The Kavanaugh Hearings Confirmed It: The War is On (and what you can do about it)

“Believe all women” made it all the way to the Supreme Court, and upon arrival it validated every criticism of feminism made by the men’s side of the internet.

Honestly, I’m a little shocked. I’ve read and written about feminism and its effect on society for ten years. But I still carried a little doubt with me.  

I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, believe there was an evil ideology worming its way through our country, brainwashing women, and manipulating men at the same time.

But there it was at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Believe all women and believe all survivors became believe all lies. Due process was ejected in favor of female anger.

Innocent unless proven guilty became guilty no matter what.

Senators accused Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist. How could they possibly do that without any evidence?

Easy, United States Senators now accept two absurd notions launched from radical feminism: 1) Women never lie, and 2) All men are would-be rapists.

These ideas are now not fringe, but mainstream.

Then the Mob Came 

I watched every minute of the testimony on TV. So when I heard there were to be protests on confirmation day, I got my things and ran down to the Supreme Court. I attended the Kavanaugh protests first hand. I wanted to see and smell what was about to happen. So I thrust myself into their midst.

I was front and center of a mob. I felt it viscerally. I saw the anger. Any suspicion I had, any doubts that lingered, were obliterated by the crowd’s rage.

Speakers called out for mob justice.

I saw people having emotional breakdowns.

I saw passionate, sincere, earnest, yet misguided protests.

And then I saw the mob storm the gates. The crowd broke through the police barrier, ran up the stairs, and assaulted the doors of the Supreme Court building, demanding to be let in.

[Check out my periscope where I recorded it live. This periscope was so popular, it was highlighted on the main periscope webpage. 115,000 views. This is serious stuff. ]

The mob storming the castle was the last piece which woke me up 100% to our national nightmare. I guess a part of me just didn’t want to believe until I saw it firsthand.

I also used to think that people didn’t really get doxed, swatted, or fired for political views.

And then it happened to me.

No matter how much doubt I carried with me, modern feminists and their enablers have proven my worst fears each step of the way. I have finally accepted them at face value. Other’s feel the same way:

This doesn’t mean I like it. In fact, I’m deeply saddened by the state of affairs. But I can’t just flop around on the ground, ignoring a malevolent force in our country, one that I pretended didn’t exist, but whose relentless assault on me, my life, and the people I care about forced me into acceptance.

So I’m doing the only thing I know: fight.

Democrat To Deplorable

In the midst of this revelation, I did find one source of pleasure. It was incredible to see my work come together. I’ve been reading, writing, and talking about this phenomenon for many years. Having your research and suspicions confirmed is satisfying.

My book “Democrat to Deplorable” outlines all the issues which brought us to this point, making the direct connection between today’s feminism and our shifting political coalitions.

62% of #DemocratToDeplorable voters said “fighting back against feminism” motivated them to vote.

92% of them said fighting against political correctness did.

Nine million people ran from the Democrats because all of the nonsense is real.

I correctly identified that the same issues which disrupt our dating and mating markets, also disrupt our universities, institutions, corporations, and our government and I confirmed that with original research.

Blank slate theories and modern feminism have infected every part of our society, despite their garbage scholarship and modest numbers.

These theories became practice by bulldozing through corporate and government hierarchies. They’ve even become a part of our technological environment. The infected corporations create infected algorithms which decide what information to show us and when. These ideas are quite literally everywhere despite many, perhaps a majority of people rejecting them.

It is a true tyranny of the minority.

[READ: The Google Memo (here and here) is part of the same story the Kavanaugh hearings are.]

Again, it sounds kinda nutty. But I’ve studied their literature, I’ve analyzed government policies, I’ve toured campuses, done surveys, interviewed countless people….and now seen the madness first hand in a deranged mob storming the doors of the Supreme Court.

No more denial.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee spoke the language of radical feminism. They echoed its core ideas. They revealed a dark political nihilism.

Blatant lies were given center stage. Lies crafted in an ideology that sees masculine power as the root of all oppression.

I wish I could say I felt enlightened, that I’d figured something out. Maybe I’d feel proud or thrilled. But really its just kind of sad. I’m enlightened in one way, I suppose. I was naive before. Lies, power, control, evil. They are real and they are everywhere.

And now I lived it. I’ve touched it. I’ve stared it down.

What to do??

The only answer for most people is to fortify yourself, grow in strength, and take care of your family. Don’t get ahead of the game and try to change the world before you fix yourself.

Put you first. Always you first.

And then your family, community, nation, and the world. 

Modern feminism and the progressive left have extinguished the weak among us. The only ones who remain are hardened to their lies and their tactics. We are immune to their scourge. We who resist have the constitution for revolution. And that revolution starts at home, with you.

I’ve endured all they could throw at me because I was mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared. I was able to withstand being doxed, swatted, fired, and even banned from coaching little league, all because I’d put in the work long before the crisis appeared.

I can show you how to be the same. How to be like me. How to be like my crew of men who are conquering the most important battle of all, the one you have with yourself.

Join our community. 



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  • K. Howell Oct 30, 2018 @ 15:39

    Valerie Solanas is dancing in her grave. The Kavanaugh hearing was an utter vindication of her belief that all men are guilty and all men should be killed or imprisoned for the sin of maleness. Almost a half century since she wrote the S.C.U.M Manifesto and helped found the violent radical wing of the women’s movement her ideals have been embraced by a major political party.

    • Jack Murphy Oct 30, 2018 @ 18:24

      When Senators adopt the language of a hate movement and use it to thwart Presidential action while trying to ruin a man’s life…you just gotta come to grips with the fact it has taken over everything. Everything. Everywhere.

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