#RockvilleRape: What it Means for America

“The most horrific act I can remember in the last 60 years in Montgomery County” – Angry Parent at Rockville High School

#RockvilleRape: Red Pill bombs dropping in the heart of blue America.

Last week, two adult-aged men (allegedly) raped and sodomized a 14-year-old girl in a locked bathroom during the school day. Blood and semen were found on her body after she instantly reported the event to the authorities. Her friends and classmates recall hearing her screams as the two illegal immigrants stole this poor girl’s virtue, health, and well-being.  Rape is horrific and this one, in particular, stands out as a significant tragedy.

Moms of Montgomery County, the 11th richest county in America, a deep blue state where Hillary beat Trump 60% to 34%, are waking up today wondering how their little girls ended up going to school with adult illegal aliens, two of whom, have now apparently raped someone’s daughter in a bathroom.

Steeped deep in blue American thinking, the liberals of Montgomery County have actually encouraged and welcomed the massive numbers of immigrants into their neighborhoods through sanctuary policies and defying the federal government.

Their liberal leaders tell them diversity and acceptance at all costs are the best courses of action, and to oppose this idea makes you a Nazi.

No doubt one of the most represented groups at the Women’s March following the inauguration were the pink vagina hat wearing moms of Bethesda and Silver Spring.

Maryland and Montgomery County are as Blue as it gets.

But today, the cracks in that blue pill thinking just might be letting in some nuggets of truth.

Outrage from parents is evident, even if unreported by national news media. These matters get little coverage from mass media outlets because they operate in cahoots with the Democrats to stuff their districts with fresh newcomers, ready to feed at the trough of Maryland’s schools and other services. 

Montgomery County’s foreign-born population today is now over 30%.  I wonder if the moms knew that?

Today I’m going to share this and other red pill truths with the Starbucks Moms of Bethesda.

You see, not only am I here to spread the truth, but I am also personally invested. Montgomery County happens to be where my kids go to school. This is no longer an abstract exercise, but rather an all hands on deck war to fight for the safety of our children. But I can’t keep doing it alone. I’m going to need these soccer moms to get with the program.

Sadly, it may take a tragedy like the rape of this poor girl to make it happen, so to not have her pain be in vain, I’m going to explain a few things for the limousine liberals of Montgomery County.  Let’s start at the beginning.

How did we get here?  What is a Sanctuary City? What impact does it have?

Sanctuary cities are where local governments refuse to comply with federal law enforcement. They expressly refuse cooperation with federal immigration agencies in an attempt to protect illegals from deportation and win votes from the immigrants here legally.

These sanctuaries are described as morally superior to less refined jurisdictions where the law of the land is upheld, and illegal aliens are deported back to their country of origin.

This “moral superiority” comes with great expense, however.

Tax dollars are surreptitiously siphoned away from legal residents and their needs and funneled into the outstretched hands of newcomers who’ve arrived moments earlier. These arrivals first experiences as an American is to break the law by entering unlawfully and then immediately demanding a handout at the expense of legal residents: citizens, aliens or otherwise.

Current incentive structures within the United States encourages and protects these aliens as they cross the southern border in Texas, or overstay tourists visas. Children are especially well protected, even if they are 17 years old.

Unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who are apprehended by immigration officials are fed, sheltered, and then released onwards to their final destinations. Adult migrants that find their way to sanctuary cities know they can live, work, and even commit crimes with no fears of being reported to federal immigration authorities (ICE).

Numerous services are available to illegal immigrants upon arrival, but the most expensive one of all is education. Any child that shows up on the doorstep of a public school must be provided the same education as a legal resident. 

Most illegals receive far more than the average tax-paying legal student as they are classified as “English for Speakers of Other Languages” (ESOL) and have extra teaching and support staff assigned to them.

So it’s not a surprise that so many illegals come to Montgomery County for services and sanctuary, it is entirely by design.

“This was not an event.  This was a preventable tragedy.” – Outraged Mother.

The Maryland State Assembly even voted this week to expand its offer of sanctuary by expressly prohibiting law enforcement and corrections facilities from co-operating with ICE.

No moms in Bethesda were wondering if this was a bad idea until just this week.

After all, Hillary Clinton welcomes all immigrants, and Barack Obama proclaimed, “Si se puede!”

The #RockvilleRape is sad indeed, but its effects will ripple from here to Guatemala as red pills are swallowed by suburban mothers forced to come face to face with their decision making. Finally. 

Is this what feminism and diversity were meant to deliver?

“All the days of the liberation of women and girls, and yet we can’t protect our girls in a public school. The standard is too low. Way too low. Unacceptable.” – Montgomery County Mother.

Is it worth educating, protecting, and defending illegal immigrants if it means our daughters will be raped while they are at school?

What is the cost of being a sanctuary for illegal activity? How much does it cost to attract and provide education services for children who were living in El Salvador or Mexico just a day ago?

Do people understand the consequences of shielding illegal immigrants from our federal laws? 

