What is the Liminal Order
and Why Do We Need it?

The struggle for the future will be fought between emerging networks.

You need a mighty network to thrive.

When Men of means and motivation join forces to create a powerful network, the results can be life-changing.

Community can make you happier, healthier, and even wealthier.

The most successful ones share common values and a vision for the future.

Until now, no such network existed for us.

But, today you’ve found just that group of Men –

The group of men who will ride with you into the 21st century.

Welcome to the Liminal Order.



This has been a long journey for me. When I got divorced in 2009, I didn’t know what to do. My life was in shambles, I had no idea how to rebuild, and the world had already started to evolve. I felt like a stranger in a foreign land. Dating and mating had changed, women had changed, men had changed, and everything seemed like a mess.

So I did the only thing I could: I dug in and figured it all out. I was not going to settle for anything crappy or mediocre. That’s just not me.

I began reading various forums, catching up on the state of male/female relationships. I learned how to be more attractive, I got my ass in shape, and I dedicated myself to my personal mission. As my life improved but the world had not, I began to wonder:

Why had things changed so much, why did everything seem out of whack?

As I learned more about how the world had changed, I discovered that which disrupted our bedrooms, also disrupted the nation. Everything was interconnected in a way I hadn’t seen before. I learned about radical feminism. I saw how it had taken over our universities and corporations. I saw how politicians and policy makers were adopting fringe ideas and using them to shape our society. I watched how the media and corporations worked together to shame men and promote the idea that women were oppressed.

I dedicated the next few years to self-improvement, raising my kids, and learning all that I could. And eventually, I learned so much, I began to have my own ideas and I started writing. I created jackmurphylive.com and produced almost 100 essays. I tweeted and grew a small following. I expanded my knowledge and shared it with others.

And then, Trump happened.

The campaign and election of Donald Trump accelerated and amplified all the issues I had been writing about. His election and the reaction to it were totally intertwined with the research and reading I’d done.

I saw how the Nation had hurtled towards the left leaving moderate guys like me alone searching for answers. (Hillary Clinton was not the answer.) And as weird as it was, Trump became the best and only option.

I knew I wasn’t alone, so I set out to write a book called Democrat to Deplorable. I explained in detail all the cultural forces which lead to nine million Democrats ditching their party and embracing Donald Trump. That group of voters was on the cutting edge of the cultural shifts, and I was not only one of them, but I became their advocate as well.

My research took me across the country talking to real people. I interviewed countless folks and really learned who they were. The book tour took me across the country speaking to universities, colleges, and conferences. I became 100% dedicated to understanding and sharing the what, the why, and the how of what was going on.

But then something happened which changed me from an observer to an actor in this mad play.

In 2018, I was publicly doxed, fired from my job, and banned from coaching Little League – all because of my political views.

So now, not only did I understand the culture wars as an author, researcher, and voter, but I experienced what it was like to be shamed, shunned, and exiled. I learned what it was like to be the target of a coordinated network attack.

I had the cops show up at my house over a tweet. I had anonymous people send letters to my Little League board. I even almost got evicted, just because of my politics.

I think it’s safe to say:

I’m an authority on modern culture.

What I’m about to share with you didn’t just fall from the sky. I didn’t just make this up. It’s not a hallucination. I’ve done the research.

I’ve met and interviewed a wide array of experts. I’ve read all their writing, picked their brains on my podcast, and observed how they go about functioning in this scary new world.

What I’m about to share with you is the collective understanding of countless thought leaders and observers, synthesized and consolidated into the most important thing you’re going to read all year.

What you’re about to read is so critical, if you pay attention to it, and heed the words within, it could very well change you, your family, your community, and even your Nation.

Are you ready?

Good. Me too. Let’s go.

* * *



Humans are communal. We come together in groups to cooperate. When we cooperate we have greater success than when we are on our own. So it’s critical for us to know how and why we come together.

One thing that holds groups of people together is shared stories, or narratives. If we believe the same stories, we’re more likely to stay together and cooperate.

And so it becomes important how and when these stories are shared with the group. If we’re not all on the same page, cooperation becomes more difficult and it’s harder to achieve success. This was the true 10,000 years ago, and it’s true today. Shared mythology is a key to human society.

