from day one. If you’re nervous about survival in Biden’s America, this alone is worth the membership fee.

Brotherhood, Community, Friendships

Our brotherhood is the heart and soul of the Liminal Order. We serve many purposes for each other:

  • Membership networking with like-minded men who still have their balls.
    1. Mentorship opportunities with men who are where you want to be.
    2. Organizing various elements of the Liminal Order through committees like the “Rites and Rituals” committee or the “Membership Outreach Committee.”
    3. A skills bazaar. Lots of guys have reached out to me and asked how they can give back. People want to exchange their knowledge with you. Some ideas suggested already include: internet operational security, how to live off the grid, how to begin a career in sales, and more.
    4. Meaningful discussion on the topic of the month. Each month we choose a certain area of focus and members use the forum to analyze, process, and evolve our understanding of the subject – as well as learn how to implement various new skills.
    5. Whatever else you want! There is an off topic section for threads on whatever else guys like to talk about when they get together.

All of our brothers bring our network from online into real life. Men exchange numbers and contacts to transform our digital friendships into in-person relationships. That’s one aspect that makes the Liminal Order so resilient. To stop us, our enemies would have to take down every communication network in the world. Even then, we’d still find a way to connect. Because our bonds run deep.

4th Generation Warfare Workshop

Each month we deliver premium content to the community via online conference, in person meetings, podcast, or video conference. Subjects vary but they all align with our core values.

Some recent subjects include:

  • 4th Generation Warfare
  • Crypto and the Future
  • The Future of Tech
  • Practical Guide to Sense Making
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Logic
  • Self-Organized Criticality
  • Personal Sovereignty
  • Public Policy Updates (Title IX)
  • CoronaVirus Sensemaking
  • Fitness Standards and Training
  • Riot Watch and Update
  • Pioneer Project
  • Woke Watch
  • much more!

All of our content aligns with our core values of Masculinity, Brotherhood, and Sovereignty.

Business Advisory Group

Inside the Liminal Order, we are building a LinkedIn-style platform to connect people of expertise and opportunity. In the meantime, we have people who brainstorm, create, market, and sell products. A fertile market of sellers. We help brothers refine their offerings. If it works, they go public. That way they can test out everything and put their best foot forward to start strong.

 We have wealth managers, physicians, ghostwriters, real estate brokers, education consultants, therapists, editors, copywriters, graphic designers, investors, and more. Work with these values-based vetted guys instead of those out there who hate your values. We offer every possible service, from beef jerky makers to professional services. If you want to eat alligator meat, we can get it. If you’re looking for an artist to help you with graphics and you don’t want to pay some chick with blue hair, use our guys.

Accredited Investors Mastermind

If you’ve got money, or if you start earning money in the group, we’ve got accredited investors ready to help you make the most of it. Our mastermind group shows you where to invest to get the most back. That helped all our members grow wealthier leading up to COVID-19, when we knew months in advance what was coming. When everyone else was panicking, we watched our portfolios grow.

Info Militia Support

The media lies to you. They do this because the government pays them to keep you in the dark. But they can’t change the truth, they can only suppress it.

That’s where information militias come in. The truth is still out there to be found. If you know where to look. But every man can’t run his own isolated information network. That’s why you need a network you can rely on. You need trained information militiamen who do the dirty sifting for you and bring back the truth. 

Because when you’ve got the truth, you can accomplish great things. You can win even when the world wants you to lose.

Riot Watch and Sensemaking

The Liminal Order serves as an information network. When a major world event happens and you wonder, “What should I do about this? How can I keep my family safe?” we’ve got men ready to answer those questions. That’s why we came out ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our members made money, stayed healthy, and thrived.

Real-World Events and Networking

All Liminal Order members are encouraged to start local meetings wherever they live. Post a notice in the forum and see who lives near you, then make it happen.

We’ve had meetings in New York, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis, Atlanta, London, Miami, Palm Beach, Seattle, Washington, DC and many many more!

We are worldwide.

In Fall and Winter 2021, we’re doing a 10-city tour around the country. That means the Liminal Order comes to you. We frequently have guest speakers at each one. These are a lot of fun. We meet in the real world, shake hands, and form lasting friendships.

Fitness Standards, Programs, and Support

You gain insider access to hundreds of men with deep insights you might never get anywhere else. We’ve got world-class experts in fields that matter, like surgeons, investors, and statesmen, whose knowledge puts you five to ten years ahead of all the normies.

We have fitness standards that apply to fitness, agility, meditation, outdoor time, nutrition, metabolic health, bloodwork, and more. These are lifestyle standards, a comprehensive matrix for your overall health with a rubric. Fitness is a part of this brotherhood because it’s the foundation for all your other endeavors. No one is going to yell at you for eating a cupcake, but if you’re struggling with your marriage and you’re also overweight and not working on your health, your brothers will point out how the two might be linked. We want you to be healthy in every way.

Alexander A.J. Cortes is one of the Liminal Order Fitness Coaches and he’s developed a special program to take you from 0 to 100 in one year. We started with the basics to get everyone on board and over time the program will evolve as you become stronger and fitter. Eventually, everyone will find benefit in the program whether you’re a newbie or an expert, and the entire thing will be cataloged for easy access.

We have a partnership with the Whole Life Challenge, which provides a fun structure for much of this work. And we have explicit physical fitness standards that all Liminal Order members are expected to work towards.

Nation-State Level Secure Communications

As part of your Liminal Order membership, you will receive access to our encrypted messaging system called WICKR PRO.

Think of it as our top secret Slack. That’s because WICKR holds nation-state level security. All messages are end-to-end encrypted, all the headers and identifying information are removed, and messages self-destruct after a certain time period.

WICKR is where more sensitive information can be exchanged like personal contact info, specific business transactions, or anything else you want to keep insanely private. I can’t see any of these messages between users and neither can WICKR. It is as safe as it gets on the Internet.

World class.

Inside WICKR we have hundreds of rooms organized by topics where guys are sharing information, providing support, and just having fun including:

  • Dad Life / Family Matters
  • Sex and Relationships
  • CoronaVirus Action Team
  • Riot Watch
  • Daily Politics
  • Tech
  • Business and Finance
  • Accountability
  • Food and Drinks
  • Your favorite firearms
  • Fitness Standards
  • Political Memes
  • Book Review
  • Carpentry
  • Crypto
  • Homesteading
  • Mental Health
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Even more!

Trips, Events, Wilderness Excursions

We’ve had three national meet ups despite the challenges of Corona. And in 2021 we are ramping things up even more. We have several national meet ups planned through the rest of the year.