Have mothers and grandmothers finally had enough?

Aside from violent rape, what other consequences are there from being a sanctuary city?  What does it cost?

As I did my research, the area which stood out to me was the astonishingly large impact illegal children have on the education system in Montgomery County, the nation’s 17th largest.

The $2.5 billion dollar budget is already under enormous pressure, and problems there radiate outward into the county at large, as the school budget is the single largest line item for the entire jurisdiction.  Basically, all tax and revenue decisions are done with the idea of how best to fund the gigantic operation.

So I began to inquire. Just how many illegal children are attending school here? What is their actual impact? And does it stop there?

The numbers are staggering. And secret.

The school system does not collect data on or report the number of illegal immigrant children enrolled in school. There is no official website, no press releases, no information distributed that reflects the impact on the school system or the county. There are only estimates and guesses.

So I went right to the source and called the county directly.

Sources within the Superintendent’s Office revealed the number of illegal aliens enrolled in Montgomery County to be 20,000 or more.

20,000? Is that a lot or a little? Let’s compare it to the school system at large.

According to the Montgomery County website, the overall student population of the school system is 159,000 meaning 12.5% of the total population, or 1/8, could be an illegal alien.

Looking to corroborate that information I checked the official government statistics on child migrants entering the country. I learned since 2014, Montgomery County has formally received 3,286 (1,089 per year) unaccompanied alien children (UAC), according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. 

Presumably, most of those children ended up enrolled in Montgomery County Schools.  And the pace of arrivals is picking up.

In Fiscal Year 2017, the number of UAC’s arriving in Montgomery County has accelerated to 556 in the first four months alone, or an annual rate of 1,668, up nearly 50%.

If those numbers were consistent over the last eight years, illegal aliens could make up a vast majority of the increase in the overall student population, which was 19,000.

It seems the leaked information from the Superintendent’s office was probably real.

When those students arrive at school, they bring with them a big price tag as all kids do, as Montgomery County spends quite a bit per student on education, approximately $15,000 per year.

Therefore, with an estimated 20,000 illegal aliens in attendance at county schools, they consume approximately $300,000,000 worth of education services each year.

Three hundred million dollars annually or $3 billion dollars over ten years.

With the influx of enrollees, schools are forced to fight for limited resources. Internecine budget competition means a zero sum game for students across the county.

According to an example given by the County’s website, a school with the same amount of students but an overall higher level of ESOL students would have an estimated 50% greater number of teachers, aides, and instructional staff than a school without the ESOL population.  Budget dollars follow the additional staff, leaving shortfalls at other campuses across the area.

“Why are these 18-year-olds from Honduras allowed in the same class as my 14-year-old daughter?” – Mystified mother at a public meeting.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul means some kids are getting short-changed.

Students are often crammed into overcrowded buildings, being taught in “temporary” trailers which now appear to be permanent. Planned school expansions and renovations are delayed at numerous locations including Walt Whitman High School and Thomas Pyle Middle School.

Staffing positions often go unfilled for extended periods of time, leaving students in the hands of temporary teachers and substitutes until a permanent teacher is funded and placed.

And sadly, the budget is often stretched on the backs of the lowest paid and least appreciated county employees. For example, according to the Montgomery County Schools Budget website, building service workers are expected to clean 29,000 square feet of building per person, while the industry average is 19,000, or 52% greater than normal.

So not only are the citizens of the county asked to pay more in taxes, the teachers are asked to take lower pay, but even the cleaning crews are made to work over and above to accommodate the fiscal pressures formed by educating 20,000 illegal alien children.

All of this in the name of “sanctuary.”

County-wide Impact

While those numbers are massive, it is important to consider the wider context to get a better understanding of the actual impact.

The real disruption to the County and its citizens goes well beyond the school system.

The schools and the county at large continuously face budget pressures which have lead to cutbacks in critical services. The county has reduced spending on firefighter, police, and teacher salaries, while also raising property taxes and taxes on real estate transactions.

The school system is bursting with growth, the citizens are paying more taxes, safety personnel salaries are being frozen – and little girls are being raped – all to accommodate the “influx” of illegal immigrants rushing to the sanctuary of Montgomery County.

Who benefits?

Besides the clear benefit to illegal aliens who hear the call of Montgomery County’s beacon of sanctuary, who benefits from financing this wave of immigration?

It certainly isn’t the long-time local residents whose tax dollars are consumed at the expense of their own children’s education and county services.

But, perhaps it is the Democratic party on both the local and national levels. Traditionally, Latino voters are reliable Democrat voters. If the Democrats can import enough new voters into the country by providing them safe spaces, free education, and no risk of deportation – then perhaps they can eventually convert them to solid blue votes down the road and permanently box out the Republicans from elected office.

But at what expense? At the expense of public education, public safety, and now, tragically, the rape of young school girls?