For the last 60 years, our stories were transmitted through top-down distribution channels like broadcast television and radio.

A small group of powerful people and organizations had complete control over the system. They decided what message was disseminated to the masses and when. This meant that ordinary individuals relied on a small cabal of managers to guide them because there was no efficient means to connect individuals to each other directly. The few communicated to the many.

But today, we are connected like never before. Information flows from the many to the many. No one group has a monopoly on our national narratives. And because of that, our culture and society are on the tipping point of disorder. Instead of just one massive society held together by a fixed distribution network, we’re now fragmenting as competing stories segregate us according to our shared beliefs.

No one knows where we are headed. The old ways of communicating have been thrown aside and a novel system is emerging. Until the dust settles, we will be in a state of flux and disorder. And in that disorder, a battle for control of the future rages.

A new form of savage competition is upon us.

We’re now back in the natural state of man, but this time for ideas. There is no consensus, no unity, and no cohesion brought by unified identities. It is most certainly a nasty and brutish time.

We now face evolutionary chaos brought on by the most powerful technology the world has even seen.

The impact will be similar to the advent of the printing press or even as fundamental as when homo erectus evolved into homo sapiens. The era we live in is experiencing a once in a 100,000 year event. And as the old structures fall away, new systems of organization and communication will arise.

This extreme evolutionary change could lead to a higher state of consciousness for all human kind if it works out well. Or we could face a period marked by extreme disorder and dissolution of our known society. The one thing we can count on however, is that the immediate future will be uncertain, confused, and disordered. It is a period of LIMINALITY.



Our current state is marked by emergent information networks competing for narrative dominance, social cohesion, and ultimately the future state of man. The battle is akin to a civil war, but this time, instead of armies lining up on either side of a field and shooting at each other, the battleground is everywhere, we are all combatants, and there is no choice whether to engage or hide.

You’ve all been conscripted whether you know it or even want it.

By this time you’re probably familiar with the players. There are three basic groups locked in a battle:

1) The Blue Church
2) The Red Insurgency
3) The Resistance

The Blue Church is the system from the old way. It is academia, the government bureaucracy, the deep state, media corporations, consumer corporations, financial giants, big tech companies, and more. The people who run these organizations are committed to the old paradigm of top down information control and the spread of their ideology.

Their group myths and organizational narratives are predominantly “progressive.” This is because progressivism and corrupted liberalism took over each of these institutions by indoctrinating young people at university and over time they took over the entire system.

The basis of the Blue Church’s moral code comes from a mutated form of feminism called intersectionality. They believe all societies have been patriarchal, that patriarchy is oppressive, and that (white) men are the root of all oppression.

The Blue Church does not hide their political ideologies, they actively use all the power they have to enforce their moral codes, and they see themselves as righteous. They have no shame in attacking, dominating, and eliminating any threats.

They see masculinity as the source of male power, and therefore, to end patriarchy and oppression, they must destroy masculinity.

A few years ago this idea would have seemed crazy, but the events of the last 15 months have proved otherwise- it’s all true. When the American Psychological Association (the leading psychological association in America with 118,000 members) characterized traditional masculinity as toxic and even pathological, it marked the first overt public declaration of the War on Men.

Make no mistake, the Blue Church and its adherents want to destroy traditional maleness, they feel righteous and justified, and they will not stop until they are successful.

To the Blue Church this is a religious mission and they are the chosen ones.

The tactics of the Blue Church are well known by now. They shame, ridicule, ostracize, and exile those they deem as enemies. They do this through smears like Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! and so on. But they’ve gone beyond just naming and shaming. They now use the power of technology and their monopolistic control on social media to silence their opponents.

Search engine algorithms hide opposition information, Twitter users are banned, YouTube channels are terminated, and entire Facebook communities are deleted. Financial companies ban their political opponents from banking and conducting financial transactions. And the Blue Church, through its alliance with the Resistance, doxes people, sends the police to their homes, and strives to get people fired from their jobs. They want to end all possibilities for their enemies to communicate, associate, conduct normal day-to-day business, or even earn a living.

Complete exile and social assassination is their goal.

The Blue Church has taken a scorched earth policy and the earth is now scorched.

