November Charity Drive and Style Challenge

Ok guys – I am very excited to announce the beginning of our November Charity Drive and Style Challenge. We are going to do good for the community and do something good for ourselves at the same time.

You may be asking, how are going to combine charity work with improving our personal fashion…well that’s a great question. Here’s what’s up:

Style Challenge

Our personal presentation communicates a lot to the external world. Clothing choices tell a story that others see before we even open our mouths. To say that personal style is important is an understatement, yet so many guys let it slide.

And while fashion certainly isn’t easy it’s also not that complicated.

Paying attention to how your clothes FIT is a great first step.

Problem is, we all probably have a ton of clothes in our closets that are both bad fits for our bodies, and take up space, create clutter, and distract us from a streamlined presentation.

An easy first step in fixing your fashion is to get rid of everything that doesn’t work. And an easy way to do that is to judge each piece based on FIT.

And that’s where Liminal Order fashion expert Tanner Guzy comes in!

He is going to lead us through a closet audit and decluttering effort by helping us identify what fits for us and what doesn’t.

Check out this video from Tanner here, where he introduces our effort and then gives you a FREE 30 minute video on FIT: how to see what works, what doesn’t and what looks best for you.

(Video for Members Only – Click here if you’re a Liminal Order Member)

Watch this video, go through your closet and drawers, and take everything that doesn’t fit RIGHT NOW and put it in a big pile.

But Jack, what do I do with it after I’ve put it in a pile?

November Charity Drive

This past Monday was Veteran’s Day and we have many vets and active duty guys in the LO, so let me take this time to say thank you for your service!

And while our LO vets and active duty members are in a good spot in their lives, it isn’t the same for all our veterans out there.

Some of them are struggling with jobs, health, and some are even homeless.

One small way that we can help our veterans in need is to take our clothes we never wear and donate them to an organization that helps our nation’s heroes.

So that’s just what we’re going to do!

We’re going to do some good in the world while also doing some good for ourselves. Win/win!

Here’s the plan:

  • Watch Tanner’s video by November 15th.
  • Go through your closets and make a pile of everything that doesn’t fit (be ruthless!) by November 22nd.
  • Donate your clothes to a veteran’s* (or men’s) charity in your area by November 29th.

Why Should I Do This?

I believe service and charity should be a regular practice in our lives. Donating time, money, or energy to a worthy cause helps both the receiver and the giver.

The recipients get your valuable time or products, and you receive positive emotional and physical feedback. Service work and charitable giving takes you out of your own head and puts you in touch with your sense of gratitude, all of which makes for happier, healthier, and even wealthier lives.

Service work and charitable donations also provide a great opportunity to live out your values as well. What do I mean by that?

Generally speaking, the men of the Liminal Order value individual effort and prefer the government to stay out of personal affairs. But that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to helping out our fellow man. In fact, we are so interested in helping our fellow man that we want to do it directly and without the wasteful interference of the government in our way.

Service work and charity are prime ways to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. And that’s who we are in the Liminal Order: men of consistent values who possess the strength to carry them out. In other words, we embody our ideals.

The November Charity Drive and Style Challenge is a great way for us to do something collectively which will help a ton of guys, as well as benefit us individually and collectively.

I really hope you’ll take the time to participate.

If you do:

  • you’ll look better
  • you’ll feel better
  • your space will be decluttered
  • your mind will be freed
  • you’ll feel good about doing good
  • you’ll have a chance to embody your ideals
  • the men who benefit from the donations will be grateful
  • and you just may change a man’s life

That’s a lot of great reasons!

And after the this style challenge, maybe you’ll want to work with Tanner more closely and really up your game. He offers coaching and other services for men who want to project power and confidence with their wardrobe.

[See Tanner’s website here: Masculine-Style]

Join me and your LO brothers in November as we do good and feel good.

Thank you!!

PS: Here is a partial list of charities we will work with:

1) Vietnam Vets of America (Veterans)
2) Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (Children)
3) Career Gear (for business attire) (Men)

PPS: Please head over to the forum and let us know you’re participating. Tanner will also be there to answer questions and help us through the process. Thanks everyone!

By the way you can find that thread right… (Members Only)

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