Quit Wasting Time: Change Yourself Before Worrying About the Rest

Lately, my mind is grappling with the biggest issues of the day. I sit down and write chapters on power structures and the ideologies which are meant to dismantle them. I chew over questions like, “Can one thing be more beautiful than the other?” or “Will the structural elements which gave birth to Trump remain in 2020?” And even, “Will feminists ever stop their march towards total cultural revolution?”

These may seem like heavy or advanced subjects. And they are. But I’ve earned it. My journey to this point began with a study of self-mastery. I learned how to take care of my body, my mind, and eventually my family. I expanded that mastery to my local community through countless hours of public service. And now I’m ready to tackle the issues which wrap themselves through our nation like tentacles and vines. They creep up from the floor of the individual and create a web which covers every aspect of our society. But, without the first steps of individual mastery, pondering issues of national importance would be masturbatory.

I don’t want to put anyone down, but most of you are not ready for this type of thinking.

Most men still need to master their own basics first: health, fitness, game, career, family life. Do these before you spend any time complaining about feminism or globalism getting you down.

Worrying about cultural and political problems without already achieving self-mastery is a total waste of time.

First, you have more pressing needs. Get your body right (see AJA Cortes). Get your mind right (see Gorilla Mindset). Get your game right (see Rollo Tomassi). Get your career right (See Jack Murphy). Do all of these things first before you spend any time worrying about elections, postmodern philosophy or the corrosive impact of the feminist overreach.

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Stop pissing away your day complaining about things which are outside of your control.

jackmurphylive.comI’ve put in the time. I have three kids, a loving family, my health and a sustainable financial portfolio.  I’ve built buildings, communities, and even institutions. And at 41, I’m left with nothing else in front of me but the urge to change the world.

That’s what I’m doing with #DemocratToDeplorable. I’m setting the stage for change. I’m creating a space for more people to make the painful and difficult separation from one way of life to another. We’re making room on this side of the internal wall of America, and as more Deplorables find refuge in our world, I hope to give them a narrative they can follow to find strength for the future.

If you continue with self-improvement, consciously upping your game every day, eventually you too may reach a point where changing the world seems like the next logical step.

At some point you look around at those in power and realize they are softer than you are. You realize they may have lucked into their positions.You see their control on the world is tenuous. You realize they are nothing more than flawed human beings just like everyone else. 

That is the moment to seize.

I’m not saying everyone can be a world changer, but if you build yourself up, improve daily, and secure your future – one day changing the world will seem like a reasonable next step.

There are inspirations all over the place. People go from zero to game-changer in a matter of minutes. And many of them are just hollow shells filled with luck and timing.

But not us, when our moment presents itself, we will be oak trees, slowly growing but eventually becoming powerful, entrenched, and built to last.

I’m reaching this new point in life. Sometimes I am fearful and full of doubt. Sometimes I am insecure. I am not perfect. But when I accurately and honestly reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going, the path forward is clear.


Some of you have been with me since the beginning in 2015.


Jack Murphy Live speaking at the 21 Convention in 2018.

You’ve seen the changes and the growth. You are on this journey with me. Together, we’re making this happen. And to the newer people, fear not, the ride is only beginning.

Look, I understand. This is hard. Changing yourself can seem like the hardest thing of all. We get stuck in ruts or get blinded to our true reality. Or maybe you just don’t even know what to do. And that’s ok. There’s a whole group of men who’ve already traveled these paths and left precise instructions. Click the links. Read what they have to say. There is no doubt their words will help you, they’ve helped me too.

Now you can use me as a guide as well. Think of me as the grizzled veteran on a young team. Take advantage of my hard-fought wisdom and level up more quickly than before.

Changing the world is going to take an army and you guys are part of my platoon.

Stick with me, support the book when it comes out, and let’s see what hell we can raise.

If you want to be like me one day: a physically and mentally strong leader, a family man, an entrepreneur, a writer and a thinker – then start with the basics – that’s where we all began, even me.

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And let’s do this thing in 2017 and beyond.

Thanks for reading, thank you for the support, and thank you for contributing to #DemocratToDeplorable!

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