The Red Insurgency arose in response. The Red Insurgency is an emergent intelligence network fueled by technology and social media. Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, email lists, and now private communities of individuals who see the danger of intersectionality and collective thinking have appeared as a counter balance to the Blue Church.

The Red Insurgents have banded together through common goals, not through centralized leadership.

Red Insurgents generally believe in equality of opportunity while the Blue Church seeks equality of outcomes.

These groups act with speed and independence.

And they are immune to the tactics of the Blue Church. Slurs like racist and bigot do not effect them because they know in their hearts it’s not true. They see the value of traditional masculinity and wish to defend themselves against the War on Men.

However, The Blue Church’s tactics were so effective in destroying masculinity that:

The only remaining men have the constitution for revolution.

Men like you and me.

The Resistance is a new evolution in response to the Red Insurgency. They too use the power of social media and technology to form loosely bound emergent intelligence networks united by a common goal – eliminate the Red Insurgents.

It is the resistance that generates memes, bands together to dox individuals, swarms on people they deem as undesirable, and works in tandem with the Blue Church to advance the goals of intersectionality, equality of outcomes, progressivism, and collectivism.

The Resistance is an off shoot of the Blue Church, but they share the same moral foundation and of course, the same enemy.

The Red Insurgents and the Resistance do have some things in common. They are networks are characterized by speed and evolution, while the Blue Church is more lumbering and slow. These networks are locked in a battle of narrative warfare where the team with greater speed and efficiency often wins. The side that focuses on iteration and speed will have an advantage. The side with the dominant OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, and act) may ultimately be the winner. Such is the nature of our new narrative jungle.

Ultimately, individuals will only be as powerful as their networks.

* * *



Big picture problems lead to personal dislocations.

What I described just is the view from 30,000 feet, but that doesn’t mean its impact remains up in the sky. In fact, all of those massive changes have already trickled down to have serious consequences for today’s man.

The effects are widespread and harm us each in various ways:

Some of us are feeling isolated and alone.

We may be surrounded by people who don’t share our values. We are afraid to speak our minds for fear of being shamed or ostracized. And as we grow older, we have more trouble finding people who think like we do.

The opportunities we have for friendship and community become farther and fewer between. And even when we do meet someone, the chances that they see the world the same way are very slim. The wide reach and influence of the Blue Church and the Resistance have made it that way.

Men like us are islands in a sea of chaos with no bridges connecting us to anyone.

Social norms change day by day.

What you can and cannot say evolves at light speed. What once meant “OK” now means you’re a racist. What was once a harmless joke now means you’re bigot. Words become evil over night. It’s now safer to walk on eggshells than to express yourself honestly. And despite no malice in your heart, you can become evil in a flash. It’s safer to just be quiet.

Isolation leads to anxiety and depression.

Fear makes us unhealthy.

Stress ruins our chances to build strength of any kind.

And we Men are deteriorating physically.

Men are now are collectively weaker, less virile, and less potent than ever.

Grip strength is down, sperm counts are down, and group testosterone is at all time lows. Men don’t lift, they don’t eat right, and they don’t take care of their bodies. While the War on Men rages, many men are self-sabotaging on top of it. As a unit, we’re in disarray.

There are few role models to look up to.

Media has ceased celebrating traditional masculinity and instead now vilifies it as toxic. Boys have no one to model their behavior after as most dads are satisfied with being soft, controlled, and pacified. There is a serious absence of leadership and education.

And even if fathers wanted to help their sons, the world is moving too quickly for them to keep up. Guys find help randomly and through luck, not by traditional means.

A dad who wants to help often has no idea where to start.

And because of that, sons are suffering.

When men do reach out for help, we may find information, but we still don’t find true brotherhood. Social media offers weak affiliations, not the strong bonds of deep connection. These weak affiliations aren’t able to provide the support, the accountability, or the motivation necessary to make lasting changes.

Social media as a helping agent is an illusion, one which ultimately makes us weaker, because when we accept ephemeral associations as true community it leaves us complacent despite our continuing degradation.

In sum, the ongoing War on Men and the information wars have left us weaker, lonelier, and sicker than ever before.

And instead of taking the medicine we need, we indulge in the fantasy of change through social media.

