Who Are the Men
of the Liminal Order?*

The men of the Liminal Order have varying backgrounds but we all have one thing in common:

We are men who seek to improve ourselves so we may better serve our family, community, and the Nation.

We know that strong men make strong countries and we have committed ourselves to a collective action that emphasizes accountability, personal choice, and leadership.

The Liminal Order is unique because we have come together around shared values and world-view rather than a profession, a school, or a physical location.

Because of that, our members bring a wide range of experiences to the Order.

Some of our members are:

– Former Military Officers
– Hedge Fund Operators
– Tech Entrepreneurs
– Medical Doctors
– PhD Academics
– Lawyers
– Government Officials
– Media Publishers and Personalities
– Authors
– Artists
– Truckers
– Riggers
– Tech Specialists
– and recent graduates finding their way.

Most members are between the ages of 35 and 54, but we welcome younger men as we believe mentorship is a critical component of service.

Together we strive to improve ourselves, each other, and the world every day.

If you’d like to join this exclusive group of gentlemen, please contact us below.

*Please note: Privacy is a top priority for the Liminal Order. We will never disclose the names or identities of any member to anyone for any reason. Many of our members use pen names for privacy. If you so choose, we will honor your desire to maintain anonymity within the Order.


Membership in the The¬†Liminal Order is currently closed. We limit new Members so we can serve our existing Members at the highest level. To secure your priority registration for the next membership opportunity, submit your email and we will contact you directly.’

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At 12:00 PM EST we release 50 spots on a first come first serve basis. 

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