Along with the conferences, we host retreats in rural and wilderness locations including Outward Bound-led Wilderness retreats and adventure. These retreats are for long term planning, more workshops, community building and brotherhood – along with the added bonus of time spent outdoors.

Multiplier Effects of a Powerful Network

How would it feel to know you have instant access to hundreds of experts who can boost your chances of winning at everything?

The Liminal Order isn’t a feeling or a social club. It’s a network with tangible benefits. Benefits you need to help yourself and your family prosper no matter what the criminals in power do to this country.

 If you’re looking to put your money where it matters, start by joining the Liminal Order. Some men scoff at paying to join a brotherhood, but think about what that money goes to pay for. You’re funding a platform where men of honor can meet and connect in security to conduct business with integrity. A man who refuses to put skin in the game and who can’t appreciate that building something costs money has no business joining us.

What happens as soon you join the Liminal Order?


The very first step is an interview process. We need to make sure you match our values. If you’re reading this page and agree with everything I’ve said so far, chances are good we’ll get along just fine.

Once you’re in the first door, there’s an onboarding and orientation process to brief you on our values. We want to make sure the culture inside these walls stays aligned to masculinity, brotherhood, and sovereignty. We do that by training each member on how to embody those values.

You immediately get access to workshops, in-person meetings, forums, and Jack’s office hours. We want you educated, engaged, and ready to face your challenges.

Next, you meet a few other members who confirm you are Liminal Order material. This is a sort of short quarantine period for new guys. It’s like putting a fish in a new tank: you want to get them acclimated to the temperature and pH first before you dump them in so their system can adjust. You can join all online events during this time, but not all private conversations. We’re making sure you’re really one of us.

Then we have a graduation ceremony unique to each cohort. We celebrate your arrival as a full member, and you’re unleashed upon the network at large.

After your graduation, you get access to over 200+ private, high-value, high-trust, low-noise chats with previously vetted men who are in service to each other. You’re a fully recognized member with all the benefits that entails, including insider secrets from professionals in every industry. And you can leverage your membership with your brothers to open new doors.


$99/ month


$790 / year

Equal to $65 / month

$3,890 / one time

Who is Liminal Order founder Jack Murphy?


You may know me as “That guy the crazy liberal freaks scream about.” They just can’t help themselves. I’m one of their biggest enemies. And that means I’m on your side.

Here are some basic credentials:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Economics: George Mason University.
  • Master’s Degree, International Finance and Affairs: Georgetown School of Foreign Service.
  • 2021 Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute
  • Hedge Fund Analyst.
  • Real estate developer.
  • CEO, CFO, COO.
  • Executive Director of nonprofits.
  • Charter School Turnaround Expert.
  • Author.
  • Father of three.
  • Engaged to be married.
  • Youth sports coach.
  • Expert at developing young professional talent.
  • 2x Amateur Muay Thai Kick Boxing Champion

The Claremont Institute describes me as an “established journalist, political personality, interviewer of the most important people today, massive social media influencer, thought leader on masculinity, entrepreneur and author.” They don’t cover my rugged good looks, but that’s fine. They hit the big points.

I’ve done a lot of anti-woke work since getting doxxed and losing my job. I wrote about my journey in the bestselling book Democrat to Deplorable. My story is well documented by now, but just in case you want some of the highlights, here you go . . .

When I got divorced in 2009, my life was in shambles, I had no idea how to rebuild, and the world had already started to evolve. I felt like a stranger in a foreign land. Dating and mating had changed, women had changed, men had changed, and everything seemed like a mess. So I did the only thing I could: I dug in and figured it all out.

I began reading various forums, catching up on the state of male/female relationships. I learned how to be more attractive, I got my ass in shape, and I dedicated myself to my personal mission. As my life improved but the world had not, I began to wonder:

Why had things changed so much, why did everything seem out of whack?

As I learned more about how the world had changed, I discovered that which disrupted our bedrooms, also disrupted the nation. Everything was interconnected in a way I hadn’t seen before. I learned about radical feminism. I saw how it had taken over our universities and corporations. I saw how politicians and policy makers were adopting fringe ideas and using them to shape our society. I watched how the media and corporations worked together to shame men and promote the idea that women were oppressed.

I dedicated the next few years to self-improvement, raising my kids, and learning all that I could. And eventually, I learned so much, I began to have my own ideas and I started writing. I created and produced almost 100 essays. I tweeted and grew a small following. I expanded my knowledge and shared it with others.

And then Trump happened.

The campaign and election of Donald Trump accelerated and amplified all the issues I had been writing about. His election and the reaction to it were intertwined with the research and reading I’d done.

I saw how the Nation had hurtled towards the left leaving moderate guys like me alone searching for answers. (Hillary Clinton was not the answer.) And as weird as it was, Trump became the best and only option.

I knew I wasn’t alone, so I set out to write a book called Democrat to Deplorable. I explained in detail all the cultural forces which lead to nine million Democrats ditching their party and embracing Donald Trump. That group of voters was on the cutting edge of the cultural shifts, and I was not only one of them, but I became their advocate as well.

My research got me out there talking to real people. I interviewed countless folks and really learned who they were. Then, the book tour took me across the country speaking to universities, colleges, and conferences. I became 100% dedicated to understanding and sharing the what, the why, and the how of what was going on.

But then something happened which changed me from an observer to an actor in this mad play we find ourselves in:

In 2018, I was publicly doxxed, fired from my job, and banned from coaching Little League – all because of my political views.

I experienced what it was like to be shamed, shunned, and exiled. I learned what it was like to be the target of a coordinated network attack. I had the cops show up at my house over a tweet. I had anonymous people send letters to my Little League board. I even almost got evicted, just because of my politics.

I needed to rebuild. If they wanted me destroyed, then I’d embrace their hatred and find other men like myself who craved truth. I connected with men across the world and especially in the US who hated the jackboot we saw descending toward our throats.

During that time, I attended a conference in Orlando and had the great opportunity to sit around a table with some guys you might have heard of: Ed Latimore, Tanner Guzy, Zac Small, and Alexander J.A. Cortes. We chatted poolside and each guy took a turn sharing where he was with his latest business efforts. Some of us shared problems we hoped to overcome, and some of us shared success stories.

It was just five guys hanging out and talking. But what happened next was incredible.

After each guy shared, the rest of us gave feedback. We talked everything over from all angles. Five men sitting around a table brainstormed, shared ideas, and even solved problems. Each man took a turn and each man learned something which improved their business. Zac cleared an obstacle to leaving his 9-5. Ed got ideas for expanding his speaking business. Cortes literally built a new product right there on the spot. And Tanner got ideas for his upcoming retreats.