Sad and scary, right?

But the really truly terrifying part is:

All of this is going to get worse.


Not a single trend I’ve described has started moving the other way.

What will the world look like in five or ten years?

What happens when the medical community makes masculinity an actual sickness like cancer?

How they will eliminate competitiveness, risk taking, and aggression from all little boys?

Will they use surgery? Chemical castration? What if your son has “too much” testosterone? What then?

Imagine bringing your kid to the doctor because he has anxiety caused by the War on Men, but instead of helping you, they take your kid away because “you’re toxic?”

Or imagine a time when anyone who says or does the wrong thing is banned from social media, stripped of their Internet access, and banished to the virtual wilderness?

Who even determines what is “wrong” now, anyway?

What happens when jokes you made 20 years ago get you fired today?

What if every company adopts “bias” training and forces you to submit to brainwashing just to get hired?

What if you can’t have a cell phone, a bank account, or even medical treatment because you think the wrong way?

What if you can’t earn a living of any kind because you’re a “bad” person?

What if the Blue Church and the Resistance get their way and finally end male power to “save” the oppressed?


It is scary to contemplate.

And even if I’m only half right, imagine just how bad this will be!

Sadly, not a single indicator tells me any of this is going to change anytime soon.

And I suspect that if Trump loses in 2020 or after he leaves office in 2024, the new President and administration are going to work extra hard to make sure “that never happens again.”

What do you think that means for you and your family?

I wish none of this was true.

I used to feel like a crazy person thinking about this stuff. But recent events, like the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and the APA’s condemnation of masculinity has left me no choice but to accept reality.

Only when you’re honest with yourself about the state of the world can you begin to find the appropriate solutions.

And luckily, there IS an answer.

Yes, there is hope!


There are safe, sane, and effective ways to combat the chaos around us.

We can find order, comfort, and hope among friends.

I’m all about positive change and a belief in things which can help me, my family, my community and my Nation.

In fact, I usually don’t even like to harp on the negatives or define who I am by what I’m against. But I had to lay out the reality of the situation for this to make sense.

And I believe the right community can bring positive changes for all of us, right now.

When people come together with like-minded individuals, the result is far more profound than what we can achieve on our own.

And when we’re oriented on positive ideas, positive outcomes inevitably follow.

As you may be thinking right now, the solution to our big picture and personal problems isn’t speaking up more loudly in public, or trying to convince your “friends” on Facebook to see things your way.

No, the best, and safest, thing to do is take your head off the chopping block, settle down, develop deep roots, and allow time and consistent effort to bring results.

And the best place to do that is in a community of Men who share your values and vision for the world.

See, community itself has advantages that don’t even relate to the culture war.

Groups have come together all throughout history to enrich and lift each other up. And when they do that, the results are often beyond all wildest expectations.

When you connect to and invest in a community of like-minded men, when you build a true brotherhood, great things happen.

A community of like-minded people can make you can happier, healthier, and even wealthier.

Yes, it’s true!

Scientists have shown that when we engage with other people we feel less stressed, less anxious, and less depressed. Human beings are communal animals and we evolved that way because cooperation means we are more likely to succeed.

So when we get together with other people, we actually begin to feel better. When you feel good doing something, you’re more likely to do it again right? Of course you are.

You body wants you to be in a community because it knows that’s one important way to find success!

So when you actively engage with others, when you give your time and energy to someone who shares your values – you literally feel physically better and even feel better about yourself too.

And believe it or not, the positives don’t end there.

Communities bring new business connections, new ideas, new information, and even accountability from your peers – all of which can lead directly to improving your financial health, too.

Yes, joining the right community can make you happier, healthier, and even wealthier.

Imagine that? Just by being around men you respect, you can not only have fun and brotherhood – but you can get rid of anxiety, depression, and even improve your bottom line at the same time.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Don’t trust me, listen to the experts!

Famous psychiatrist Alfred Adler believes that the only people who can truly rise up to meet the challenges of life are people who have shown a commitment to helping others.

So, not only does joining a community help with anxiety, depression and even your finances – but

Joining a community makes you strong enough to face the hardest problems you’ll face in life.

When you give back to your fellow man through community it gives you the strength you need to survive and thrive in the world today.

