Life today is more complicated and confusing than ever.

Our politics and culture have created a world where male power and masculinity are constantly under attack leaving men with few adequate role models. Guys all over the globe are left wondering how to be a high-quality man in a world that seems to shun them.

The environment shifted so quickly that our fathers and uncles can’t really help. The people we once relied on for guidance don’t have the answers anymore. Very few people do.

Luckily for me and for you, I’m one of the people who gets it.

That picture you see above was taken while I gave a speech called, “The Art of the Comeback.” 300 men at the 21 Convention had the chance to hear my story, the problems I’ve faced, and how I overcame them.

Through hard fought experience I developed a plan on how to manage personal crisis and emerge stronger than ever. I figured it all out through trial and error after my divorce ten years ago and then I just went full blast.

Everything in my life was just how I wanted it. Kids were great, work was great, I was in incredible shape, and my relationship at home was better than ever.

And then out of the blue, another crisis hit me.


This time it was a public affair where I had to fight against the insane culture warriors who wish to see guys like me exiled from our world. But I didn’t back down, I fought back and ended up even stronger than ever. I was able to turn the tables and come out on top because I already knew how to make a powerful comeback.

The world brought me a gift. It put me to the test, a test that I won. And by winning, my ideas on life, love, and how to┬ákick ass today were validated. The best part? This all happened publicly while thousands of men watched me fight and WIN. My vision for life was confirmed. Today, I’m battle tested and gritty. I’ve become the wise old veteran with a couple of rings on my fingers. I know what I’m doing.

Now I want to share that strength with you.


I can help you build a life most men won’t even dream of. Whether you want to improve your health, wealth, or relationships, my mentoring program can help.

All you gotta do is take the first step today (that’s always the hardest one).

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Join me.

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