That was even where I fully developed my vision for the Liminal Order. Men helping men succeed became my overriding vision for the future. I needed to build a platform where this didn’t just happen at conferences. Men needed this to happen daily, as often as possible.

So I built that platform. I built the Liminal Order. And we’ve proven time and again the power of an intentional sensemaking network.

People used to say success was about “who you know.” In our disinformation age, success or death comes down to the quality of the people you know. And I (Jack) have built a second-to-none network of credible people. It’s so powerful even the Claremont Institute wants in on it. If you don’t trust me, the hundreds of Liminal Order members, or the 100,000+ people who follow me on Twitter, take the Claremont Institute’s word for it.

Why am I the right man to lead the Liminal Order?

Great question.

Truth is, I’m the only one who can do this, because the Liminal Order is the natural extension of my life, my work, and my network.

Remember when I told you I got doxxed, fired, and banned from Little League? That was a tough time for me. Some people may have just given up at that point and said, Hey, they got me. It’s over.

But not me. I stood strong, I never apologized once, and I held my ground.

The people who doxxed me thought they were striking me down for good, but instead they’ve only made me stronger. And not only did they make me stronger personally, but they fortified people’s support of me too.

You get access to me via DM on Wickr from day one. You also get my office hours, and can come to all events, and even set up private mentorship meetings with me.

My personal and professional network is unique and powerful. I know who you need to know. I am the well-established center of a network. People know I’m the center so they want to reap the benefit. Tell me who you need to meet, and I’ll put you in front of them.

The power of my distribution is a serious value. If your idea or product or business is good, I’ll tweet about it, if it’s great, I’ll promote it, if it’s excellent, I’ll partner with it.

When you join the Liminal Order, you don’t just become a member. You become my brother.

But the Liminal Order is not a Jack Murphy fan club.


It’s a decentralized army of men dedicated to living with honor.

Machiavelli makes a virtue of necessity in decentralizing his army. Because there’s no way a dead commander can give direct orders. So he’s forced into this, breaking up his centralized structure into smaller cells.

 But allowing his cells to make decisions on the spot imparts certain benefits, like faster response time, better survival rates, and the ability to capitalize on the strengths of individuals instead of succumbing to one uniform will.

 That is exactly what we’re going after in the Liminal Order. We’re trying to create people who can make decisions on the spot, in the future. This isn’t about having all the guys come back to me and run decisions by me before they do anything. This isn’t Jack Murphy’s gang.

 Liminal Order members don’t actually need me. And they aren’t looking to me for constant guidance. This isn’t my cult of yes-men or weak followers. These are hard men who do what they believe is right. Sure, they may check in with the group or with me personally for momentary advice. Men advise each other. Not everyone has the same experience levels or wisdom, so sharing is tactical.

 But when you have the want and the need and the self satisfaction of feeling that you can act alone and earn your glory, it feels incredible. No captain wants to be congratulated merely for carrying out his general’s orders to the letter. He wants fame for independent thought.

 That’s why I laugh when people suggest the Liminal Order is some kind of cult. That everyone in it is just following a cult of personality around me, like I’m their king. I honestly laugh.

 Listen, if you think joining the Liminal Order is like hiring me to tell you what to do every step of your life, let me set you straight. This group is an education on how to be your own captain. And how to think and act strategically in your own life, now and forever. Being ready and willing to act without authorization from anyone. That includes me, but also the government. Liminal Order men don’t cower before the power of the State.

 You might wonder, why? Why is the Liminal Order built this way? What are we hoping to accomplish?

 The industrial world isn’t a friendly place right now. Cities are burning down. Even babes like Gina Carano are being canceled. And the Biden administration just told the American public that we’d better bring fighter jets if we want to fight the government for our constitutional rights. Modern problems demand modern solutions. We don’t need one centralized group that can be struck down by a ban-happy corporation blocking our servers.

 What would happen if the Liminal Order network got shut down tomorrow? Pockets would reconnect in a moment via text and other channels. We aren’t just some chat room. The men inside are connected to each other using a range of methods. If the main channels went down, the group would survive.

 Then those initial pockets would look up their individual contacts in other pockets. The group would slowly weave itself back together on alternate platforms. They’d get in touch with me and the other big drivers in the group. And we’d locate a whole new platform for the main group to reassemble.

 But let’s say that was impossible. If the worst happened and every internet site nuked my membership at once, then I got taken away by the government in a black van. What would happen to the Liminal Order?

 They’d connect in packs, build back the network, and keep going. Every man knows the mission deep down inside his bones. He’s got our principles stamped into his soul. The fight will go on forever.

 Sounds a bit like a terrorist organization, huh? One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. In our case, we’re fighting back against lies, Marxism, and the authoritarian jackboot coming down on all our necks. We strike back by building strong families, maintaining personal accountability, and presenting an alternate model to everyone in our lives.

When the world craves truth and discipline, we stand as silent testament to what mankind can still achieve. Everyone who sees us knows the globalist narrative is a lie. If that’s terrorism, then so be it. We’re pirates on the digital sea.

 So we must decentralize. If Jack Murphy disappeared, this movement can’t die. The future needs objective reality. Kids tomorrow need a place to learn the real history and deeper truths. The world needs men of action and integrity.

 Machiavelli had it right. A decentralized army works best against a larger enemy. It survives where unified forces might be crushed. Your boot can squash one fat mouse, but can you crush a thousand ants? Are you sure you’d get them all before they go to ground and reproduce?

 The Liminal Order is just one place where this decentralized army is being built. We’re part of a wider network of truth-tellers, sensemakers, and men of honor. It just happens that we’re one of the largest fraternal orders available right now. And we’re available to men regardless of race, faith, creed, or national origin.

 If you’re tired of fighting alone, join an army that has a shot at winning. We’ll be around long after the tyrants have fallen and new tyrants take their place. We can strike with truth and melt back into the jungle before they catch us. And our information networks keep us growing in wealth, health, and happiness while we fight the good fight.

You might feel you’re too busy to do something about America’s new state religion. Of course you don’t have time for this. That’s how modern life is set up, to prevent us from building what matters. You need to make some hard choices about whether or not your kids really need to be in three sports and how many nights a week you need to binge Netflix. You’re going to have a lot more free time when they lock you in prison for saying you don’t like Kamala Harris’ new shoes.

 So be a man. Make the hard choices. Prepare now.

 While you’ve still got time.

Hundreds of men have already joined, and they’re transforming their lives together. The power of our network is reshaping families, businesses, states, and nations.

Amazing things are happening inside the Liminal Order — and you’re next


Here are a few winning snapshots of what has happened since the Liminal Order was founded.

