Michael Millerman – Alexander Dugin, Leo Strauss, and Martin Heidegger


Michael Millerman, PhD is the leading English language expert on Alexander Dugin. Together he and I explore Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, a controversial, novel, and challenging notion of politics, philosophy, and knowledge.

It is said Dugin has Putin’s ear, so if you want to understand geo-politics today, you must understand Dugin.

We take you through his theories step-by-step. “Dugin for Dummies” is a must listen!



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Michael Millerman and Jack Murphy Live Podcast Show Notes:

There are three political theories of the 20th century:

  • Liberalism
  • Communism
  • Fascism / Nazism

Alexander Dugin believes there needs to be space for a Fourth Political Theory.

Dugin begins by rejecting various concepts from each political theory. He rejects from:

  • Liberalism – the primacy of the individual
  • Communism – linear temporality, class centric analysis
  • Fascism / Nazism – emphasis on race, stateism

He accepts select concepts from each political theory. He accepts from:

  • Liberalism – the value of freedom
  • Communism – the critique of capitalism
  • Fascism / Nazism – focus ethnos (not race, but like folk, nation, civil society, shared imagined orders)

Dugin places great importance on the exploration of the most basic human existence that hasn’t been limited by analysis or self-interpretation.

This concept is from Heidegger and it’s called “Dasein.”

4th Political Theory can be seen as having three parts:

  • Body – geopolitics
  • Social – ethnosociology
  • Spirit – theology

Three themes that arise from Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory:

  • Civilizational pluralism
  • Reject preeminence of natural science
  • Accept divinity of human life

Appreciate the blossoming of human complexity.

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  • Dr. John May 14, 2020 @ 8:46

    Very well done Jack. Insightful conversation on a complex topic.

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