“The only individuals who can really meet and master the problems of life . . . are those who show in their striving a tendency to enrich everyone else.” – Alfred Adler

And scientist Carolyn Schwartz believes feeling connected to other humans and helping them succeed is the main criteria of mental health. What?

Yes – joining and participating in a community of people with shared values is the corner stone to overall mental health!

“A feeling of human connectedness and a willingness to develop oneself fully and contribute to the welfare of others are the main criteria of mental health.” – Carolyn Schwartz

How does this work in practice?


Let me tell you a little story.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference in Orlando. I had the great opportunity to sit around a table with some guys you might have heard of: Ed Latimore, Tanner Guzy, Hunter Drew, and Alexander JA Cortes. We were just hanging out chatting by the pool and eventually each guy took a turn sharing where he was with his latest business efforts. Some of us shared problems to overcome and some of us shared success stories.

It was just five guys hanging out talking.

But what happened next was incredible.

After each guy shared, the rest of us gave feedback and we talked everything over from all angles. Five men sitting around a table brainstormed, shared ideas, and even solved problems. Each man took a turn and each man learned something which improved their business.

In fact, Hunter cleared an obstacle to leaving his 9-5 job that day! Ed got ideas for expanding his speaking business. Cortes literally built a new product right there on the spot. And Tanner got ideas for his upcoming retreats.

That was even where I fully developed my vision for the Liminal Order!

We achieved all of that just by hanging out, being bro’s, and shooting the breeze.

The power of men coming together to help each other can not be overstated.

Whether you learn a new technique or fix an old problem, you can improve your life by talking to men who care about you.

A slice of hope from another man can fill your sails with confidence and sometimes that’s all you need to make profound changes.

Community can literally Improve your health, make you happier, and even make you richer!

That’s how powerful an engaged community can be.

* * *




Well OK, Jack – that all sounds great, but why you?

Why are you the right Man to lead the Liminal Order?

Great question.

Truth is, I’m only one who can do this, because the Liminal Order is the natural extension of my life, my work, and my network.

In fact, The Liminal Order is the logical next step on this crazy journey I’ve been on.

Remember when I told you I got doxed, fired, and banned from Little League?

I sure do. That was a tough time for me. Some people may have just given up at that point and said, Hey, they got me. It’s over.

​​Some might have just shriveled up and went away.

But not me.

I stood strong, I never apologized once, and I held my ground.

The people who doxed me thought they were striking me down for good, but instead they’ve only made me stronger. And not only did they make me stronger personally, but they fortified people’s support of me too.

Yes, by attacking me, the bad guys made all of you double down in support – and here we are!

See, we’re in this together.

I may be the one with the arrows in my back but you can see from my history I know what you’re going through.

I’m on the battlefield leading the troops.

There is no question about that.

My strength, stamina and resolve are undisputed.

I’ve made and kept my commitments to you.

I said I’d write Democrat to Deplorable, and I did.

I said I’d tour the country talking, and I did.

I promised you the Liminal Order – and I’ve delivered.

And I’ve already given you 100 essays, 30 hours of podcasts, hundreds of tweet threads and more.

You know you’re going to get high quality content from me in the future, because you’ve gotten a ton of it already.

And once inside the community, I’ll continue to do the same because that’s what I do:

I deliver high quality content from the cutting edge of culture.

But don’t take it from me! Check out what people have said about my earlier work.

Here’s some of the reviews from my podcast:

And some about my book, Democrat to Deplorable:

OK, so you’ve got grit and some stellar reviews, what else do you bring?

Another great question.

I’ve got a powerful network of dedicated supporters (like you!).

A few years ago I made it my mission to seek out and make connections all over the country.

I’ve used Twitter and social media as a way to meet people in real life, make real meaningful connections, and expand my network.

I’ve met so many people now from so many different walks of life that I’ve become a “connector.”

There’s a reason 900 people are on the waiting list. They know I can bring them in contact with other like-minded people.

My network will become your network and by the power of synergy, we will all be better off than we were before!

The Liminal Order will be as powerful as my network, as unique as I am, and completely one of a kind.

There is nothing else like it, because there is no one else just like me.

Plus, I KNOW how awesome you guys are – and I want you all to come together!

