The Secrets of Scott Adams:
Warlords, Pirates, and the Battle for Reality

Scott Adams on the Jack Murphy Live Podcast

My guest Scott Adams is an author, a cartoonist, and a hell raiser on Twitter. Mr. Adams has made a career out of observing human nature and reflecting our best and worst selves back at us.

A cultural commentator without comparison, Scott Adams is on the cutting edge of thought and analysis.

Our podcast covered a lot ground but it’s filled with deep insights, actionable advice, and a how-to guide for creating viral tweets.

Check out these four clips and the full length episode!

Scott Adams: Why Reality Doesn’t Matter:

There is no subjective reality according to Scott Adams. One might think this would be a problem for humanity, but Scott argues here that a shared notion of reality is unimportant, and in fact, our divergent perceptions are good for society:

The Return of Warlords, Pirates, and Superpowers:

Social media is the playground of Warlords, Pirates, and those with Superpowers. New media “Davids” continue to trounce the legacy media “Goliaths” on a daily basis. We’re all updating the way we make sense of the world and it’s going to be renegade truth seekers, twitter warlords, and independent info militias who lead the way.

Is Scott Adams authentic on social media?

Scott Adams is a known hypnotist. He’s a master persuader. He’s an expert product creator and salesman. He knows how to craft his message to serve his needs…but does this make him inauthentic? Is he just playing with us? Listen to his reaction here:

Scott Adams Shares his secrets:

Here we get to the meaty part of the podcast. Scott Adams shares his tips and tricks on these essential skills for new media creators:

  • How to create a viral tweet
  • How to be funny
  • How to write clearly
  • How to sell books

Scott Adam’s Latest Book, LOSERTHINK:

Scott’s latest book, LOSERTHINK, helps people escape from the prison in their mind and teaches them step by step on how to replace LOSERTHINK with winning thoughts. Buy this book: it’s worth every penny! Highly recommended:

Scott Adams on Jack Murphy Live – The Full Episode:

Sit back and enjoy the full interview of Scott Adams by Jack Murphy Live.


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