Local mothers have had enough:

“This changed my mind about a lot of my attitudes. As a former bleeding heart liberal, I feel differently now.” – Mother and grandmother outside Rockville, Maryland emergency meeting.

The recent election of Donald Trump as President on a platform of immigration reform signals large parts of the country are ready for change, but Montgomery County, Maryland is the bluest of blue jurisdictions.

With their social justice oriented upper class and the swollen ranks of immigrant voters, Maryland seems to be far from finding their version of the red pill.

However, the tragedy of a young girl getting raped in the bathroom at school just might be what turns the attention of limousine liberals from the brainwashing narrative of the Democrats and towards a more sane approach to immigration.

Let’s just hope it will only take one, and not an epidemic of heinous crime to finally get those suburban soccer moms out of their denial and into the real world.

The trend of awakening, the spread of the red pill, and the rise of truth can not be stopped.  And Montgomery County, Maryland is just the next phase in the process. 

Billions of dollars spent, federal laws eschewed, criminals coddled – all for what?  Votes? Diversity? Rapes?

As one of the largest and most progressive counties in the country, Montgomery County has a chance to lead the way towards reform, but the question will remain: have the mothers, grandmothers, and daughters of Maryland finally said, “no más???”

Video and quotes from Jack Posobiec’s twitter account where he reported live on the ground in Rockville, Maryland.


The #RockvilleRape case fell apart after new facts show the morning gang bang was consensual.

A sensational launch to the coverage surrounding the tragic events of the #RockvilleRape sent the new and old media into overdrive. For those on the right, this incident, where two illegal aliens allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom, kicked off a firestorm of anti-immigrant polemics.

And for those on the left, the fallout delivered a chance to scold the right for dehumanizing the suspects to make political hay.

The thing is, everyone is wrong.

Click here for my full update on Medium.


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11 comments… add one
  • Dman Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:57

    Very aptly stated. However I don’t think this is going to change anything. There is seemingly no amount of violence that can be caused by illegal immigrants that will persuade them. These people are impervious to reason.

    • Jack Murphy Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:59

      This will be a long fight no doubt about it. But when little girls get raped people start to pay attention. The video of the self-proclaimed bleeding heart liberal changing her mind is powerful.

      Maybe finding out billions are spent on illegals in just MoCo alone will have some impact.

      Either way, we gotta keep up the pressure.

      Thanks for reading as always, Dman.

      • Dman Mar 24, 2017 @ 13:02

        Oh I agree. Did not mean to sound defeatist. Have to keep fighting and never ever quit.

        • Jack Murphy Mar 24, 2017 @ 13:04

          Indeed. The support that is rising for this movement is picking up steam. We have to bring more attention, more facts, more reporting to the surface. Every day.


    • Hope-Has-Arrived-2017 Mar 28, 2017 @ 1:43

      It is going to take no less than a prominent liberal teacher being carried out by ambulance after attempting to break up a hallway fight occurring in a foreign language. No fewer than 15 expulsions for breaking the law take place at my school on a daily basis. No one says a word to injured teachers.

  • Ace Vawter Mar 24, 2017 @ 14:24

    Its absolutely disgusting that some terrible incident must occur before the leftist nuts can understand anything more complex than ‘following the leader’.

    Personally, I have zero sympathy, care or interest in what befalls these bleeding heart freaks. May each and every one of them have the opportunity to reap the same that has been dished out already.

    Perhaps enough of these idiots will be stirred out of their la-la land beliefs of a utopia fantascy world to actually have enough ‘stones’ to get on the train that says, “Enough – No More!”. Until they do, my children and my loved ones are in danger and my belief it is better them and their neighbors rather than me and mine.

    So in a concise nut shell, “Fuck all you”.

    • Jack Murphy Mar 28, 2017 @ 10:06

      I’m hoping it doesn’t have to get much worse before changes come, but I think I am being naive/hopeful.

  • walterallenhaxton Mar 27, 2017 @ 17:32

    That principal should have been arrested a long time ago.

  • Hope-Has-Arrived-2017 Mar 28, 2017 @ 1:36

    Amen! As a midwestern transplant from the DC area, I can vouch that things are no different south of Chicago. One more point on School Admissions for Everyone that our Limousine Liberals may not be aware of ….Special Ed budgeting targeted to “Life Skills” programs for new arrivals results in revolving door staff vacancies attributed to alarming numbers of Occupational Health visits treating outrageous assault injuries during the school day. Or perhaps Limousine Liberals simply gaffe the college-educated staff injury rate as “dues” for past cultural inequities. It’s funny that I don’t know a single Democrat brave enough to take on even one minute of my classroom work with “new immigrants”.

    • Jack Murphy Mar 28, 2017 @ 10:05

      Fresh immigrants of all kinds, legal or otherwise, require far greater investments in terms of $/student at school. If you’re legal and part of the tax paying system, I’m ok with that, such is life. But if you’re illegal, not paying taxes, AND costing more than ‘normal’ kids – this is a real problem for me.

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