Our primary goal has always been to meet in person. What sets us apart from other online fraternities is we are dedicated and committed to getting connected in-person. We have hundreds of local, regional, and national meetups and workshops. This is not an “online community.” We just make the initial connections through the internet. From there, we leap into real life and shake hands, palm to palm, in a way that would enrage the government’s Coronavirus task force agents.

When we first started, it was a few months before corona. We saw it coming Fall 2019 before the rest of the world started panicking. Through our experts we had as members, we knew lockdowns and shortages were coming. We also knew what treatments would work. Our members worked to position each other’s families and financial portfolios to thrive through our proven, one-of-a-kind sensemaking apparatus. COVID proved our thesis—the institutions are not on your side, and you need a private, decentralized network to survive and thrive. Coronavirus was the first great test. We saved on order of nine figures’ worth of wealth among members because we knew what was happening. 

And we’re fitter than other men’s groups. We’ve collectively lost five tons of fat. Through challenges, standards, accountability, etc. everyone is leaner, meaner, with higher T scores. Our fitness masters keep the rest of us informed and accountable.

We’ve launched numerous information operations and social media campaigns. You’ve seen some of these, but you didn’t know it was us behind them. Some of them actually created political and social change in America. All coordinated inside our walls.

We had one CEO with no funding joined. His product was incredible, but he had nothing to help him get started. He now has $5 million in funding with investors who met him from inside the Liminal Order, and a $50 million valuation. His employees were hired from the Liminal Order ranks.

We now have a group of Accredited Investors who source, vet, and share investment opportunities to replicate what we achieved for that CEO. And we have a Business Accelerator to help people develop, launch, and sell products and services, from idea to beta to go-to-market. We helped a member develop a course based on a few replies he left on a comment. That was a market. We helped another member launch a telehealth practice that doubled his opportunities.

Health and political power and money are great, but what about physical friends and help in the real world? We’ve got that, too. One former Oregonian who moved out of his state to escape government overreach relocated to Tennessee. Liminal Order members in his new area basically got a barn-raising, if you’ve ever seen the Amish gather a hundred members to build a new barn for a family. Our members helped him locate land, find a new job, supplied him with food, took care of his family, and paved the way for him to escape Oregon and thrive in a new state with better conditions. Then they added fencing and livestock pens to his new property to get him rolling right away and save him a fortune on labor.

He got out of the woke hellhole, and got it all done in six months. New state, new city, new business, everything. From a broken liberal city to homesteader with his own property, built and coordinated by his brothers in the Liminal Order.

This is the power of the Liminal Order. The power to change lives for the better.

We’re also here to help people behind-the-scenes with crisis opportunities. Unexpected deaths, tragedies, and family emergencies. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve helped brothers through every kind of nightmare. When you have a team of men who care about you, imagine the forces you can marshal.

We’ve had a guy lose a baby, and another lost his parents. We had a guy have a crisis on his wedding day where our brotherhood came together and chipped in twenty bucks each and boom, we raised three grand and sent it over to him. Another member’s brother killed himself and they didn’t have any money for a funeral, so we sent them a couple thousand dollars to have the funeral. 

One quote that’s always stuck with me was the man who lost his child. He told me, “After my baby died, everyone including my pastor reached out to me and told me to ask for help if I wanted it. But the Liminal Order never even asked. They just acted. I didn’t know what to ask for, I was a mess. The Liminal Order found what I needed and they made it happen. That’s when I knew I was home.”

We also offer a one-of-a-kind sensemaking apparatus better than any other group can offer. You know what’s going on in the world, in your industry, and in your city, because a team of experts filters the news for you. That’s a distinct business advantage when you have hundreds of experts dedicated to helping you understand the world. You can watch the news and talk to your family to try to figure out what’s been going on in the world today, or you can talk to hundreds of experts who can help you make the news work for you.

The Liminal Order puts our members three to four months (or years) ahead of the general public for most upcoming topics. And that way, when a crisis suddenly hits the entire world, we’ve been ready for months. And because we’re here to change civilization, men are under attack, we have to defend and anticipate. We’ve got to stay nimble and adaptable.

How secure would you feel if you got your news months ahead of the rest of the world?

Need an example of how a powerful sensemaking apparatus can save you? When COVID-19 was still just a whisper out of China, our brotherhood was abuzz with news of what our best information homesteaders suspected was coming. We bought vitamins, cleaning supplies, and most of all toilet paper. Our homes were stocked well in advance because our network taught us to make sense of the noise ahead of the general public. By the time COVID hit the US, our brothers were positioned with stock purchases in all the right companies. While other groups struggled to make ends meet, we grew and prospered.

 While everyone else is huddled inside their homes waiting for Biden to tell them they’re allowed to hug their kids again, we’ve been meeting at private events to make us stronger, smarter, and wealthier. These gatherings help us keep each other accountable and support each other during trying times. For those of us locked down in draconian states, we make sure those brothers get the support and human interaction they need to stay sane during state-enforced solitary confinement.

The benefits for already successful members are great, but the life transformations are incredible. I’ve watched men enter our doors with a variety of personal struggles and in a matter of months turn their life completely around.

 Marriages have improved, for one. That’s a big deal. The Liminal Order is founded on the principle that strong families build a strong society. The smallest working unit of a family is the nuclear family, which by its nature revolves around a mother and father. Happier marriages mean a happier society.

 Some men come into the Liminal Order overweight and want expert answers on lifelong health problems. We’ve got a range of health experts in every field imaginable. If a man wants to lose weight, the tribe gathers around him and pushes him through his paces until he’s where he wants to be. I’ve seen larger men lose enough body weight to equal an additional man. It’s nuts to see these transformations.

 Dealmaking is another benefit of our culture. If you want to set up a business for success, you need to pick a partner with values you can trust, right? The Liminal Order forms that bridge of values. Where our culture has let us down by removing all shared moral values, the Liminal Order enforces them with strict expectations and pressure from the group. Your potential business partner won’t scam you because he’s a good man and also because the rest of the group would turn on him. There’s tremendous security in knowing you can trust a fellow member.

 Sometimes it feels like I live in two different worlds. I spend so much time inside the Liminal Order watching men win, and I love it. Then I switch to my newsfeed and hear non-members complaining about how “everyone in the world is miserable” and “nobody knows what to do.”

 When I hear outsiders whining about how the world is one big failure, I think, That’s not true. What are you smoking? Then I remember they’re outsiders.

 In the outside world, men are getting fatter, sicker, and more suicidal at exponentially higher rates. The government can’t seem to figure out how to stop men in particular from killing themselves.

