Second Month Blog Stats – A cheeky look at a novice blogger’s stats

Second Month Blog Stats – How I Increased Revenues by nearly 20,000% and you can too!

Biters, haters, groupies, and more!  My second full month at Jack Murphy Live. 

Second month blog stats don’t tell you much, but I’m committed to posting my stats for all to see. Partially a ‘look at me’ exercise, this is really more about keeping me honest and focused on the goal at hand.  Public accountability.  Now that I’ve committed myself, the pressure I feel from within is intense.  I’m all in:

I aint going out like no bitch Jack Murphy Live

Month two is history, lets see where we are.

Articles on Google page 1, green lights flashing everywhere – almost 40,000 words have floated into the universe spreading my message of evolved sex, love, and relationships to the self-actualized men of today. 

I laid out the groundwork for my Moral Framework for Sexual Health, giving you a concrete system to guide your sexual explorations and behaviors – a new paradigm for a new world.

I showed you how to win at love with a red pill mindset by improving your negotiating position while also minimizing the downside risks.  I also showed you how to pick the right woman in the first place.

I demonstrated first hand how to lean out quickly for topless beach parties in tropical paradise.

And I was the first to report on Cernovich’s wedding, even getting a retweet from my good friend and internet sensation Milo Yiannopoulos in the process:

Milo Retweet Jack Murphy Live

Speaking of Milo, he was my first biter, copying my month end stat wrap up with his little diddy called something like “Why I am Winning,” where he reports on his 100,000 Twitter followers and FIFTY MILLION tweet impressions per month. 

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so quit flirting with me, Milo.

Along the way, I picked up my first trolls and haters, too!  I got my first mom’s basement comment, and my first dedicated troll who responds to nearly every tweet.

Add to that a committed bunch of groupies who hang on every word and by golly, it looks like this shit is actually taking off.

In the midst of all this I also managed to achieve an improbable feat:

I INCREASED REVENUES 18,958% in JUST ONE MONTH (and you can too)!

Now let’s dig into the stats:

Page Views by Month JML Nov 2015 How I increased revenues      Posts: 9

      Page views: 4,361

      Visitors: 1,434

      Views per Visitor: 3.04

      Comments: 67

      18% Growth in Page Views from October to November.

I managed 18% growth even though one day in October spiked at 1500 views based on just one article which continues to be my most viewed article yet.  This one article on one day accounted for 40% of my month’s traffic.  Take that away and the growth month over month would have been around 100%.  

The number I’m most of proud of is the 3.04 views per visitor, which means many people are digging around in the archives, catching up on what they missed, and reading more than just one article.  It also means my walled-garden approach of linking to my own articles throughout is working. 

Comments are down from 96 the prior month, but again they were boosted from one day of a troll attacks. 67 comments in one month on nine posts seems like a decent amount for my second month. 

Now, how did all these people get here?

Twitter rules everything around me.

Twitter is the number one source of traffic for Jack Murphy Live.

Top Channels JML Nov 2015 How I Increased Revenues in my second monthI shamelessly self-promote on twitter, again following the lead of Mr. Milo, who thankfully, sets the gold standard for self-promotion, allowing guys like me to follow behind in his wake with some sense of dignity retained.

Twitter 28 day summary Nov 2015 Jack Murphy LIve How I increased revenues

It is part of a three pronged twitter strategy:

Micro blog

Promote other people

Promote myself

This strategy is working as my follower count rockets up in a straight linear fashion, just counting the days before it goes exponential and curves straight up into the sky!

Twitter Followers by Day thru Nov 2015 Jack Murphy Live

159 New followers, up almost 90% from the prior month.  At this rate I will reach 250,000 followers by September of next year…(as if).

Twitter Summary Nov 2015 Jack Murphy Live How I increased revenues

In the last 28 days of November, Tweets are up 62% to 876, and impressions have smashed the quarter million mark.  Mentions crossed over 1,000 in November and profile visits hit nearly 15,000.

As I said, Twitter rules everything around me and I’ll continue to push it.  I’m having a lot of fun on there and it seems like things are working.  I literally have no reference point for follower growth or what is “good” or not, I’m just winging it here so if I’m totally off base, let me know in the comments. 

Mailing list is up to 9! Woo.  I even sent out my first newsletter this month.  Thank you to everyone who signed up, you are part of the original 10.  The precious ten.  The top ten as it were.  Thank you!

I experimented with some pop ups, and settled on the little slider in the lower right hand corner with a picture of topless chicks.  Let me know if it is horrible. 