It will be my honor to make the introductions and help kick off a series of new relationships.

OK, OK, but what’s your background?

Here’s some basic credentials:

– Bachelor’s Degree, Economics: George Mason University.
– Master’s Degree, International Finance and Affairs: Georgetown School of Foreign Service.
– Hedge Fund Analyst.
– Real estate developer.
– Executive Director of non-profits.
– Charter School Turn Around Expert.
– Author.
– Father of three.
– In a long-term committed relationship of 5 years.
– Youth sports coach.
– Expert at developing young professional talent.
– Two x Amateur Muay Thai Kick Boxing Champion

As you can see, I’m not just an Internet personality or Twitter influencer. I’m a real life professional and entrepreneur with tangible real world success. I will take what I know from my previous careers and apply it here in the Liminal Order.

In fact, based on the demographic survey, you guys are a lot like me as well.

Over 70% of you have gone to college or grad school, most of you are 35 years old or older, and the majority of you are married too.

You’re accomplished scientists, bankers, builders, authors, writers, musicians, film makers, finance guys, military officers, government officials, political operatives, media personalities, entrepreneurs, publishers, and even some clergymen!

All in all, it’s a seriously impressive group of people I am proud to have brought together.

And impressive people also tend to have impressive expectations, which is fine by me!

You can expect the Liminal Order to be a professional operation.

Because that’s what you are and that’s what you expect.

I promise to be relentlessly focused on the Members, their growth, and their satisfaction.

* * *



First and foremost the Liminal Order is about community. And we’re going to make that happen in a variety of ways:


All Liminal Order members are encouraged to start local meetings where ever they live. Post a notice in the forum and see who lives near you, then make it happen. I’ll continue to host monthly meetings in Washington, DC as well. Come join us if you can!


Each quarter, I’ll pick a spot in the US where lots of members can make an easy trip to an event. I’ll travel around the country four times a year and come to you guys. It’s even possible we will have guest speakers and attendees at each one.

These should be a lot of fun.

I’m really looking forward to this part!


Each year the Liminal Order will host a national conference in a major cosmopolitan city. It will have speakers, workshops, and community building events – along with planned recreation and parties. This will be one event you do not want to miss!

Target date for the first conference is Spring 2020.

Along with the conference, we will host retreats in more rural or wilderness locations. The retreats will be for long term planning, more workshops, community building and brotherhood – along with the added bonus of time spent outdoors.


The forum will be the heart and soul of the Liminal Order. It will serve many purposes:

1) Membership networking.

2) Mentorship opportunities.

3) Organizing various elements of the Liminal Order through committees like the “Rites and Rituals” committee or the “Membership Outreach Committee.”

4) A skills bizarre. Lots of guys have already reached out to me and asked how they can give back. People want to exchange their knowledge with you. Some ideas suggested already include: Internet operational security, how to live off the grid, how to begin a career in sales, and more.

5) Discussion on the topic of the month. Each month we will pick a certain area of focus and members will use the forum to analyze, process, and evolve our understanding of the subject – as well as learn how to implement various new skills.

6) Whatever else you want! There will be an off topic section for threads on whatever else guys like to talk about when they get together.



As part of your Liminal Order membership, you will receive access to our encrypted messaging system called WICKR PRO.

Think of is as our top secret Slack.

That’s because, WICKR is nation-state level security.

All messages are end-to-end encrypted, all the headers and identifying information are removed, and messages self destruct after a certain time period.

WICKR is where more sensitive information can be exchanged like personal contact info, specific business transactions, or anything else you want to keep insanely private. I can’t see any of these messages between users and neither can WICKR. It is a safe as it gets on the Internet.

World class.

The next area of focus is….


Each month I will deliver premium content to the community in essay form, pod cast, or video cast. Subjects will vary but they will continue with the general themes set forth already. Early ideas are an in depth exploration into personal sovereignty, liminality, masculinity, family matters, and anything else relevant to being a successful man in a powerful network today.

Creating and delivering content is my favorite thing to do and I can’t wait to bring it to you.

Plus: there will be special guests and more bonuses – just wait!

And because we’re proactive men, the final area of focus is something I’m calling…


What is a Counter Strike? It’s action we take to become stronger, healthier Men better able to serve ourselves, our family, our community, and eventually our Nation.