 Inside the Liminal Order, it’s the opposite of everything you see in the streets. Our brothers are calm, collected, and thriving. The world looks sweet when you’ve got a thousand men watching your back and helping you make sense of the chaos around the world.

 Which world would you rather live in? Do you want to stay outside with the whiners who never get better? Or do you want to come into these hallowed halls where men are working hard at the business of family, society, and legacy?

 While the huddled masses outside wait for their daily handouts, Liminal Order members roll up their sleeves and get to work fixing the problems in their lives. And our families are reaping the benefits.

 This could be you. You could be inside these doors relaxing and laughing and learning with us. You could be richer, healthier, and better prepared for the next pandemic coming our way.

 Nothing is holding you back anymore.

 Come in and join your brothers. It’s vital you not go it alone.

You need brothers beside you to pick up tools and get to work building a fortress that will survive their march. Because no matter how black-pilled they want you, there is no reason to surrender all hope. We don’t have time to wallow in self-pity. There is work to be done and tasks to complete that can keep us and our families safe.

 No. Not just safe. Let’s not bunker down and struggle to survive. That’s still despair. It’s time to build alternate choices that will allow our families to thrive in spite of Woke. To build systems with friends and neighbors and like-minded communities who will carry us to prosperity even as normie peasants around us cower in fear of the latest tyrant.

 “That’s easy to say, Jack, but what can I do? What steps can I take?”

 I’ve got three suggestions for you. Family, financial, and social protection.

 Family: Develop independence in your household. Teach your family social survival skills, from how to make money online to how to be perfectly pseudonymous. Protect yourself and your kids from school where they’ll be assaulted with globalist propaganda. Send them out into the world with a brain mask. Vaccinate against wokeness. It’s a sickness, and it’s your job as a parent to protect the most vulnerable—the next generation.

 Financial: Start something, sell something. You can’t lose your woke corporate job if you don’t work for a woke corporation. Get to work finding alternative income streams that could survive a fifteen-minute struggle session on social media.

 Social: Meet like-minded people, gather, and care for your families and finances together. Humans have survived through the ages by banding together against outsiders and predators. Build your tribe.

 You can accomplish all three of these by joining the Liminal Order.


$99/ month


$790 / year

Equal to $65 / month

$3,890 / one time

Our Core Values: Masculinity, Brotherhood, Sovereignty


These three values build on each other. They form and inform everything we do in the Liminal Order. They are invaluable and sacrosanct. 

We hold each other accountable to these three values, and to anything else you want to be held accountable to. Most men want to be healthier, wealthier, and happier. Accountability comes from being a man of honor and making a commitment, holding true to your values. The Liminal Order holds you accountable so you become what you want to be. 

We’re united by our values and bound by our values. 

You need men with these values in your life. Because when you’re connected to men of principle, incredible things can happen.

What the Liminal Order won’t tolerate


I turn a ton of men away from our door.

What’s the point of a wall if you just let everyone in? A community keeps a gate because they only want quality new members to enter. Men looking to join the Liminal Order go through a rigorous interview process to make sure they’ll fit with our established culture.

 Some boys just don’t make that cut.

 I don’t demand everyone come as retired CEOs with philanthropic wealth. And it’s not like I waterboard potential members to discover what they’re made of.

 We’re looking for men roughly 35 to 55, married with kids, maybe an advanced degree or an established profession. These men must conduct themselves professionally, with manners and respect for others. They know what they want and have some vision of how they’re going to get it.

 Is every member 33 to 55? No, we’ve got younger men who’ve earned their way in through raw talent. We’ve also got elders with valuable wisdom to share with the tribe. And not every brother inside these walls is married. For some, a brutal divorce was the wakeup call that the world outside will eat you alive for if you don’t master yourself. Others never found a lady worth their time and have instead poured themselves into teaching others.

 We’ve got wealthy men with polished financial and business skills living the retired life. We’ve got other men still working the grind and fighting for the break that’s gonna land them more security for their family.

 Older men come into the Liminal Order looking to mentor younger men to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of life. We foster that mentor-mentee relationship network with a mentorship program designed from the ground-up to give members a leg up on their challenges.

 While we’ve got an ideal in mind, we’re willing to bend the demographic rules for quality men. You don’t need to fit our ideal to make it inside, you just need to demonstrate that you’re a man of good character and enough substance that you can add more to the brotherhood than you’re going to take.

 But we never tolerate dick-measuring losers who think the world owes them adoration.

 What kind of men do I turn away? Twentysomethings with big plans to save the world and no idea how the world works. Young men with no job, no aspirations, and no work ethic who still claim they’re gonna change the culture to suit their tastes. Dudes living at home with their parents paying all their bills. They’re obsessed with politics and swear our leaders will save us while they drop their personal responsibilities on someone else.

 When I get applicants like this, I hit them with the truth.

 “The Liminal Order is all about starting with yourself. You’ve got to master yourself before you can help your family or your community or your nation. All you want to do is talk about the nation. You need to get focused on yourself first.”

 Then I sit back and watch how they take it. Young men who respond by saying, “Wow, you’re right. I need to get myself together. What’s a good first step?” might still get in the door. But most of the twentysomethings banging on my door don’t take that advice so well.

 You’re disqualified if you’re too young mentally, too immature, and don’t know how to handle yourself. By stepping through these doors, you’re stepping into Jack’s living room, and I expect you to act like it. If you don’t know how to handle yourself in a room with CEOs, fire captains, surgeons, and PhD scientists, if you don’t understand that men have hierarchies and by virtue of your age and experience you’re at the bottom, if you don’t understand these things, then stay the hell away.

 We don’t tolerate immaturity. We don’t tolerate disrespect.

 This isn’t 7/11, bro. You can’t hang out here on a Saturday night while you wait for your mom. Don’t waste our time.

 Literal age isn’t the problem. Mental age is. If you’re young and hungry and humble, join us. We love young men of character who value wisdom, respect, and earning a place at the table. We don’t judge a man based on a number. But your attitude speaks volumes.

 As rigorous as our entry exam is, the line doesn’t stop there. I had to remove a kid who came into meetings acting like he was king. He forgot that he was in a room of titans, accomplished men who fought for what they’d earned. If you come in these doors, you’ve got to bring your hat in your hand with respect and humility.

 You must know your place because we know we’ve earned ours.

 That’s what masculinity is all about. Your position in the male hierarchy is granted to you by your peers based on your experience and your conduct. So act accordingly.

 This is the world modern America has turned its back on. Some call it meritocracy. We call it the natural way of things. The Liminal Order is built on respect, strength, relationships, and shared achievement. That demands a certain caliber of man.

 Are you that kind of man? Are you looking for a place where you earn your seat at the table, where no snot-nosed communist brat with mommy’s credit card can cancel your ass?

