The Liminal Order Fitness Standards: The Physical and Becoming Physical

Many of you likely know Alexander J.A. Cortes already, but for those of who do not, he is a veteran personal trainer with 10 years experience, a personal friend of mine, and he’s been inspirational in creating the Liminal Order and growing a community of strong, like-minded Men.

Alexander is here to guide you in all your health and fitness needs, and his programs are the basis for the LO Physical standards and training.

Our aim is to create a program that begins with the basics and takes you through to advanced. This is how we build unit strength: from the ground up.

We are creating support videos to go along with this series – keep an eye out for them!

Without further ado – I present to you Alexander J.A. Cortes – The Liminal Order Fitness Master.


The Physical and becoming Physical


When Jack asked me if I’d like to contribute to the Liminal Order, I enthusiastically said yes.

Like Jack, I’ve watched the culture wars evolve and devolve into the current state of “hot” online conflict, intersectional takeover, and a marked shift that the future will NOT be like the present.

Maintaining one’s sense of independence in this society requires a high level of self-awareness.

Maintaining one’s sense of capability and strength requires an established level of physical HEALTH.

My domain is fitness. I work in this field because I firmly believe that starting at the level of the physical BODY is the most objective way for a man to develop his mind, his body, and his spirit.

The mental and the spiritual are internal, private, personal. Those questions and paths go in many directions.

The physical, it is external and objective. It has clear standards, it has proof of concept and proof of work.

It is the Mind made manifest in the real world.

In the Liminal Order, one of the tenets is SERVICE. To be of service, you must be a man of action, and have the STRENGTH to act.

Low physical energy leads to low mental energy. This is unacceptable.

The Liminal Order standards are nothing extraordinary. I am fully aware that no one is making you train. You can choose to ignore everything I am saying.

But, I’d like to believe that in joining this order, that you are not a common man, and you want to be of Service. You want to hold yourself to certain standards. You want to train yourself into a state of physical readiness. And as such, you are willing to put in the effort required to achieve results.

The Liminal Order Physical Standards


The physical standards of LO are basic, in that they are body weight / relative strength standards only. We are not expecting everyone to reach an “elite” level of physical performance, but rather a baseline of reasonable athletic performance and health.

The Standards are as follows

Resting Heart Rate-Sub 70

RHR is the best indicator of cardiovascular health, and generally speaking, the lower it is, the better. Your RHR is a reliable biofeedback metric of your cardiovascular health, and if you are trying to improve your cardio, it should lower over time.

2 Mile Run-18:00 Minutes (or less)

While running is not the be all end all of performance, the ability to run is an essential one, and the 2 mile run is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular health. At 9 minutes per mile, the pace is not excessive. Inability to complete the run in this time is indicative of a need to improve your cardiovascular health and stamina.

Pull ups or Chin ups -12 Reps (one set)

Pull ups and chin ups indicate that you have back muscle development, that you are not excessively fat and have healthy body composition, and that you have a functional level of upper body pulling strength

Push ups-50 reps (one set)

Push ups are a staple movement for upper body development. Being able to complete 50 in one set indicates a functional level of upper body pressing strength

Body weight Squats-100 Reps (one set)

Body weight squats should be EASY to perform, indicating a functional level of flexibility, mobility, muscular development, and strength endurance. Completing 100 in a single set also indicates strong cardiovascular health

Liminal Order Training, Level Zero


For those men who may be completely de-conditioned and have zero strength,  muscle, and endurance, this is where you start.

This is a DAILY routine, performed as many times as possible a week.

It is as follows:

  • 100 Band Pull Aparts
  • 100 Push ups
  • 100 Body weight squats
  • Walk 2 miles daily

These exercises are performed in as many sets as necessary, for as many reps as you are capable of. If you cannot perform 100, perform whatever number you can manage at the time.

Eventually your goal should be to complete all three exercises within 2-4 sets, and be able to easily walk 2 miles without stopping.

Liminal Order Training, Level One


This program is for men who have some level of strength and conditioning. It is a simple, minimalist routine training 3x weekly, alternating A and B workout.

It consists of the following

Workout A

  • Barbell Front Squat or Back Squat 5×5
  • Incline Bench Press or Flat bench press 5×5
  • Chin ups or Pull ups, 5×6-10 reps

Workout B

  • Barbell Dead lift or Power Clean, 5×3
  • Body weight Squats, 100 reps total
  • Push ups, 100 reps total

Liminal Order, Level Two


This routine is for those who are more seriously dedicated to being the gym. It is still a three day weekly routine, but it follows Push/Pull/Legs style setup

Workout A-Push

  • Incline Bench Press or Flat bench press 5×5
  • Flat DB Press or Incline DB Press 4×6-8
  • Push ups or Body weight Dips 3xAMAP

Workout B-Pull

  • Barbell Dead lift or Power Clean, 5×3
  • Inverted Body weight Rows 5XAMAP (as many as possible)
  • Chin ups or Pull ups, 5×6-10 reps

Workout C-Legs

  • Barbell Front Squat or Back Squat 5×5
  • Barbell Romanian dead lift 4×6-8
  • Reverse Body weight Lunges-50 total (25 per leg)

Liminal Order, Level Three


At Level 3, we are assuming that physical fitness is a serious part of your life and you want to “level up” with specific training and physique goals. For someone starting at Level 0, it could take 1-2+ years to reach this point.

For my most advanced programs, I’ve made them available to members of the LO at a discounted price. Please reach out to me on Wickr or in the Forum and I’ll be happy to help you.

The following two are recommended

-Achilles Program-For those men who want to focus on upper body muscle and aesthetics (ie, chest arms and abs)

-Kratos Program-For those men who want to develop their maximal strength on the barbell lifts

Liminal Order Support


If you have questions, comments, or just want to talk about the various standards and programs – reply to the main thread in the forum found here.

You can also message me directly on Wickr and I’ll be happy to help.


  • Read this post again.
  • Determine where you are in the standards.
  • Pick your program.
  • Tell us about it in the forum.

The forum is where the accountability and support will be. It’s a key feature of the LO and I really want you to take advantage of it.


See you in the forums!