Counter Strikes will take the form of challenges. The first few challenges I’m working on are:

1) Fitness Challenge

2) Meditation Challenge

3) Service Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Right now I have Alexander A.J. Cortes signed up to be the Liminal Order Fitness Coach and he’s developing a special program to take you from 0 to 100 in one year. We’re going to start with the basics to get everyone on board and over time the program will evolve as you become stronger and fitter. Eventually, everyone will find benefit in the program whether you’re a newbie or an expert, and the entire thing will be cataloged for easy access.

Meditation Challenge

This is in development right now, but at first I’m just going to push you guys to try meditating for ten minutes a day.


Because meditating ten minutes a day completely changed my relationship with anxiety and I can honestly say it’s changed my life.

I want you to have the same experience.

Service Challenge

Community service and helping other people is the best way to get out of your own head. The personal satisfaction that comes through community service can not be over stated. I believe service is a key component to a healthy masculine lifestyle and as such I’m going to push you guys to try it. Right now I’m working with some local options in Washington, DC and we’re researching more options for us nationally.

Of course, none of this is required – but if you accept our challenges, do the work, keep up on the reading, participate in the community, and expand your network – I can almost guarantee you’ll have a happier, healthier, and even wealthier life.

And who doesn’t want that?

Everything about the Liminal Order is meant to make you stronger, smarter, safer, better connected, and more powerful – all through the magic of a mighty network.


When you get together with Men who share your values and vision for the world, the upside is limitless.

That’s what I want for all of you – the chance to take your life to the next level.

And the easiest way to do that is with a potent team.

Remember, when intelligence networks are fighting for culture and society – an individual will only be as powerful as their network.

* * *







The Liminal Order accepts new members on a limited basis. To be considered for Membership and to learn more about the Liminal Order, submit your email and an existing member will contact you directly:

* * *



Some of you have already asked some great questions – here’s the answer to the most common so far:

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you can be as anonymous as you like in the forum, and on WICKR. But I suggest connecting with the right people in the community and then really getting to know them.

Real world benefits come from real world interactions.

Do you take crypto?

I will take BTC payments for annual memberships only. This is because there is no way to make the membership recurring with Bitcoin, and there is extra work involved. But yes – if you want to pay in BTC – just email me and we’ll work it out.

Is it religious?

I am not actively religious and the Liminal Order will not be focused on religious spirituality. However, we are welcoming of all people with religious beliefs, so as long as they generally align with our shared values.

The Liminal Order itself may not be religious but there is an element of spirituality about it. Meditation and service are the cornerstones of a spiritual existence, and personally I am focused on these activities in my daily life.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yep, you can cancel at anytime on your own. You will have access to your membership until your subscription runs out and then it will not renew and your membership will end.

Is the Liminal Order for young guys?

YES! There is nothing better for a younger Man or a Man facing problems, than to be surrounded by accomplished, successful, older Men who can share their wisdom.

So many of the incoming members have asked me about mentorship opportunities because they want to give back. That’s what happens when you reach a certain level of success. You begin to find ways to share your experiences.

Young guys – believe me – you want to be surrounded by Men who have been there and done that. Also, I may be 43, but the Red Hen keeps me young 😉



I think so!

The world is a crazy place. We’re in a period of liminality as we pass through this unprecedented evolutionary time.

Of course you feel uncertain, as liminality is marked by chaos and a dissolution of structure and order.

The old foundations crumble away and what will emerge is yet to be seen.

This community is an effort to bring order to chaos, order to the uncertain, and order to liminality – hence, its name: The Liminal Order.

Remember with the Liminal Order you will receive:

    • Premium Content
    • World Class Technology
    • Secure Messaging
    • Dedicated Community Forum
    • Real World Connections
    • Accountability
    • Teamwork
    • Access to guest contributors
    • and a chance to be happier, healthier, and even wealthier!


The Liminal Order accepts new members on a limited basis. To be considered for Membership and to learn more about the Liminal Order, submit your email and an existing member will contact you directly:

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  • Chris May 31, 2020 @ 18:26

    What if I’m a good fit but can’t afford the membership costs?

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