 Then get yourself ready.

Who the Liminal Order does NOT want


The Liminal Order attracts three types of men. We only want one of them.

 The first type of guy we attract is in desperate need of personal healing, guys in crisis. We keep his kind out. If are still putting your life back together or even just picking up the pieces, you’re not ready for what we offer. You’ve got too much work to do to join. The Liminal Order is about building not healing.

 The second man we attract is looking for a community to have fun and (maybe) hold him accountable. Like a clubhouse. Or a social watering hole. But he doesn’t really want to do any personal work, get better, or support his community. He’s pure bravado and useless noise. The Liminal Order has strong camaraderie moments, and we do operate as a social watering hole, but that’s not our focus. Fun and fellowship takes place after business and improvement.

 The third type of guy the Liminal Order attracts is a whole other level. He’s one of the world’s finest thinkers. He’s a man of capability. Think Silicon Valley CEOs, Wall Street investors, private equity managers, accomplished surgeons, skilled professionals, and government officials at the highest level. True visionaries who see the Liminal Order as a prototype for solving social problems.

 The haters and losers think we’re just a glorified self-help community (you should see my DMs).

“So, what, you pay membership dues to get friends and hear advice?”

 Uh, no. This is not your mommy’s Facebook group.

 The Liminal Order isn’t a secret society either. You don’t have to be a world leader to make it through these doors. You do have to be looking for more than a good time and a place to heal your wounds, however. We want men ready to change their lives, lead their families, and be the change they want to see in the world.

 If that’s you, it’s time to join.


$99/ month


$790 / year

Equal to $65 / month

$3,890 / one time

Be a man; build a perimeter


Men build boundaries. It’s what we do.

 In ancient times, your perimeter might have been the edge of the village. When you and your companions went on hunts, it was the edge of the firelight. Soldiers today still set watches over their camps.

 Why do we build perimeters? To keep bad people out and good people in. You don’t want toddlers wandering off into the darkness where a wild animal can hurt them. And you don’t want the raiding clan from the next valley to hit you unprepared.

 A perimeter is a strong barrier against the dangers of the world. You need guards to sound the alarm, and hopefully a strong wall to stop the enemy at the edge of your land. That way you rain arrows down on his head without him able to stab you.

 Why are we compelled to build perimeters? Because a perimeter means protection. And protecting is baked into masculinity. It’s hard-wired down inside our bones and our meat in places our advanced brains can’t even touch. The need to protect what’s ours is an instinct older than the homo sapiens evolutionary branch. First we were protectors, then we evolved to walk upright.

 Protection isn’t just a need. That need demands action. Protection is to act in service of the future. To have the big picture in mind. We protect so the ones under our protection can live to see tomorrow. Maybe even to build tomorrow. We give our lives in protection so that there can be a future.

 But to be safe, you need to be inside the perimeter, too. A man who wanders off from the campfire and the guards into the darkness is taking his life in his hands. Who knows what lurks out there? The guards can only control what’s inside their perimeter. You step outside and you may get stabbed, bit, or cut before you see your attacker. There’s no protection out there.

 If masculine energy drives you to build a perimeter, it also drives you to expand that perimeter. That requires more men. One man can only huddle by his fire and protect the lighted area. Ten men can hold up torches in the dark and take turns sleeping. A hundred men can build multiple campfires in a ring and keep their families at the center. A thousand men can encircle a whole city and walk the ramparts.

 Masculine energy demands perimeters and trusted brothers to help build and protect them.

 Do you feel this need deep inside of you? It’s there, even if you don’t believe it’s possible to fulfill it. No conditioning can kill this instinctive drive. You’re a man, and you must build a perimeter. There’s no way around it.

 Perimeters are an assertion of your will to protect. What are you protecting? Who relies on you for safety? How big is your perimeter?

 Can you expand your perimeter? Do you have a group of guys helping you? Who are your trusted brothers you’d rely on to watch you while you sleep?

 The enemy is everywhere. If you’re not inside a perimeter, you’re out in the wilds. There are bears, and lions, and rainbow-haired harpies with nasty armpits. Worse, there are untrustworthy men and women waiting to sell you out for one wrong word so they can get their fifteen minutes of fame. If you’re a man alone in the wilderness trying to protect your family, you’re ripe pickings for the monsters and neo-racists.

 The Liminal Order is itself a perimeter. We can speak and laugh and work within the confines of our engineered environments to build what we want without external threats. Social media is a toxic wasteland, but the Liminal Order shares common values. Everyone who speaks inside our walls does so with full confidence of protection and safety. We may not agree with everything said, but every man will be safe to speak his piece.

 We also help you build a perimeter around your family and a perimeter around your career and business. We help keep out the spies, but we also work to make you fireproof. If you can be canceled, you’re outside the perimeter. Men inside the perimeter are cancel-proof because they’d land on their feet. Even better, they’d have access to a group that could help them leverage cancellation into even more cash and power.

 And we invest in each other. Being inside the perimeter doesn’t just mean you’re safe. You also thrive. We don’t want a bunch of lean and hungry men sitting around doing nothing. The Liminal Order is about building together, working together, and feeding each other. We’d like to spend as much of our personal GDP with other members in the group. Our goal is $500,000,000 worth of business created and exchanged in the group by 2025. It will be easier than it sounds.

 When was the last time you felt safe? The United States was supposed to be a giant perimeter, but that’s failed. Individual states are just permeable membranes now. Even cities or villages aren’t safe from intrusion. And social media is an endless buzzsaw looking for someone to chop off their head. When you connect to the internet, you’re throwing away perimeters.

 Don’t live like that. Come inside where it’s safe. Get your family inside the perimeter. Then start building. Expand your perimeter with your brothers.

 This is how we build the future.

Why you don’t need to be rich to leverage the Liminal Order to build generational wealth


Every private networking group promises you all the secrets. For entrepreneurs, for artists, for authors. They’re the same. I know because I joined them before founding the Liminal Order.

 When you pay your way in, you get entry-level answers to complex questions. And networking? More like members spamming each other with shit nobody wants.

 Bait-and-switch has made us all cynical. So let’s talk about why the Liminal Order is not a bait-and-switch. Because you have to wonder.

 In a world of crap, how can there really be a group of men who keep winning?

 Let me tell you a story. It’s about one member, [name redacted for privacy], who came in with zero funding. I’ll call him John.

 John wanted to start a tech company and couldn’t figure out how to get attention on his project. The Liminal Order worked together to make his dream happen. Not only did our own members provide the initial seed funding he needed, but they leveraged their connections to put his pitch in front of the biggest names in the industry.

