Straight from the Underground – My Review of John Doe BodyBuilding’s Latest Book.

My review of John Doe Bodybuilding’s Straight from the Underground.

What society doesn’t want you to know:

Steroids and hormone replacement are shrouded in mystery and misinformation.  Knowledge is hard to come by and when you do find it, you don’t know if you can trust it.  There are message boards with information buried deep in the threads but you don’t know if it is true or not.  Doctors won’t readily explain the pros and cons because, “steroids bad.“

The misinformation hype train has been running unabated for decades.  Media demonizes males taking male hormones but doesn’t say a word about women taking female hormones.  It is another reflection of the anti-male bias today.

Society doesn’t want you to have this information. 

Society wants you weakened.

Jack Murphy Straight from the Underground John Doe

Straight from the Underground solves all these problems.  It is pure truth straight from an experienced and accomplished body builder.  John Doe lays it all out and gives you a step by step plan of attack on how to improve your physique using steroids and TRT.

I have done years of research on steroids and testosterone replacement therapy.  I’ve scoured message boards for hours and hours.  I have shared stories and experiences with other men who were trying to figure out the best way to approach enhancement. 

I have even found the rare endocrinologist who would talk to me offline about steroids and the potential negative side effects.  His only concern was increased blood pressure from higher levels of estrogen! 

Bottom line is that when managed properly, taking testosterone and other steroids have minimal risks.  

Straight from The Underground presents a reasonable and practical approach to steroids.  It advocates for regular blood work and teaches you how to break down the results.  It suggests waiting a few years after you’ve started lifting to begin experimenting.  It shows you baby cycles and first steps.  It warns against potential side effects and how to mitigate them.

It is a reasonable, mature and honest approach to enhancing your life and body with steroids, which I can confirm from personal experience.

My own experience with hormones didn’t start until my mid 30’s. 

I was feeling tired and run down.  I couldn’t lose fat even with an exceptionally regimented diet.  I weighed and measured everything I ate for six months and still couldn’t drop any lbs with a major caloric deficit.  I felt lethargic and lazy and muddled.  It was like I was wearing a 100 lb cloak that just slowed me down everywhere.

I worked out 5 times a week.  I did everything right and still nothing was happening.

I finally started researching low testosterone and found that I met the criteria.  After months and months of reading around I summoned the nerve to contact an endocrinologist.  We did blood work three times to measure my testosterone levels and they ranged between 290-400, which are very low for a man in his 30’s.

As we reviewed the paperwork in his office, something incredible happened.  The doctor said, “want to get started now?”

“Uh. yes?”

And within five minutes I had a needle in my deltoid and my first .5 cc of testosterone cypionate injected into my body.

I couldn’t believe it.  I was officially on testosterone.  Within 8 weeks (it takes time for the levels to build) I was like a new man.  My energy was back, my strength started to go up and the fat start coming off, without making any changes to my already focused diet and exercise regiment.

It was life changing. 

Mental clarity returned, aggression returned, sex drive and libido returned to the way I remembered.  I was ME again.

After sometime on TRT, which is intended to return testosterone levels to normal, I began to wonder about supra physiological levels with additional injections. 

My main fear about using “steroids” before TRT was total hormone shutdown – or you know, fucking with your nuts.

The common misconception about steroids was that they would ruin your natural hormone production and destroy it for life.  Post cycle therapy to restart natural production was something guys always talked about, but I still didn’t think that would work.  I was fear mongered into thinking once you inject steroids you were ruined forever.

Now that I was on TRT (for life), I figured, no need for post cycle therapy or risk of destroying my natural production – it was already low.  Might as well see what these steroid things are all about in that case.   On to the world of higher testosterone levels I went.

My experiences with steroids beyond TRT have been limited to medium dose testosterone (up to 500 MG per week) and low dose trenbolone acetate and masterone (150-200 MG per week).  Using these simple and low dose cycles I have had tremendous success.  I’ve gained muscle and lost fat.  I got stronger.  I felt better, in fact I felt amazing.

I can verify from personal experience that John Doe Bodybuilding and Straight from the Underground are spitting pure truth. 

Check out my own stats, I keep meticulous logs:

In April 2013 I was 268 lbs and 35.1% body fat.  I was obese.  I was disgusting.  I hated it. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.41.51 PM

Using cycles described in John’s book, by September 2014 I was shredded up at 217 lbs and 8.4%.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.43.33 PM

I went from obese and disgusting to having veins popping out of my lower abs, veins cutting across my thighs, and deep v cuts to complement my six pack. 

I did this using the low dose cycles John Doe describes as beginner or intermediate.

I wish I had this book back when I started years ago.  It would have saved me time, given me more opportunities to grow and laid out the entire blue print for me to follow.  I would have been far ahead of the game.

Lucky for you guys, you can get all of this right now and get out in front of the pack – safely.

It not only covers TRT and steroids but also how to use advanced techniques like insulin, human growth hormone, and peptides.  There are cycle schedules for growth and for losing fat.   There are even discussions on cutting agents like clenbuterol.

John also covers the very basics like sleep, diet, cardio and how to do that first injection.  He doesn’t promise any short cuts or sell you bullshit stories of 30 lbs in six weeks of legit gains.  John tells it all like it is. 

Straight from the Underground is without a doubt the best single resource on steroids and TRT I have ever read, anywhere. 

If you want to solve your low testosterone problems, gain an advantage in the gym or super drive your advanced physique into the upper echelons (like John himself) then buy this book today.

I wish I had it five years ago, and am thankful I’ve got it now. 

No matter where you are in your transformation – there is tremendous value in this book. 

Buy it today and have all the information you will ever need on this essential topic. Add this to your arsenal now.

PS: You can buy Straight from the Underground right here!

Jack Murphy John Doe Bodybuilding Straight from the Underground

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