SEO seems to be working.  Everything I have read says that I need to wait for many months before organic search starts to deliver visitors to the website.  However, something clicked on December 1st, because while organic traffic was low in October, it has already increased 10 times since December 1.  I did a quick search on my key words and discovered I am on Google Page One for many of my long-tail keywords.  Now these maybe worthless keywords, who knows, but for now if you search on them I hit on page one and that feels like an accomplishment.  Here’s what I found:

First full month site stats” – Page 1 – 479,000,000 results

Therapy Helped Me Become a Better Man” – Page 1 – 70,500,000 results

How to Lean Out for Beach” – Page 1 – 38,600,000 results

I think its a pretty good sign that my article on how I kicked off a blog is right there on page 1 out of almost a half a billion results. 

All this is fine and dandy, but what about the MONEY?

Let’s Talk Revenues

How, Jack, how did you increase sales by 18,958% in just ONE MONTH?

Ok, lets get serious for a second.  All of my growth stats are inflated because this is just my second month.  September was a partial month and basically at zero.  October, my first full month had decent baby stats, and now November looks better.  But I’m still coming off newb level numbers so the percentages are exploded.

I hardly doubt the growth rates are going to continue in this fashion, but it is fun to report on.

Same thing goes for the revenue stats.  While my 18,958% growth is accurate, its not really that big of a deal because of where I started (zero). 

My first month of revenue was $0.24 as I reported last month.

It’s what made me a pro blogger (eye roll), those measly $0.24.

And now, with my MIRACLE growth, I’m not just a pro blogger anymore, I’m a verified bonafide internet marketing superstar (not)!

Here is how I did it:

I sold other people’s books.

In November I wrote two book reviews:

“Essays on Embracing Masculinity”

“Straight from the Underground”

I sold five of them.  Three of Cernovich’s and and two by John Doe.

Together they paid me around $45 in commissions.  John Doe uses E-Junkie affiliate program and Cernovich via Amazon Associates.

Amazon Stats Jack Murphy Live November 2015 How I increased revenues in my second month

When combined with other minor amazon sales, I reached a grand total of $45.74 in sales for November.

Clearly I’m an internet genius.

Definitely not.

I simply have followed the plans laid out by Mike, 30DaystoX, and others.  This is not rocket science, and its something you can do too.  You just gotta follow the blue print. 

This truly is just scratching the surface and I’m only figuring out the basics right now.

But my primary strategy remains the same:

  1. Produce high-quality personal content where I am the center of the brand
  2. Tell my readers about useful products and books I use
  3. Eventually sell my own high quality products
  4. Until then, give give give give away content for free

Things I have to do

Last month I created a to-do list, lets see how I did:

  • Create give away for mailing list
  • At least ten new posts on topics like:
    • How to live with a woman today
    • A practical model of sexual health
    • Commentary on a current event
    • Update – About Me
    • Am I raising my kids to be the adults I want them to be?
    • Travel piece (Tulum, Mexico)
  • 100 new twitter followers
  • Add new email list subscribers
  • Double page views to 7,000
  • Organize front page content in more appealing way
  • Change color scheme

Not terrible, I did manage to get many of those things accomplished.  The doubling of page views was ambitious but I’m trying.  I’ll give myself credit for 10 posts even though I hit 9. 

Threesome Thursdays is already in the works.

My key to-do’s for next month:

  • Create Bribe for Mailing List (REALLY – gotta do this)
  • Consider new color scheme
  • Increase comments by 10%
  • Increase twitter followers by at least 50%
  • Increase page views by 18%
  • 9-10 Posts
  • One book review
  • Read all the books on my desk
  • Increase mailing list sign ups by 25%
  • Increase level of copywriting techniques in my writing
  • Brainstorm original products for potential sale

Wrap Up

As you can see, I hit some of my goals, missed some, and smashed some.  Twitter is growing faster than I thought it would, and my page views are moving slowly but surely.  My SEO is doing well, landing on page one makes me very happy.  Though I have to find keywords that matter.  Page one for a key word no one searches on is useless.  Revenues are moving up, though I do suspect the % growth will decrease, can’t run at nearly 20,000% every month!

But my favorite metrics: haters, fakers and groupies are the ones I will really focus on. 

And in the meantime I’ll keep cranking out relevant, useful information you can put to work in your life today. 

Thank you, readers, for making this even possible and something more than me just yelling into the void, I sincerely appreciate it. 

With that, I’m back to the grind – only 99,650 more followers to go…

— Jack

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15 comments… add one
  • Timo Fischer Dec 5, 2015 @ 10:04

    Congrats Jack looking forward to the “bribe” you are preparing, haha. Have a great Weekend, Cheers!

    • Jack Murphy Dec 5, 2015 @ 11:54

      Thanks, Timo. I appreciate it. I’m working on some original content that would only be accessible by signing up. We’ll see how well it works!