 That was in 2020. Since then, we as a community have watched his wealth, health, relationships, happiness, and social leverage all increase. His tech company has grown beyond what he’d even imagined it could be. He’s rubbing elbows and shaking hands with people he once revered as heroes.

 Could he have made it outside of the Liminal Order? Maybe. He had the drive, the motivation, and the vision. But joining a community of men who shared his values gave him the courage he needed to seize those opportunities that came to him. And his brothers reached out with both hands to lift him up. They leveraged their connections to help him at their own expense, shelling out hard-earned cash to build his company. This wasn’t a charity drive but an investment in a brother working to make the world better.

 He joined us with no funding. Now he has millions from other members that will make him filthy stinking rich. That’s the system we’re working to build inside our walls. These things are happening right now.

 In a world where no one seems to give a shit about each other, the Liminal Order defies convention. We refuse to play the scarcity game and leave each other to sink or swim. That’s the way of the globalists, of the cowards and fools who run our society. It’s the way of the fat, scared little man huddled on his couch watching porn while his wife sleeps. And it’s the way of the unemployed dad who drops his kids off at public school without caring what they’re indoctrinated with as long as he gets to the bar on time.

 Those are the men outside our walls. They stab each other in the back and whine when one guy gets ahead and leaves them behind.

 That’s not the Liminal Order. We live differently. Because we want a different future.

 And that’s why we built the Liminal Order Business Advisory Group to incubate projects. Where else can you meet world-class experts from every field, experts who share your values and want to advance you because they know you see the world the right way? We’re talking about life-changing projects here, ideas you’ll read about on the news five years from now. They’re being built today inside the Liminal Order.

 Helping each other goes beyond money and companies. The Liminal Order has groups for just about every need a modern man can experience. From financial and crypto groups to parenting and health groups, we’ve covered the range of challenges. If your teenage daughter acts like a space alien in your home, and you need to learn to communicate, we’ve got you covered. Want to build a physique you can be proud of? We’ve got that, too. And we’ve got support ready for entrepreneurs looking to change the world.

 Because the Liminal Order isn’t just about the present. Our goal is to create a better future through honesty, integrity, community, and masculine strength. Every man inside these walls recognizes that we either hang together or hang separately.

What happens if you shut out the world and raise your kids alone in the wilderness? Who will they marry when they grow up? How will you secure grandchildren?

To keep your family healthy, you’ve got to keep your neighbors healthy, because their descendants will marry your descendants someday.

 When I look to the future, I see hope. For all these things to come to pass. Because I see what we’re doing inside the Liminal Order.

Every day, I check in and hear news of a brother rising up from his broken childhood to lead his family in a whole new way. Or a tech startup spawned from inside our walls that’s bringing in tens of millions of dollars. 

 What ideas do you have that could change the world? What could you accomplish with a band of brothers helping you? Who could you become if you joined a group dedicated to the improvement of every individual member?

Who could you be if your brothers kept evil men out of your way?

Why is it worth paying to be with men of honor?


A city led by bad men is a bad city. A good community led by good men acting virtuously allows you to live the good life. I mean in Aristotle’s sense of a good life, one built on objective values like honor, truth, honesty, integrity, discipline, and the joy these virtues bring.

 Aristotle said the polis was the peak of human culture, the best thing we could build, a city founded on absolute virtue. In his day, that meant a city-state. A walled nation that kept out intruders and attracted only the best people they could find. Everyone inside that city-state was proud to be a member, and each city-state distinguished itself from others.

 A good life stems from a good city. A good city comes from good leaders. Good leaders come from good virtues. There’s a clear pathway, and it all begins with virtue at the top.

 If you’re living alone in a world with no virtue, you’re never going to live the good life, my friend. You’ll get an endless nightmare filled with instability and violence and unending terror. You’ll get . . . well, what we have now.

 Look at America today. Fatherless children are the norm. And the vast majority of mass shooters are fatherless children. We’ve got abortion-on-demand being used as birth control by fatherless women too stupid to know they’re being population-controlled by the elites. Fat is healthy, male is female, and Amy Schumer is hot.

 Okay, nobody believes that last one. But that’s the kind of world we’re in. We’re told that bloated landwhales are the pinnacle of womanhood. They can’t even brush their teeth without getting winded. But we’re supposed to believe they’re our moral betters.

 Black Lives Matter is not just tolerated but praised. Cities use taxpayer dollars to paint BLM slogans on city streets. Meanwhile BLM thugs beat and kill people in the streets or burn down pharmacies used by elderly black citizens who need their medications. And we’re told these vicious thugs can’t spread COVID-19 and aren’t hurting anybody, but going to church will murder old people.

 Sure, the elderly black people who couldn’t get their heart meds after the Minneapolis riots weren’t harmed at all.

 Because virtue isn’t based on objective truths anymore. Virtue now is cobbled together in the Victim Olympics. You maximize your oppression points and come out on top as the most virtuous person in the room, the one who gets to dictate what words mean and who’s allowed to speak.

 That’s the sort of civilization you get without virtue. That’s where we are now.

 So if the overall culture is rotten, where does a man go to find the good life? Where can he find Aristotle’s polis?

 We change the definition of our culture. By removing yourself from the macro culture and joining a micro culture, you draw boundaries against the world. When that happens, you can control what happens inside your micro culture. You can build a smaller polis based on virtue.

 In fact, Aristotle wasn’t wrong. The city is still the measurement here. In his day it was walled city-states. So we need to go back to walled communities who can keep out the savage barbarians of our age and shelter us while we cultivate virtue.

 That’s precisely what the Liminal Order is. We’re a city-state of good men. We are a micro polis built on true virtue. Because if you live in a city with good people, following the good virtues, you can have health, wealth, and happiness. You can live the good life.

 The Liminal Order exists to help fight back against corruption. It also exists to create a place where men can come and build inside a healthy city. In fact, the two are really one and the same. We fight back against corruption by living lives of virtue and building communities based in goodness.

 They say the best revenge is a life well-lived. That’s what’s happening inside the Liminal Order. It’s why we keep the doors closed, and why we screen every applicant to make sure he fits our moral code. We don’t allow anyone in who won’t live a life based fully in virtue. And if a man is found to be secretly without virtue, we cast him out. We protect our polis with jealous hearts because we rely on it for strength and companionship.

 Walled communities are the way forward. We can’t keep living in one giant conglomerated mass without meaning or virtue. Aristotle would be horrified to see how we live today. No, it’s time to return to the oldest systems. To go back to intentional communities with firm boundaries.

