Masculinity, Pornography,
and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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Masculinity today is under attack from all sides. Whether its coming from the intersectional feminists on campus or the mass media companies or even members of congress – masculinity is under siege.

Even within male spaces there is a raging debate over what a positive masculinity looks like. Should it be cold and stoic? Empathetic and vulnerable? Able to control emotions or simply just ignore them?

Together, Dr. David Ley and explore this issues as a way to help you figure out what is best for you.


Porn is more popular than ever. Instead of sneaking peaks of your dad’s Playboys, kids now are watching 4K HD movies of gang bangs and furries along with standard male/female vanilla sex.

The anti porn industry has sprouted up and men are bombarded with images of hot babes on one side, and NO PORN NO FAP messages on the other.

What is missing is a data driven discussion of healthy sexual norms and behaviors….until now.

On this podcast we go deep into the history of porn, it’s effect on male sexuality, how to use it healthily and we examine the how’s and why’s of male shame.

As is the case with most of my podcasts and writing on sexuality, I look to explore the sources of male shame and when appropriate, pierce those shrouds with clear thinking and a sensible approach.

Masturbating to visual imagery should not cause men to be ashamed.

I go deep on this topic in this podcast with a world recognized expert.


David isn’t just a counselor and a therapist, he’s a frickin’ black belt in one of the most bad ass sports around, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

His BJJ started as a father son experience which included him choking out his own son on the mats.

We use BJJ to discuss the importance of fatherhood, male spaces, and to help define a healthy masculinity.

David is the real deal.


David J. Ley, Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized expert on issues related to sexuality, pornography, and mental health. He has appeared on television with Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil and has been in publications ranging from the LA Times and the London Telegraph to Playboy and HUSTLER magazines. Dr. Ley has published extensively in both the academic and “pop” realms of literature. His two books, The Myth of Sex Addiction (2012) and Insatiable Wives (2009) were revolutionary explorations of sexual issues which blended a powerful client-centered narrative with a rich understanding of psychology, biology, and sociology. His latest book, Ethical Porn for Dicks is available now on Amazon.

 Subjects we cover on the podcast:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Masculine Identities – 15:00
  • Victim Culture
  • Blank Slate
  • Genetics and Behavior
  • Porn and Masturbation – 30:00
  • Therapy for Men
  • Abstinence-only Sex Ed
  • Feminist Alliance with far-right
  • Porn and Motivation
  • Testosterone and Masturbation
  • Positive Sex Norms
  • Visualization and Fantasy
  • Porn and Feminism
  • Female Sex Cartel
  • Marriage Therapy
  • The 21 Convention
  • Sexual Role Models
  • Sex Fantasies by Political Party

BJJ, Masculinity, victim culture, the blank slate, genetics, human behavior, pornography, masturbation, relationships, abstinence, testosterone, norms, positive, visualization, fantasy, sex cartel, feminism, role models, 21 convention, fantasies


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