      I don’t want people’s email addresses for any spam or anything like that, just to help build community and keep people up to date – plus give away freebies and exclusive content.

  • Dman Dec 5, 2015 @ 10:33

    I think the real key to your success, aside from quality relevant content, is consistency. Post after post. Even if you don’t want to write. It’s a long slog but one year from now you’ll be amazed at where you are.

    • Jack Murphy Dec 5, 2015 @ 11:55

      Thank you. I feel an intrinsic pressure to get more and more content out there. Obsessiveness is paying off here. But its readers like you that keep me coming back for real. Than you for reading and follow along!

  • Jack Murphy Dec 6, 2015 @ 10:21

    You’re welcome. Posting the stats is fun for me, plus it keeps me accountable. I can’t fail now when I’m publicly out there, its just not my style!

    Funny thing about Twitter. Tweet or die. Tweet a lot or die. Tweet like an authority, and you’re an authority. And has been said, if you’re not on top of the feed, you don’t exist.

    Making connections and networking helps a ton as well.

  • Dan Dec 8, 2015 @ 17:35

    Cool, congrats. Change the color so it doesn’t look like Victor P’s. I’m writing an ebook too. When its done I’ll send you a copy.

  • The City Bachelor Dec 26, 2015 @ 11:59

    Awesome insights that you’re sharing here. This is super helpful for the guys out there pounding the crowded pavement trying to build something and contribute.

    • Jack Murphy Dec 26, 2015 @ 12:05

      You’re welcome. I’m already planning my update post for December and the stats just keep going up. I’m just following the road maps laid out by others, and things are happening. Stay tuned!

      Glad to have you around!

  • Kitten Holiday Jan 3, 2016 @ 12:50

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this. I haven’t read through the links you provided yet but I will read them next. They may answer my question, but are you saying that by writing a book review and linking to the book you made money whenever someone bought the book after reading your review? And you made a total of $45 in one month off two reviews?

    This is my year to take my blog seriously and, if possible, monetize it. I put a lot of energy into it, energy that is not spent on other things, so a financial incentive to add to the personal motivations is a good thing.

    Thank you for being so open with your process!

    • Jack Murphy Jan 3, 2016 @ 13:31

      You are correct. I wrote the review and provide an affiliate link to purchase the book. The author pays out 75% in commissions. This is very common. Affiliate marketing is one way a lot of people make money online.

      The key is to do it and be authentic. I read the book, I liked the information in there, and I bought one myself. So I reviewed it, provided my personal context, and then recommended it because I believed in the product.

      That makes it informational and useful to my readers, it is intellectually honest, and I make a little money. A little tiny bit.

      There are definitely ways to make money from your blog plus maintain your integrity – thats my plan at least!


      • Kitten Holiday Jan 3, 2016 @ 16:27

        Would you say that the money earned from having 1 person buy the book from your review covers the cost for purchasing the book? That’s a good deal. Then everything else is gravy but sometimes, starting out, when you aren’t having publishers send you books, shelling out $20 for a book can seem like a lot

        • Jack Murphy Jan 3, 2016 @ 16:32

          Even better, this particular author credited back any affiliate their purchase price back after posting a review. It was risk free, aside from my time.

          Sold another yesterday.

          Other prominent guys with more traffic have sold scores, if not hundreds of them as an affiliate.

          • Kitten Holiday Jan 3, 2016 @ 16:39

            I have some more questions, if you don’t mind!
            Where can I learn more about the affiliate program?
            I see you have that affiliate disclaimer. Is that required or just something you do to stay transparent?
            What is the difference between eJunkie and Amazon? Just personal preference?
            Do you get paid through paypal?

            And … what email list development software do you use? Thanks!

          • Jack Murphy Jan 3, 2016 @ 16:46

            Not at all.

            E Junkie hosts a bunch of different products. There are also other clearing houses for affiliate marketing programs, I can’t help there more than to say google it.

            The disclaimer is just meant for me to be transparent.

            Yep, paypal.

            Mail chimp.

            For me, the thing with affiliate marketing is that I have to believe in the product first and foremost. So, I kind of find the opportunities just by living, rather than seeking out products to affiliate market.

            Amazon is by far the biggest, of course. But they pay the least (4%). Sellers on E Junkie offer up to 75% as far as I have seen.

            I have affiliate links on my site for most all the books I mention and most of the products too, but you’d hardly notice it because it is all just a natural extension of my writing.

          • Kitten Holiday Jan 3, 2016 @ 16:48

            That’s awesome. I’m the same way as you, I won’t recommend it if I didn’t get something from it. And I obviously won’t write about it if I haven’t read it. Even if I don’t like a book, I’d probably just never mention it. But on shoestring budgets, it definitely does help to justify spending some cash. Thanks for all your help!

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