 If you’re disgusted by the modern society built on a lack of virtue, take heart. Virtuous communities do exist. The Liminal Order is one of them. Walled city-states are taking root all over the place. In fact, they never really went away. We were all just taught that boundaries are bad! But many communities have maintained cultural walls. The Amish are one. Religions are great at doing this. So are older fraternal orders. And now new fraternal orders are joining the party.

 If you’ve felt alone, discouraged, and out of place, it’s time to move inside the walls. Come to a place where men live with virtue in their hearts.

 Your polis awaits.

Is the Liminal Order a red pill pick-up culture? (i.e., Does the Liminal Order disrespect women?)


I’m a dad. As of this writing, I’m getting married in a few short months. I wouldn’t build a culture that disrespects women because that would create a terrible future for my family.

You’re probably a dad, too. Because dads have the biggest reason to reach out for new networks. Single and childless men can take risks, but for fathers and husbands, it’s not just our neck on the line anymore.

 If you’re here, you know things are going wrong in the world. Are you worried? Because you should be. They’re coming for your kids.

 From invent-your-own-pronoun games on cereal boxes to literal castration, the latest attacks on children reveal the institutions’ motives.

 They want your kids fat, sick, and infertile.

 Low testosterone isn’t enough for Woke Inc. They prefer our sons unable to ever have sex. Junior doesn’t like girls for a day? That’s great news — begin the transition! Only 14 years old? No big deal. She’s old enough to decide.

 The worst part is, these people know exactly what they’re doing. And they make money off their dark deeds, from the expensive surgeries forced on kids who don’t know any better to high-sugar, high-profit “food” products.

 You know what I say to that?

 “For every leftist action, there is a greater and opposite reaction that fucks their shit to hell and back.”

 That’s what Liminal Order members believe. We also realize that faith without deeds is dead. So we formed a Woke Watch Taskforce to keep eyes on institutions around the country. If you need to know what’s coming to your kids’ school, we’ve got you.

 We’ve also got fatherhood groups for men who need advice, such as how to build a functional relationship with your teenage daughter. For many guys, that alone is worth the monthly membership.

 And if you’re ready to pull your kids out of the toxic public school system but aren’t sure how, we’ve got homeschool support groups.

 If you’re a father who doesn’t want the Left to eat your kids (before they eat themselves), you need a group like the Liminal Order. Because everything’s better when you’re with men who share your values. Here, you find brothers you can trust, forge masculine intimacy, get solid advice, and build a network of sensemakers who can help you find the truth.

 Men without our values are ignorant of their own values. We are deliberate men of action and intention, which means we must provide for, protect, and instruct our children intentionally.

 That starts with a brotherhood. No man is an island, and none of us can stand alone against the insanity coming for our children. Not even me. That’s why I started the Liminal Order in the first place.

 We are the solution I as a dad needed but didn’t have.

 So join the Liminal Order today.

 And be the man your kids — and grandkids — need you to be.


$99/ month


$790 / year

Equal to $65 / month

$3,890 / one time

Have more questions?


Good. The Liminal Order wants men who ask questions, make informed decisions, and demand the truth. Some previous applicants have asked some great questions during their interview process, and I’ll include those for your educational benefit.

Here are the most common questions so far:

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you can be as anonymous as you like in the forum, and on WICKR. But those who are open about their identity gain the most value from the network. They also have the most influence within the Liminal Order.

Real world benefits come from real world interactions.

Do you take crypto?

I will take BTC payments for annual memberships only. This is because there is no way to make the membership recurring with Bitcoin, and there is extra work involved. But yes – if you want to pay in BTC – just email me and we’ll work it out.

Is it religious?

I am not actively religious, but I am exploring faith and spirituality. And The Liminal Order itself is not focused on religious spirituality, but there are groups of men with the network who are. We have an active Bible Study Group, we have those on a journey, and we have some agnostics. What we don’t have are cringe atheists. We are welcoming of all people with religious beliefs, so as long as they generally align with our shared values.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep, you can cancel at any time on your own. You will have access to your membership until your subscription runs out and then it will not renew and your membership will end.

Is the Liminal Order for young guys?

YES! There is nothing better for a younger Man or a Man facing problems, than to be surrounded by accomplished, successful, older Men who can share their wisdom.

So many of the incoming members have asked me about mentorship opportunities because they want to give back. That’s what happens when you reach a certain level of success. You begin to find ways to share your experiences.

Young guys – believe me – you want to be surrounded by Men who have been there and done that.

You probably have additional questions. Email me and ask them. We live in a world gone mad, and more truth is the answer. I’d be happy to share the truth with you.

We are the cure.



The Liminal Order is your safe, sane, and effective way to combat the chaos around you and your family.

The right network brings positive changes. When people come together with like-minded individuals, the result is far more profound than what we can achieve on our own. And when we’re oriented on positive ideas, positive outcomes inevitably follow.

The solution to this ugly big picture and personal problems isn’t speaking up more loudly in public, or trying to convince your “friends” on Facebook to see things your way. No, the best, and safest, thing to do is take your head off the chopping block, settle down, develop deep roots, and allow time and consistent effort to bring results.

And the best place to do that is in a community of men who share your values and vision for the world. Groups have come together all throughout history to enrich and lift each other up. And when they do that, the results are often beyond all wildest expectations.

When you connect to and invest in a community of like-minded men, when you build a true brotherhood, great things happen. A community of like-minded people can make you happier, healthier, and even wealthier. And it can keep you safe from the lunatic mobs screaming about racism and sexism.

The Liminal Order is the cure to insanity. And it’s the way to build the future we want. Solve today’s problems and plant seeds for tomorrow. That’s what we do.

You can do it, too. You can build your tomorrow with brothers who care about you.

Everything about the Liminal Order is meant to make you stronger, smarter, safer, better connected, and more powerful – all through the magic of a mighty network.


When intelligence networks are fighting wars over information, an individual will only be as powerful as their network. Whoever has access to the truth wins. When you gather with men who share your values and vision for the world, the upside is limitless.

That’s why I’m extending this offer to join the Liminal Order. To give you the chance to take your life to the next level.

The world is a crazy place. We’re in a period of liminality as we pass through this unprecedented evolutionary time. Of course you feel uncertain. Liminality is marked by chaos, by a dissolution of structure and order. As the old foundations crumble away, what will emerge is yet to be seen.

This community is an effort to bring order to chaos, order to the uncertain, and order to liminality – hence, its name: The Liminal Order.





We aren’t just a response to insanity and destruction. We’re building the road to the future.

That’s a road you need to be on. With your family. With your brothers. With your tribe. 

Join the Liminal Order today!



$99/ month


$790 / year

Equal to $65 / month

$3,890 / one time