Why Positive Masculinity Explodes into the Mainstream in 2019

Why Positive Masculinity Explodes into the Mainstream in 2019

More pundits and academics are rightfully pointing to feminism as a root cause of many issues in our culture today. They see how boys and men are falling behind, they see how women are really excelling in all aspects of life despite the media lies saying otherwise, and people are beginning to ask – “what should be done?”

Too bad they are asking the wrong people for answers.

Feminist academics or middle-aged married men do not hold the solutions for 24-year-old guys.

There is a group of men who do have the answers, however. And we’ve been working on solutions to the problems for a decade.

Through trial and error, we’ve found ways to combat radical feminism on an individual level.

We’ve discovered what it takes to be successful in 2018 – successful professionally, physically, and in our relationships.

2018 is the year the media wakes up and sees the problems men face.

2018 is the year the media begins to ask the right questions.

2019 is the year the men’s development subculture bubbles up from the corners of the internet to occupy the mind space of everyday Americans, Americans who are desperately seeking paternal guidance in a world devoid of masculinity.

Learn more by watching this video. I explain how I know 2019 is the year Positive Masculinity goes mainstream. Check it out:


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  • Kally Sep 22, 2019 @ 11:44

    How does a feminine, submissive woman find a real manly man?

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